10 Best Whole Bean Coffee – A Guide to the Best in 2021

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Roasting the coffee beans will bring out the flavors, and roasting them at different levels and time periods will provide types of tastes to suit your taste. So it’s best to know your options, especially if you want to roast yourself.

Light roast

Lightly roasted beans are exposed to heat for a shorter time and will have a light brown color. Light roasts will retain their regional characteristics and have a smooth, shiny, non-bitter profile. Lightly roasted coffee beans have the highest acidity but not sour. It should be noted that the coffee should not taste sour at all; if so, something went wrong in the production process.

Medium roast

Medium roasted beans are obtained by removing the beans from the heat just before the second crack. Unlike lightly roasted beans, medium roasts lose some of their acidity, giving them a roasted flavor. It contains a little less caffeine than the lighter ones.

Dark roast

Black roasted beans are cooked longer, causing them to lose a huge amount of caffeine. The grains are subjected to a high temperature which extracts a lot of natural oils giving them a shiny and dark brown character. Although dark roast contains less caffeine, the coffee can taste bitter due to the roasted flavors.

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