12 beautiful inspiring kitchen island layouts

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Kitchen islands is one of the smartest things you can add to a kitchen these days. In fact, dining rooms are disappearing in many places in favor of bar stools under an island. They save space and provide extra space for preparation.

There are lots of kitchen decor and drawings, but today we are going to talk about some of them most amazing kitchen island layouts.

12 beautiful modern kitchen island layouts

Beautiful black granite and wood kitchen island layout

island kitchen layoutLook in the gallery

This decor on the kitchen island is absolutely stunning. Notice the sleek design of the design paired with the structures in granite and wood grain. The two equalized while coming together as an eccentric design.

Anyone can bring two designs together, just choose two that make you happy and work with them. If you can afford a designer to help you, do so. If not, do your own research and the results are definitely amazing.

Modern kitchen design featuring black marble and unfinished wood for doors countertopLook in the gallery

The unique hanging lights highlight the other features with their transparency. Clear light covers and lampshades make your room look bigger, just like glass and mirrors do.

Notice how these bulbs go up and down. This adds the eccentric look of the light and unknowingly complements the matrix with textures in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen design featuring black marble and unfinished wood for doors two different materialsLook in the gallery

Lowered sinks are all you can see in kitchens right now. Stainless steels are most popular as they are easy to clean and scratch resistant. Not to mention stainless steel appliances look great in any kitchen.

These granite countertops look great, but keep in mind that you can get laminate countertops if you can’t afford granite countertops. They come in the same patterns, granite is just taller than laminate.

Modern kitchen design featuring black marble and unfinished wood for doors black cabinetsLook in the gallery

It is ideal to add your stove to your kitchen island layout. It takes up less space, giving you more counter space. Most kitchens like these have a separate built-in oven. This is another way to save space.

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With extra space, you have more space to decorate with things like living plants. These milk jars are as unique as possible and add a rustic flair to the already modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen design featuring black marble and unfinished wood for doors lower cabinetsLook in the gallery

These vintage cabinet doors are brought to the 21st century by removing knobs and handles. Their structure is balanced by the smooth lack of hardware. You will be amazed at how cheap cabinets like these are.

If you look over, you see the standard black cabinets that are not highlighted in this kitchen. They are used as a background so that your eye is drawn towards the more unique wood grain doors.

Modern kitchen design featuring black marble and unfinished wood for doors stoolsLook in the gallery

Simply black bar stools complete this amazing kitchen. Adding wooden bar stools may have overwhelmed this kitchen, but the designer went with black to balance it out. This ties the black granite into the design.

Everywhere, this kitchen island layout is unique and brings modern, rural and eclectic designs together to create a masterpiece.

Pale green and white marble kitchen island layout

Kitchen layout design with islandLook in the gallery

If the dark look of the black granite does not impress you, this light green and white kitchen island layout will definitely do. On this side of the kitchen you can see a breakfast nook. The tendency for a hook like this to catch up quickly.

While most people put hooks in their living room to read on, putting them in the kitchen is also a good way. You can use them for breakfast, snack time or when you are alone eating.

Kitchen layout interior design with white and grey marble veinsLook in the gallery

The most impressive part of this beautiful kitchen is probably the marble backsplash. While most kitchens stop at their countertops, this kitchen brings that marble all the way up the wall.

This leads the eye to the beautiful kitchen hood in stainless steel that is the perfect blend of industrial and modern. On both sides we have a balance between doors in solid cabinet and glass. A sneak peek without being overly invasive.

Kitchen decor with two tone cabinetsLook in the gallery

Mason jars are a great way to bring a farm atmosphere to your kitchen. Pair it with modern design as well as a wooden chamber and you have yourself a perfect fusion of interior design.

What makes a design so special is not how standard it is, it is how unique it is. If you can put small pieces of yourself into your kitchen layout, then who is it if you break a few rules along the way?

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Kitchen island and hanging shelves aboveLook in the gallery

Turn around and you will notice that the green accents start to disappear. It’s the 80/20 rule that comes into play. This works in lighter colors and warm to cool colors. In this case, we have a mixture of neutral with 20% going towards the light green.

