10 Best Futon Mattress in 2021

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If you have never slept on the luxurious, spine-supporting comfort of a traditional Japanese futon, you will want to give it a try after reading these reviews!

We carefully selected the 10 best futon mattresses from hundreds of choices so you can experience the comfort for yourself. We kept pricing, convenience, spine support and appearance in mind.

A traditional Japanese futon is a stand-alone mattress. For this series, we did not review mattress frames. If you are interested in putting your mattress in a frame, be sure to read reviews to get a great buy.

Meanwhile, some of the top 10 futon mattresses below are perfect as stand-alone, either folded or laid out for a good night’s sleep.

Read on to see our favorite futon mattresses and what makes each such a great choice.

Futon mattresses have been an Asian tradition for centuries. Today, they are popular all over the globe because of their portability plus supportive, cozy features.

Futons are used either for sleeping or for sitting. Many of the choices below can be folded into sofa-like furniture.

Choose flexible or stiffer inner fibers depending on your needs.

Here are the 10 best futon mattresses according to our research team.

See the 10 best futon mattresses below

Futon mattress buyer’s guide

Futon mattress construction, thickness and price can all vary. You need to choose the mattress that is right for you.

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Here are some important things to keep in mind when buying a futon mattress.


You can get super-steal type deals on futon mattresses (we’ve seen them for as little as $ 19), but your best choice is to land somewhere in the middle of pricing. Most of the high-performance, spine-supporting futon mattresses we found ranged from $ 90-250.

Be a smart shopper, but DO NOT skimp on comfort in the name of a super-low price. Your back will thank you for making a quality choice.

Futon mattress thickness

You do best with a mattress that is at least 4 ”thick. It includes the core (if there is one), the filling plus the cover.

If you choose a futon mattress with memory foam, you may be able to get away with a slightly thinner mattress. For poly batting alone, go for the thicker side.

Style on your futon mattress

Appearance may not be everything, but if you are planning to set your mattress in a futon frame (buy this separately), you will choose a nice mattress / mattress cover.

Several of the above choices include absolutely beautiful covers in a variety of colors and styles.

Portability and storage

If you carry your futon a lot (say to and from college or for vacations), be sure to choose a mattress that easily rolls or folds.

Thinner futon mattresses can actually be better for this. Then there are futons that do not have a more solid (for example, memory foam) core. However, some futon mattresses with a core are easy to roll and were designed that way. Double check before ordering.

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Japanese culture has used futon mattresses for centuries because they are elegant, practical and offer a super comfortable sleeping or sitting experience.

A high quality futon mattress can help relieve back, shoulder or hip pain. Be sure to buy a mattress that comes with a return policy as everyone’s body and preferences are different.

Customers say that once you have tried a great futon mattress, you will never go back. Also keep an extra available for visitors. We believe that the above choices are among the very best, but make sure to do your own homework so you get the best futon mattress for you and your lifestyle.

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