15 tips for decorating around your mounted TV

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Most likely, if you have a mounted TV in your living room, you also have the rest of the wall around it to fill. It is not so easy when you have all the entertainment needs installed. They are the necessary base and you have to build around it. Do not worry. There are several ways you can make your entertainment wall look like a part of your decor instead of the sore thumb in the room. Check out these 15 more tips decorate around your mounted TV and see which one best suits your style.

The best decorations to spice up your mounted TV

1. A gallery wall

TV wall GalleryLook in the gallery

You’ve probably seen something like this event before, but it’s definitely worth a visit. A gallery wall around your TV draws your eyes to everywhere but not your TV, while giving you plenty of space to integrate speakers, satellite boxes and everything else your entertainment wall needs.

2. Large declaration Art

Mounted TV statement art wallLook in the gallery

Many gallery walls rely on many smaller frames to complement the larger statement. But when the TV is your statement piece, you may find it necessary to create your entire gallery with great statement art. When the sizes are more similar, it looks like your TV belongs.

3. Hang the lantern around your TV

Cozy wall mount tvLook in the gallery

Gallery walls do not only have to consist of frames. Think outside the box and hang items like lanterns or baskets around your TV. It will add the perfect bit of decor without having to use too many nails.

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4. Build a pallet background

Industrial Wall mount Tv and ConsoleLook in the gallery

What rustic style house does not love the whitewashed wooden look? Make a pallet background of sorts for your mounted TV and paint the wood white. Or let it be bare if you want your TV to mix in a little more.

5. Place your TV on an accent wall

Mounted TV pallet wallLook in the gallery

Is a small palm frame not enough wood for your rustic home? Create a pallet accent wall on which your TV can be mounted. When the entire wall is in wood, everything else you put upstairs is destined to look great.

6. Stand under the TV

Farmhouse display wall mount TVLook in the gallery

Don’t forget to style the screen around your mounted TV based on the rest of your home decor! Even a large black box like a TV can look farmhouse friendly when surrounded by rustic signs and basket weaves.

7. Mount a shelf above the TV

Mounted TV framed shelvingLook in the gallery

Are you looking for a more minimal approach to decorating the space around your mounted TV? Try hanging a shelf above and below the TV. The lower one acts as a credenza, while the upper one provides space to put plants and frames and knick knacks.

8. Surround your TV with bookshelves

Reclaimed wood behind TV Decorate around itLook in the gallery
Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Blackband Design.

There is no better place to style and decorate than a bookshelf. Frame your mounted TV with them and you get all the space you could want to decorate for all the seasons and holidays you want.

9. Hide your mounted TV in a box

Mounted TV shuttersLook in the gallery

One way to decorate your mounted TV is of course just to hide it completely. Buy or make a simple box frame with shutter doors that you can close when you are not watching your favorite program. It looks infinitely better on your wall than on your bare TV.

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10. Cover your TV with picture frames

How to hide a tv and decorate around itLook in the gallery

Do you want to hide your TV in a more creative way? Connect several frames together to create an artistic cover for your TV. Just be sure to leave a way to change the artwork in them if you decide to redecorate your home.

11. Backlight on your TV

Backlight Your TV is decorated around a mounted TVLook in the gallery

For those who want to keep the area around their mounted TV free of clutter while still making it look better than just a regular wall, consider putting backlighting behind your TV. This light can be chosen in any color that suits your decor style and will really make your TV pop. Look at this simplistic yet stylish setup of this TV with a blue backlight on Fantastic View Point. As you can see, this is a great solution for those with a fairly large wall mounted TV.

12. Lower your TV into the wall

Recess your TV into the wall decorating around the mounted TVLook in the gallery

Once you have your TV mounted, you may notice that there are some odd wires and brackets required to hold a heavy object like your TV against the wall. These can be quite eye-catching, especially in a modern styled home. If you want a lower profile look, you can consider decorating your mounted TV by recessing it in the wall like they did on the Contemporist. Not only is this TV recessed so you can not see the mounting, but the recessed area is designed in a different color to give the wall a distinctive look.

13. Consider a background of marble slabs

Consider a marble countertop background decorating around the mounted TV

Earlier in this list, it was suggested that you hang your TV on a wooden board for a rustic look. But when you do not want a rustic mood, but still want a sweet background for your mounted TV, look at creating a background of another material, as they did in Prastitis. The background of this TV is made of a beautiful plate of gold and white marble that makes the room look luxurious and refined.

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14. Frame your TV

Frame your TV decoration around mounted TVLook in the gallery

Even though you may have thought about putting photos or art around your TV, have you considered framing your TV yourself? The right size and style of frame can really take your mounted TV to the next level! Check out this example in Tuft and Trim, where an antique-style frame was placed around a TV, giving it a regal look that TVs usually do not have. This was paired perfectly with antique jeweled wall lamps on both sides of the TV as well as an antique decor that is artfully placed downstairs.

15. Add unique lighting

Add unique lighting to decorate around mounted TV

While a backlit TV may not be quite your style, it does not mean that you can not decorate the wall where your TV is mounted using unique lighting. For example, the owners of this home in this living room at Architecture Design Ideas mounted their TV on a patterned wall and then placed spotlights over it to highlight the distinctive design. The mounted TV also has some built-in shelves with the same pattern placed nearby, which keeps the space cohesive but interesting at the same time.

When it comes to decorate the wall around a mounted TV, this can often be easier said than done. But now that you’ve seen all the great ideas on this list, you need to find one that fits your interior design and work for the wall mounted TV in your home. And do not be afraid to get creative and try something that is not on this list, that’s how new styles of decor are discovered!

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