14 Best Drain Cleaners of 2021

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Homeowners know that clearing a drain can be a time consuming, frustrating and messy experience – but it does not have to be.

After more than 50 hours of research, we have concluded that these are the 14 best drain cleaners currently available on the market.

Our conclusion was based on many factors, including: efficiency in clearing stubborn clogs, versatility in solving a range of household plumbing problems (from kitchen sinks and waste disposal to toilets and sewers) and environmentally safe ingredients.

From enzyme-based formulas, cutting-edge alternatives to harsh chemicals and a range of septic tank-friendly options that dissolve hair, grease and accumulation in minutes, our guide has it all.

Below is our top fourteen choices of top drain cleaner along with our guide to the most frequently asked questions.

Read on for the latest in innovative drain cleaners that quickly dissolve blockages from showers and sinks, enzyme-based options for toilet clogs along with helpful tips to address the most common household plumbing concerns.

See the 14 best drain cleaners below

Frequently asked questions for drain cleaning

Now that we’ve shared our best choice of the best drain cleaner, it’s time to reveal some insider tips to help you choose the right product to keep your drain and bathroom clean.

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Before choosing a drain cleaning product, it is important to equip yourself with the relevant knowledge to avoid costly, dangerous and harmful mistakes.

See our guide to the most commonly asked questions to find out what factors you should consider before using a drain cleaner to solve a plumbing problem in your home.

Can I use a liquid drain cleaner to remove blockages if I have aluminum or copper pipes?

In general, all liquid drain cleaners that contain harsh chemicals should be avoided if you have aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel pipes.

These harsh chemicals are corrosive to steel, aluminum and copper pipe systems.

In addition to eroding pipes, some of the acids found in industrial strength drain cleaners can actually result in a negative chemical reaction, melting pipes on contact as they heat up to unsafe thermal temperatures.

For use on steel, copper and aluminum pipes, look for earth-friendly alternatives to the caustic agents found in standard drain cleaners by choosing products such as Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria.

What type of drain cleaner should I use to remove blockages in the kitchen sink?

When it comes to removing clogging from the kitchen sink, pay attention to the product you choose by making sure you choose a formula designed specifically for this purpose.

Using a standard drain cleaner to clear a clog in your kitchen sink can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake, as these products often contain corrosive chemicals that are not safe to use on metal, granite and other surfaces.

In addition to avoiding harsh chemicals, it is best to choose a product that will remove blockages caused by food and fat particles, as these are the primary contributing factors.

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Choose a product like Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner to ensure the safest and most effective result.

Can a drain cleaner solve a clogged toilet?

Toilet clogs are a stubborn, frustrating plumbing concern with several factors that are not often completely resolved with the use of a liquid drain cleaner.

If your toilet is already completely clogged, it is best to choose an acid-based drain cleaner to dissolve and remove the obstruction.

While a product like Liquid Plumber Drain Clog Remover often provides a temporary solution, unresolved clogs may require the help of a professional as they may be the result of mechanical problems or worn parts.

Do enzyme-based drain cleaners work to eliminate clogging?

Yes, enzyme-based drain cleaners are effective in removing stubborn blockages from sinks, shower drains and tubs.

Enzyme-based products are fairly new on the market and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.

While some enzyme-based products may not work as quickly to dissolve clogs as their harsh chemical counterparts, the products improve quickly and options like Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner remove a variety of household clogs in minutes.

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