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Most people do not understand why they need a boned knife and use any knife they find on the counter for cutting.

What many are not aware of is that using the right knife makes your meals even more tasty. The perfect flavor combination of fat, bone, muscle and blood can only be achieved with precise cuts.

Without a good knife, you will not get the right flavor because most of the flavor is left on the bone. Therefore, you need a boned knife. And keep reading to get the best boning knife.

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What are the best boning knives?

Shun Classic Gokujo 6-inch boning and fillet knife

When working on a budget, it should not limit you from getting the best things in life or using quality products.

For your sake, Shun boning and fillet knife are here to give you professionalism and value for your money. It is super affordable and the amount of work it saves you in cooking and sharpening food is huge.

Unique shape, designed for cutting

This knife blade has an elegantly contoured shape to easily, safely and efficiently cut meat away from bones, joints and tendons. But even with all the slicing, the last thing you want is to cook meat that has lost its integrity.

This is the kind of promise you get from investing in this knife. It guarantees to maintain the quality of your meat, ensuring that you will serve your guests with excellent food at no extra cost.

Sharp as a scalpel

With a super sharp blade, nothing can be hard to prepare.

Shun has its own “gokujo” design that makes it perfect for fish filleting, deer, chicken, breast trimming, etc.

The unique shape ensures that you are able to navigate the knife through everything within a convenient time.

Ergonomic and safe handle

Another good thing about this knife is the handle. The ergonomic design gives you the confidence to use it even when your hands are wet.

As safe as it can be

In addition, the full pliers blade gives you an assurance that even if it is not stuck to the hand, it does not slip and cause accidents in the kitchen.

See how it works against a whole chicken

What dulled my leaf

The knife is very brittle, especially at the edge. A drop to the floor at the wrong angle and BOOM.

Super freaking sharp knife

Even for a boned knife, this thing is pretty sharp. Not only that, it keeps the sharpness for quite some time, and when it gets dull, you do not need much work to restore its functionality.


  • Super sharp
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip handles
  • Full pliers blade style
  • Very easy to sharpen on a whetstone

Global G-21 6.25 inch flexible boning knife

The idea that you are preparing a nice dinner for your friends and family should not stress you, simply because you do not have a quality knife. This is where the global flexible boning knife comes in and saves the day.

No Chinese-made waste

This knife is made in Japan, which guarantees that the quality is not compromised in any way.

Since its innovation, the global knife has taken the culinary step by surpassing the traditional European-style cutlery.

Therefore, when you invest in this flexible boning knife, you are sure to sign a better deal.

Made of specially durable stainless steel

It is made of hard vanadium / molybdenum stainless steel for durability, flexibility and precision in service.

This material makes the sharpness super light and it maintains its sharpness for longer.

High-performance sharp blade

Its edge is razor sharp, which guarantees to give you the strength you need to make a difference in any kitchen experience.

The thin blade design also ensures that the knife has the ability to penetrate boned meat and fish fillets. Its razor-sharp factory knife ensures that it only takes a few minutes to cut something with the knife at hand.

Comfortable and secure handle

The most striking feature of the Global G-21 is its stainless steel handle.

This handle is manually molded to fit perfectly at hand for easy use.

In addition, to avoid slipping from the hand during use, the handle is well dimpled to build up resistance.

Another advantage of this knife is that the dimpled handle design allows you to use it comfortably in all conditions. Its resistance to slipping allows you to use the knife even when your hands are wet or to cut oily foods.

See how well it works when filleting fish

What bothered me

It feels like a feather. It’s too light for my liking (Shun is almost twice as heavy).

Your all-time favorite kitchen partner

Despite being lightweight, it is super sharp, flexible and durable. I have cut many types of meat with this knife, including chicken, fish, breast, to name a few, and the cut went smoothly and without any resistance.


  • Flexible
  • Made in Japan
  • Durable
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Metal handle

How do I choose a boning knife?

A large number of boned knives have infiltrated the market. It is therefore difficult to know which features to look for when buying.


One important thing to consider when buying the best boning knife is flexibility.

flexible boning knife
2 best boning knives from 2021 for deer, breast, grill, ... 85

Flexible knives give you more control and allow you to cut all meat from poultry to beef and even fish.

The quality and shape of the handle

Another important thing to consider is handle. The quality of the handle determines how long the blade remains intact.

holds boned knife
2 best boning knives from 2021 for deer, breast, grill, ... 86

A good quality handle looks great and complements the cutlery in your kitchen. It is a wonderful feeling to use a knife that looks good and is comfortable to hold.

Knife sharpness

The most obvious feature of the magazine is its sharpness: how sharp it is and how long it can hold its sharpness.

cut fish
2 best boning knives from 2021 for deer, breast, grill, ... 87

Another thing you should be looking for is how much time and effort you need to sharpen it: a few strokes on the amber or all afternoon.

Size matters

How long a blade must be proportional to what you are cutting. For the home, a 6-inch blade should suffice for most, if not all, of your cutting needs. To cut whole animals like deer and pigs, I recommend at least an 8-inch blade.

Japanese boning knife
2 best boning knives from 2021 for deer, breast, grill, ... 88

Cut through meat with ease

When you know what to look for when buying, the process is so much easier. The best boning knife saves you a lot of time, money and energy. It will also feel more comfortable for you to use.

The knives reviewed in this article have been tested and are the best on the market.

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What is the best boning knife for the money?

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