15 living rooms that boast a teal color

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One thing that everyone agrees on is that your house should feel like you. No matter what the decorating trends are at the moment, no matter what your last style was, no matter what your mother-in-law says, the decor decisions you make for your home should make you happy. After all, it’s your room. So when you need to paint your living space a color that is not cream or gray or anything that is close to the neutral family, you have all permission. When you are looking for that color, we encourage you to try teal. This blue-green color comes in dark shades, light shades and everything in between. Scroll through these 15 living rooms that have a teal color and you will be convinced that this is the tone for you and your home. We also share some of our best tips for you decorate with teal as well as some colors you can match blue-green in your living room.

Top tips for decorating your living room with teal

When decorating a living room with teal, one of the first decisions you need to make is how to incorporate the teal flower into your living room. For example, you may feel brave enough to paint your walls teal, in which case you will probably want a sofa in a more neutral color to offset the bold walls. On the other hand, if you feel like adding blue-green to your room with a new sofa or piece of furniture, choose neutral walls in a gray or white shade. This helps balance the space and make the sofa the focal point of your living room.

The next decision is to choose the shade of blue-green you would like to add to your living room. If this is the first time you are adding a bold color to your living room, stick to a lighter shade instead of getting too dark. The great thing about teal is that it comes in a wide variety of shades, you can choose to get darker in the future if you really love the color. If you already have a dark room, you may just want to go straight to one of the darker colors we have shown above, as you will already be used to having a darker room.

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What color suits teal?

Blue-green is a mixture of green and blue, but the shades can vary from a yellow-blue to a dark slate color. Additional colors that you can choose to use in your living room include gray, brown, yellow, metallic and black. Teal can go with most colors, but you want to avoid putting too many bold colors together so your living room doesn’t look too inconsistent.

As for your furniture, light wood furniture goes well with teal walls and it will help make your room brighter while still offering a modern look. To break up the dark walls, you can also add ornaments in white or silver for a splash of brightness. A fun color combination we enjoy in the living room is teal and mustard. While this is certainly a more daring duo, you can have neutral brown or gray walls and then add upholstery in these two colors to the room to finish it off. Even the simplest living rooms will look completely updated thanks to these two colors.

In our living rooms, we often add various accessories on bookshelves and the mantelpiece. One combination we really enjoy is bronze and teal. The copper’s rustic look matches really well with teal, and it adds a unique touch to any living room. You can also add a table in the middle of the room with bronze accents for a splash of this color.

15 inspiring living rooms decorated in teal

1. A classic tealight room

Traditional teal living room color formal designLook in the gallery

When most people think of teal, the color that comes to mind manages to be dark and light at the same time. Classic blue-green is unexpected and different, but no less cozy for your living room.

2. A darker shade of teal blue that matches light furniture

Eclectic living room deep teal statementLook in the gallery

If you are drawn to light furniture, try a teal duck that is darker than the classic tone. Not only will it make your room look cool and comforting, but it will also help you really show off your light furniture choices.

3. Choose a lighter tealight shade

Traditional living room with light teal paintLook in the gallery

Or if deep dark walls are not the solution for you, choose a teal in a lighter shade. It feels rather like an English country house, so when you lean towards traditional decoration, it helps to cut your space into the comforting color.

4. A Scandinavian tealight room

Scandinavian living room light teal paintLook in the gallery

Yes, even the Scandinavian decorators can infuse their space with teal. When you go for the almost pastel color, it gets the grays, whites and woods that the style revolves around, making the minimal decor work harder for you.

5. Mute Teal Shades for a less intense makeover

Eclectic living room teal bookshelvesLook in the gallery

How do you add teal flower to your home without choosing pastel colors or ink colors? You add a little gray. The smoky side of blue-green fits very well into a home filled with muted tones or a space that already has an intense focal point.

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6. An eclectic tealight room

Eclectic living room dark teal wallsLook in the gallery

There is such freedom in eclectic decoration. And chances are, you probably have no teal in your frugal and stocked finds already. So painting your living room teal will help you go beyond the eclectic look to something unique and enviable.