The balance is perfect in every way. Even the kitchen island is located in the middle of the kitchen and looks through to the dining room on one side. This allows for a conversation between the chef and his guests.

Gold and marble two rich materials for kitchen decorLook in the gallery

The hanging rack over this island is inspiring. It is hung from above so it does not take up more space than it should. It also features gold accents that contrast stainless steel appliances quite well. Something that is hard to do.

If you can handle something like balancing different metals in a room, then do it. It’s a great way to show off your strengths when it comes to interior design. Everyone has them, no matter how inexperienced!

Wood countertop on the kitchen islandLook in the gallery

In this case, the butcher block was put on top of these cabinets and the white marble was built around it. Custom cut countertops are the only way to go if you want your kitchen island layout to look its best.

A butcher block is a perfect way to put a land on any kitchen. They are not always affordable, but with a little shopping you can find your perfect fit.

Waterfall kitchen countertop marble materialLook in the gallery

The way this countertop is wrapped around the top and draped over the end of this table and cabinet is amazing. It is called a table top for waterfalls. Not many granite specialists can pull off this movement, but this one is done exceptionally well.

Table tops for waterfalls are just one of the many ways you can make your kitchen unique. All you need to get started is a little more inspiration.

Japanese kitchen island layout

Island kitchen layout decorLook in the gallery

This layout was inspired by a Japanese kitchen. The bamboo cabinets and low to the ground wooden chairs show the integrity of Japanese culture. We see straight lines without many details to clutter in this kitchen.

Natural and modern come together

Modern kitchen with island and big layoutLook in the gallery

Most modern designs tend to look fabricated and man-made. All you have to do to balance a kitchen like that is add natural accents like stone and natural wood. This kitchen also adds the most amazing antique pot.

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Victorian Kitchen Island Layout

Luxury marble kitchen layout with islandLook in the gallery

People who are in love with historical cultures and a shabby chic design love a Victorian kitchen island layout. It’s not easy to get a look like this out of a budget, but if you can afford it, you will not regret it. Start with something light like dishes or chairs.

U-shaped kitchen island layout

White marble interior design kitchen with islandLook in the gallery

This kitchen island layout is for those with a limited space available. The table tops merge with the kitchen island to create a U-shaped table top and complete the kitchen. The waterfall table top brings it all together.

Crystal concentrated kitchen oil layout

Kitchen island decor how to styleLook in the gallery

Without these crystal lights, this kitchen is beautiful. But with that, this kitchen island layout differs from the rest. This is a reminder that all it takes is a key accent to take your kithcen to the next level.

Rounded corners and wine lovers’ Kitchen Island Layout

Kitchen leaf design table topLook in the gallery

All wine lovers want a wine rack in their kitchen. But this wine rack and the look of the glass cabinet door are beyond the layout of the best wine lover. To finish it all off, the kitchen island extends into a sleek leaf-like table.

Clear cabinets Kitchen Island Layout

Kitchen interior design with layout and islandLook in the gallery

While this office-inspired kitchen island layout is stunning, it really stands out the clear cabinets. If you have dishes you want to show, there is no better way. Just look at how perfect they look over the drawn island!

Detachable table kitchen island layout

Round shaped kithen islandLook in the gallery

Here we have a kitchen that uses the removable table for good use. There are designs that allow the table to slide out, and others that allow the table to fold up and slide into the pantry when not in use.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Layout

Traditional kitchen island decorLook in the gallery

Now this kitchen would make Joanna Gaines proud. The light green cabinets with white as offset color are perfect. Add a pantry with a built-in oven and copper as the chosen metal! It’s a kitchen that someone would love.

The 22nd Century Kitchen Island Layout

Modern kitchen design with LED Light stripLook in the gallery

This kitchen does more than bring things into the 21st century, it brings things into the 22nd century. The sleek black design, mountainous wall decor and sliding table all come together to create a futuristic design to impress people of all ages.

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