19 Best IKEA Alternatives Two Switch Things Up

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Love IKEA but tired of only shopping at IKEA? There is many IKEA alternatives which you may or may not have heard of. Today we are going to take a look at some of these other great furniture stores.

Ikea alternativesSee in gallery

Not all of these furniture stores are the same, but they are all favorites among people who like to shop at IKEA. But what these people have not always known is that IKEA can be a great store, but it’s not the only one who likes it.

Today we have a pretty handful of IKEA options for those who branch out. These stores are primarily affordable stores with a variety of furniture to suit everyone’s needs. So let’s take a look together.

Wayfair – the best IKEA alternative

Wayfair - the best IKEA alternative
Photo from Instagram.

Wayfair is not only one of the best IKEA alternatives, but one of the best furniture stores in general. You can find just about anything you want at Wayfair at absolutely any price. Whether you have a small or large budget.

So of course, if you love IKEA or are looking for something different, then you will love Wayfair. The versatility alone will draw you in, but it will also make them super easy to order online from.


CB2 - ikea alternatives
Photo from CB2 Instagram

CB2 is a branch of Crate & Barrel that has some of the best modern furniture available. While Crate and Barrel tends to focus on more country or alternative furniture, CB2 has primarily modern furniture.

This is perfect because that’s exactly what IKEA does. They both prefer it has modern furniture it is trendy and safe. They are for the average budget and do not lean towards high or low budgets.


walker - MUJISee in gallery
image from MUJI: instagram

MUJI is a Japanese company specializing in minimalism and organization. The store sells everything from stationery to clothing. But they also sell some furniture that you can not get anywhere else.

Their furniture is clean and smooth, which makes your room look cleaner and smoother. They do not have a large selection of options, but as their popularity grows, their inventory in the furniture department will also grow.


Ferm LIVING - living room with bookshelf and black striped sofaSee in gallery
image from Ferm LIVING: instagram

If you like IKEA prices but want something that looks even higher, check out ferm LIVING. They have all sorts of home decor items that are so easy to fall in love with that you quickly get matching sets.

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Their unique style is strongly influenced by Scandinavian design, which is already in trend with itself. So if you also love Scandanvain design, you will probably have a hard time leaving this store online.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - blue chair for relaxationSee in gallery
image from Urban Outfitters: instagram

Urban Outfitters usually offer everything a college student could want or need, from clothes to dorm furniture, but that’s not all they have. Although their taste is younger than most other stores, they also have other options.

If you have young tastes naturally, you will love most of what they have to offer, but if you prefer it something more traditional, then you may need to go deeper. Still, their prices are good enough to make it worth a look.

The world market

World Market - classic desk with soft carpet - alternative to ikeaSee in gallery
image from the world market: instagram

World Market can easily become a favorite among those who are IKEA fans. They have a very large stock and a very large selection of styles. You will need to know what you are looking for or you may be overwhelmed.

So start by figuring out which piece of furniture you want. For example, instead of looking for living room furniture, look for an accent chair. This will give you more detailed results, so try searching this way.

Fab furniture

bedroom with shades of graySee in gallery
image from Fab Furniture: instagram

Not everyone has heard of Fab Furniture, but it is definitely one to add to your list. Their prices are average, but their inventory is unique. You can find things here that you can not find anywhere else.

A unique category at Fab that other stores do not have is headboards. Not only do they have beds, but they do have headboards, so you can save money by not buying an entire bed while getting the same look.


room with gray sofa and bicycle on the wallSee in gallery
image from AllModern: instagram

You’ve probably heard of AllModern, but have you ever shopped there? Their prices are quite fabulous and their stock is always filled with something new. AllModern is not one you will soon forget.

Remember to keep an eye on sales, because AllModern always has good sales, just like other IKEA alternatives. Their sales appear on their front page so you do not miss it if you visit their site.

