13 Best double mattress from 2021

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Sleeping on the right mattress provides a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from improving the symptoms associated with chronic sleep disorders to promoting proper alignment of the cervical neck and spine.

When it comes to choosing a new double mattress, you do not have to skim on quality, support and innovative design features.

After 15 days of research and comparison review, we managed to nail down a list of what we think are the 13 best double mattresses money can buy!

We rated each challenger on our list for durability, comfort and convenience – among other factors.

Check out our top 13 list for the latest in double mattresses, including memory foam hybrids, new memory foam alternatives and practical Bed in a Box designs.

Whether you are in the market for ultra fast support or premium contoured comfort, we have included several options to suit our readers.

Read on for the latest from Tuft & Needle, Vibe and Olee Sleep features with easy unpacking and assembly, splash-proof exterior and Amazon Exclusive offerings.

See the 13 best double mattresses below

Twin mattress FAQs

Now that we have divided our choice for the best double mattress, let’s cover the selection criteria taken in our decision by answering a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Who is a double mattress best suited for?

A double mattress in an economical option that is suitable for children, adults and is a good addition to the guest bedroom.

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It is also the most suitable choice for bunk beds, such as the Hifort 8 inch Twin Medium Firm Pocket Coil Mattress.

How thick should a double mattress be?

The ideal thickness for a double mattress varies, and double mattresses are generally available in models of six to ten inches.

Factors including height and weight ultimately determine which thickness level is best, but choosing an eight to ten inch mattress is suitable for most older children and adults.

How many layers should a mattress have?

Like the options that came on our list of ’13 best double mattresses’, the latest double mattresses are available in hybrid designs constructed with individual comfort layers.

Memory foam and hybrid double mattress settings often use a multilayer system of cooling-gel memory foam in conjunction with body-contouring memory foam, these layers work together to regulate temperature and prevent trapped heat while seamlessly contouring pressure points.

The ideal number of layers ultimately depends on firmness, with some sleepers requiring fewer layers for greater support, such as the Edow 8-inch solid foam mattress.

How firm should a mattress be?

It can be difficult to decide which level of firmness to choose when buying a mattress online.

In most cases, a balanced medium-sized support mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleepers, such as the Hifort 8-inch Twin Medium Firm Pocket Coil Mattress.

For more tailored comfort, side sleepers often benefit from a softer mattress, while back sleepers mostly benefit from the most accessible options.

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