10 best tips how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets

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Do you know how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets. You are already aware that a cluttered and disorganized kitchen is a disastrous wait.

Plus, such a kitchen can be stressful and uncomfortable to work in.

Having a nicely organized and rootless kitchen not only makes it easier to cook and even coffee, but also hygienic.

But how do you organize your small kitchen if it does not have cabinets?

When there are no cabinets or shelves in the kitchen, be creative to maximize the space available in the kitchen.

Here are some tips for organizing your small kitchen without cabinets:

Install floating shelves

how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets

Liquid shelves are a unique addition to any kitchen, whether large or small.

These shelves help you add style, personality and decor to your kitchen.

Floating shelves are stylish as they come in different designs, types and even dimensions.

Always be minimalist with the designs you settle for so you do not end up taking up too much space in your small kitchen.

The best thing about these shelves is that they do not take up floor space.

Floating shelves are flexible in their arrangement as they allow you to incorporate your ideas and preferences.

Add a bookshelf

Do you think that the use of a bookshelf only carries books? If so, you’re wrong.

You can use a bookshelf in a small kitchen to store your utensils, food and appliances.

Using a bookshelf in the kitchen creates extra storage space for extra kitchen items.

You can stack both mugs and matching china or even add baskets for storing cereals, cereals and other dry food.

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Organize your bookshelf in a way so that it is aesthetic and rootless to make the kitchen neat and appealing.

Use a bookshelf to store dry foods, preserves and other items that you may have stored in your missing pantry.

Use every inch of free closet space in the bookshelf.

Organize your drawers

Organizing your drawers creates more storage space so you can store your food and kitchen utensils.

Avoid throwing objects in the drawers.

Instead, invest in advanced drawer partitions as they help you maximize the space in the drawers.

You can store your cutlery, dry food and even utensils that you rarely use in these drawers.

Therefore, this helps eliminate clutter and overload on the tabletop.

Store items in the same drawer so they can be easily picked up during cooking or cooking.

Hang a pegboard

Pegboards are simply boards that come with drilled and evenly spaced holes for hanging utensils, cutlery and other kitchen equipment.

Mount this board on the wall by screwing it on, then use pegboard hangers to hang anything you want.

A pegboard is handy for organizing pots, kitchen utensils, pans and even kitchen knives.

The best thing about a pegboard is that you can customize this board from an old door or even a table.

Ideally, designing and hanging the blackboard on the wall is a simple DIY task.

You also get to design how you want your pegboard to be; in terms of shape and size.

Set up a curtain rod

Another creative way to create more storage space in a small kitchen without clutter and overcrowding is by using curtain rods.

Screw curtain rod brackets firmly into the wall.

You also need to invest in S-shaped hooks that hold your gear.

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The best thing about curtain rods as a storage option for small kitchens is that they are economical, practical and perfect for any kitchen.

Use these rods for hanging mugs, pans and pots.

It is necessary to note that you can place the bars on any wall, especially for kitchens with limited kitchen options.

Use baskets to store food on the counter

Instead of spreading your food individually on the countertop, it is recommended to use baskets when storing your food.

These baskets not only save the minimal space in a small kitchen, but also keep the kitchen clean and neatly organized.

Invest in a stylish basket or wire basket and then use a colorful cloth to cover the interior.

Then fill the baskets with your favorite foods.

You can settle for different baskets depending on the amount of food you want to place in the basket at one time.

Maximize the available wall space

The wall is your best friend when it comes to organizing a small kitchen without cabinets.

As such, the empty walls in the kitchen allow for flexible storage space without clutter or congestion in the kitchen.

Hang magnetic strips on the wall to store kitchen knives, metal rods and other kitchen utensils.

Also hang baskets on the walls for storing fruit, dry food and ingredients that do not require refrigeration.

You can also install wall storage above the sink for storing food that you constantly use while cooking.

Use a sideboard

If your kitchen and dining room have an open concept design, a sideboard is a great storage tool for you.

While these boards are traditionally used to store tableware or bedding, you can easily reuse these boards to accommodate other kitchen utensils, food, utensils and cutlery.

You can stack a few trash cans and baskets to make the sideboard more convenient and ideal for storing pantry.

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These baskets and trash cans also allow you to keep the sideboard neatly organized so you can maximize the available storage space.

Install a storage under the sink

Another way you can organize a small kitchen without cabinets is by installing storage during washing.

This storage helps you keep your cleaning items neatly organized so that it can be easily retrieved when you clean the sink and countertop.

However, you should not use this storage space under the sink to store food and other edible items.

This is because the storage space can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Use trolleys for additional storage

Rolling carts provide affordable mobile storage options for small kitchens without cabinets.

Since these trolleys are on wheels, they provide easy mobility, especially when you want to move things around the kitchen while cooking.

Place these carts in tight corners or even against walls where nothing else can fit.

You can also store these carts in separate rooms such as the dining room and roll them into the kitchen while cooking.


There are limitless possibilities and ideas that you can rely on to organize a small kitchen without cabinets.

With a little creativity, there are plenty of ideas that you can incorporate into your little kitchen design to make it spacious and convenient to prepare your meals.

With the right organization, working in your small kitchen becomes a breeze.

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