H&M Home

room with modern furnitureSee in gallery
photo from H&M Home: instagram

Did you know that Does H&M have a home store? It’s really just a home department of H&M, but it feels like its own store because of the uniqueness of what it has to offer. Always check it out if you are looking for home decor.

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Although they generally do not have much furniture, they have plenty of accessories and home decor that are often lacking in furniture stores. You need both to have a welcoming and functional home.

Zara Home

workshop with tools hanging on the wallSee in gallery
image from Zara Home: instagram

Zara is another clothing store that has great home decor. They have high-end decor and accessories at some great prices. However, they do not have a large selection of choices, so this is a great place to find inspiration or finish.

If you already have everything you need, this is a great place to go because you can find the finishing touches. This will bring the space together without you going home with a lot of things you do not need.

West Elm

family table with white chairsSee in gallery
image from West Elm: instagram

Despite how experienced West Elm works, they have only been around for twenty years. This is not long in this industry, but it is enough to give them everything they need to have a successful business that draws you in.

Again here is a store with a lot of really great sales. So if they do not currently have a sale going on, you can wait until they do so you can grab all their best furniture at all the best prices.


table lamp with legsSee in gallery
image from PBteen: instagram

Pottery Barn in general is a good alternative to IKEA. But did you know that there is a special department known as the PBTeen that specializes in teen furniture? Yup! This is your one-stop-shop for your kids.

You can even find furniture for your room and for your younger children’s rooms. Their prices are good and everything they have is interesting because teenagers need something to inspire them.


cup with printSee in gallery
image from Target: instagram

Yes, we know you’ve probably already been to Target this week, or you’re already an avid anti-Target shopper, but let us know. Target has some of the best, if not the best, prices when it comes to furniture.

Most people do not even buy furniture at Target, but those people miss out. Their low prices also do not mean that they have cheap furniture. Most of their stuff is well made and worth a try. Just be sure to look at reviews.

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Lulu and Georgia

Stone fireplace with two white armchairsSee in gallery
image from Lulu & Georgia: instagram

If this name sounds familiar but you just can not pin it, you are like many people. The owners have been in family business since the 1950s, so their name has been circulating for a while.

Their unique furniture and home decor can be expensive, but it’s worth it if you can afford it. Your home will look as sophisticated as possible if you give them a try. Maybe only one piece will be within your budget.

Room and diet

walker with mirror on the wallSee in gallery
image from Room & Board: instagram

Not only does Room and Board have a large selection of furniture, but they also offer great resources. They even allow you to shop for specific looks like Houzz does. Find inspiration in their inspirations.

As for the prices of chain stores, Room & Board can be in between to high end of things. But they have some good sales once in a while, which makes some of their furniture at medium prices quite low.


blue chair with geometric shapesSee in gallery
image from Etsy: instagram

Who has not shopped at Etsy in the last few years? They have absolutely everything and everything you could want or need. From jewelry to clothing to jewelry and furniture. There’s nothing they do not have.

Their furniture does not come at a fixed price because there are thousands of sellers on Etsy offering different furniture. But you will not find anything as unique as the handmade creations you find on Etsy.

Scandinavian design

desk with purple sumptuous chairsSee in gallery
image from Scandinavian Design: instagram

Have you jumped on the train in Scandinavian design style? You probably should, because there’s something in it for everyone. And what better place to shop for Scandanavian designs than Scandanavian Design?

Although their prices are slightly higher than average, the quality of their furniture is much better than average. So it’s worth it if you have a medium to high budget. Definitely take a look at their inventory in both ways.


green bed and golden lamps on the wallSee in gallery
image from Amazon: instagram

We could not round off this list without mentioning Amazon. You probably know all that Amazon has to offer, but you should know that it always will be relevant and viable. Never forget to check it out.

Amazon also has a tool that lets you favorite items so they can give you better suggestions for home decor and furniture. So always make a list so you can get more targeted suggestions from them.

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