7. A traditional English living room decorated in teal

Traditional living room shelves sofaLook in the gallery

You know how traditional English decoration paints everything on the wall in the same color? Take this concept and cover your walls, trim, doors and shelves in a soft teal. Your living room will look like it just came out of a magazine.

8. Classic teal background

Scandinavian living room teal pattern wallpaperLook in the gallery

Get excited. They make wallpaper in the classic blue-green shade! Not only do you get a nice dose of teal flower in your living room, but you also add the best pattern game you could ever hope for. In fact, you will probably be tempted to add it to other places in your home.

9. Add Tea Curtains and Accessories to Your Home

Traditional living room teal fireplaceLook in the gallery

Once you have painted your walls, it is time to think about your accessories. Find or make some matching teal curtains for your windows. Add some pillows that show your chosen shade of blue-green. Hang a painting or photo that boasts the same tone. It helps you pull your tealightbox together.

10. Paint your ceiling flower instead

Modern living room with teal shiplap ceilingLook in the gallery

So you are interested in teal but do not want to give up your white walls? It is okay. Paint your ceiling blue instead. Especially in a room with high ceilings, it will bring your eyes down to all your coziness downstairs and cast pleasant shadows around the room at the end of the day.

11. A blue-green fireplace

A blue-green fireplace

Most of the designs we have shown so far add blue-green all over the walls. If you are not brave enough to add blue-green anywhere in your living room yet, consider adding a feature wall or area as demonstrated by Makes, Bakes and Decor. They have taken the inside of their fireplace and added a splash of bold blue-green to completely transform this part of the room. It is a great way to try out a unique color such as. Teal without having to commit to the full makeover. If you find that you really like the color, you can continue the makeover from there by adding blue-green anywhere in the room.

12. Add Teal Seating to your living room

Add Teal Seating to your living roomLook in the gallery

Your sofa is one of the highlights of your living room decor and it is a purchase you will not want to make in a hurry. Next time you are ready to replace your current chairs in the living room, consider choosing a bold phrase color like teal. These beautiful chairs displayed in this living room at Sarah Mailer Design fit well with the gray walls and floor of the room. You will find that with a neutral colored space as a background, you can add blue-green or another fun color to almost any living room. We also love the structure of these chairs, which would be perfect for relaxing after a long day on your feet at work.

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13. A sofa makeover

A Teal Sofa Makeover

As you saw in the living room above, tealight sofas look amazing on a gray or neutral background. But if you do not have in your budget to buy new design sofas, we fully understand. Why not instead consider giving your sofa a makeover with new upholstery? Maxine Brady completely transformed her old sofa by making blue-green velvet covers, which give the whole room a new life. This is ideal for anyone whose sofa is still in good enough condition to use but still wants to give their living room a makeover and a colorful upgrade. You also benefit from saving a lot of money in the process and not having to spend hours considering which sofa will fit into your living room again.

14. A light and airy blue-green living room

A light and airy blue-green living room

Many of the tea rooms we have shared so far have rather dark backgrounds and walls. If you have a dark house, try lighting up your living room by choosing bright white walls. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t add a little bit of teal to the mix. This living room from Dans le Lakehouse adds blue-green and blue velvet to the sofa cushions and adds a nice large rug to the floor to add more color. Teal can easily match with other shades of green and blue, so you can add a whole range of shades within a space for more variety.

15. A teal sofa centerpiece

A centerpiece of a teal sofaLook in the gallery

If you have recently moved or are planning your next living room transition, your first consideration is usually your sofa. Take inspiration from Darlings of Chelsea, which shares a wide variety of different ways you can add a teal couch to your living room. You do not have to paint your walls blue-green to benefit from this color, and instead you can just make the sofa the focal point of your room. If you feel like spraying more color on top of the sofa, add various accessories such as lamps, rugs or trinkets in a matching shade around the living room.

Teal is a fun color to add to any living room and will give your home a bold and vibrant makeover. As with adding any color to your house, you do not always have to start with the darkest shade or boldest design. If this is the first time you are adding a light color to your living room, consider starting with the sofa or a few accessories. Over time, you may find that you are completely overwhelmed by yours blue-green living room and will be ready to give your walls and room a complete makeover that will impress anyone who enters your home.

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