11 Best Whole House Generators of 2021

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During a storm or power outage, no one wants to be left in the dark.

Now more than ever, our lives are connected with a continuous stream of power in the form of handheld devices, laptops, TVs and tablets.

More than just turning on lights and kitchen appliances, a standby generator can protect homeowners from the high costs associated with outages and natural disasters.

Whether you live in an area with frequent power outages or are considering a backup generator as part of a contingency plan, these robust, robust energy sources will definitely return their original investment by protecting your home and family.

From hotel and lodging fees to emergency supply costs, installing a standby generator can save your family from the chain reaction that an electrical outage can cause and the toll that damaged appliances, spoiled food and cost of living can take on your wallet.

We have selected our top picks for the best whole house generator and rated each model to earn a place on our list by reliability, fuel efficiency and performance to give you the latest in portable and standby options.

Check out our guide to the latest models from Westinghouse, Generac and Ford, including hybrid options, feature-packed portable generators and the latest design innovations from incumbent industry leader Briggs & Stratton.

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Frequently asked questions about the entire home generator and buyer guide

Now that we’ve shared our top picks for the best generator for the entire home, let’s discuss the selection criteria that went into our picks by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the portable and standby generator industry.

How does a generator work for the whole home, and what are the benefits of owning one?

Basically, a standby generator throughout the home can be divided into two main components: a transfer-ready circuit breaker and the generator itself.

The purpose of the transfer switch is to detect a power failure the second it occurs – automatically turns on as a backup power source when connected to your home’s existing electrical system.

To ensure safe and functional standby generator operation, both of these primary components must work together and must be installed by a trained professional.

Once installed by a licensed electrician, the benefits of owning a home standby generator are numerous and include:

  • Housing-friendly noise levels
  • Minor routine maintenance and weekly self-test programs to ensure all components are in working order
  • Excellent solution for powering high demand appliances simultaneously, including refrigerators and AC units

How do portable and standby generators differ?

While both portable and standby generators can be used to power larger appliances, the two devices differ in a number of important ways.

As their name suggests, portable generators are compact, powerful devices that are easy to transport, ideal for construction sites and a necessity for emergency evacuation.

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Portable generators offer a short-term solution for powering larger appliances, while standby generators offer a permanent solution connected to the electrical system of your home.

What is MISLANDSt. Reliable fuel source to choose when turning on a generator throughout the home?

When it comes to reliability, fuel efficiency and cost, diesel fuel is the traditional fuel to power standby generators.

As advances in technology around natural gas, liquid propane and dual fuel systems emerge, multi-generators and dual-fuel generators are widely available.

Dual-fuel capacity is a smart investment in a standby generator purchase that provides a greater sense of security and safety to many homeowners.

Is an entire home generator worth its first investment?

While the significant cost of a standby generator can deter homeowners initially, these devices typically pay for themselves by preventing appliance damage, hotel and lodging fees, and eliminating the high cost of living associated with outages and natural disasters.

A Standby Generator is a financial investment in your home and family

Buying a standby generator is a wise investment in your home and your property that can give peace of mind and give homeowners a sense of security.

With several of these 12 best generators for the entire house that promise a lifespan of thirty to fifty years with minimal maintenance, a standby generator is a once in a lifetime investment that pays for itself by protecting your home and your family.

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