20 Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner

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Do you have this distressed chair you plan to throw out or repaint? Think again! Achieving a shabby, elegant interior needs two things – white or neutral toned paint and the restless chest of drawers or chair that has been in your storage for years!

Wouldn’t it be great to recycle old furniture at home? Mostly homeowners either sell their old furniture or just keep them away in closets until the time they need to tidy up again, but if you are one of those smart women who likes home projects and simply gets bored a Afternoon cleaning bathroom can be something you can do for your house and for your senses.

On today’s list, we show bathroom designs with a shabby chic theme that is not only beautiful but truly fascinating. You will even notice that most of the bathrooms here have this distressed chair that just completes the look and believe me, it actually does.

1. Charleston Fall

Charleston Fall


The use of white for shabby smart spaces is one of my favorite benefits of this type of design. You can simply use white and basic games with it – go around adding a little more color or adding wooden furniture to highlight the space more. Here we see a worried chair right next to the tub, it can serve as seating or as a place to lay your towel, cape or phones.

2. Lindfield Property

Lindfield property


Worried furniture may be the simplest way to know if a room is a little shabby or a little modern. Everything around the room is neat and clean and new – adding distressed furniture like a console gives this look an interesting finish.

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3. Alexander Julian Estate

Alexander Julian


This bathroom definitely has distressed furniture around the stunning white tub in the room. The furniture in here is definitely fun and has a cool story about how the owner or designer acquired them.

4. Valley View

Valley View


A little traditional, a little farmhouse and a little shabby – this bathroom from Schmidt Custom Homes definitely shows a feeling of being at home even inside the bathroom! Pretty interesting! Do not you agree?

5. The island

The island


We only see part of this bathroom, but it definitely looks interesting than some bathrooms I’ve been to. The mirror in this bathroom can be unfortunate, but I do not mind taking it home with me!

6. Langhe Country House

Langhe Country

Photo: https://www.langhecountryhouse.it/photogallery-alba.htm

This image looks like something out of a horror movie – it seems to have a story to share with other people; like how beautifully designed this space is and how much chills this space gives us. Pretty picturesque.

7. Wyoming Residence

Wyoming Res


This is definitely a large bathroom! It has its own exhibit area for seating and even a center table! I personally would be shy about using this tub because of how open the windows are – but is your entire backyard – so why not?

8. Bethlehem Hill

Bethlehem Hill


Double sinks are really special – it makes a bathroom extra wonderful because you and your significant other or the person you share the bathroom with can use the sink at the same time while you also use it. Notice the distressed chair by the door? Shabby smart rooms seem to have one of those so often!

9. North Carolina Mountain Lodge

Carolina Mountain


Wonderfully cramped closet in the middle of the sink in this bathroom! And note that there are also two tubs – at least copper is one tub and the other across it looks like a jacuzzi or something. What a bathroom!

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10. Goblet Avenue

Goblet Avenue


Everything inside this bathroom looks new except the table where the double vanity is and the mirror just above it. Combining new furniture and emergency pieces adds interest and fun to bathrooms or spaces like this – a shabby chic inspired space.

11. The attic bathroom in Essex

Aston Matthews


This attic bath is definitely a beauty! The furniture is interesting and the overall look is just amazing! I totally dig spaces like this because it shows a sign that you did not know space could actually have.

12. Kent

Bruce Hemming


This shabby smart bathroom is quite interesting because of the unique pieces that were added to it – the rectangular cabinet that houses a flower vase, the pictures and paintings, the decorative fireplace, the chair and the large mirror. All the interesting things that made this room super wonderful.

13. Surrey

Surrey Design


Here’s another bathroom photo that shows us that these shabby smart bathrooms usually really have the ‘chair’ that completes its overall look! I fancy the vintage tub and closet that holds the double vanity because it perfectly matches the bathroom.

14. Philadelphia home

Karen Beam


Note that there are a couple of bathrooms on this list that actually have double vanity sinks, which is perfectly fine, but look at this because it looks really good and fancy, especially paired with the mirror and the distressed cabinet and the modern bathtub .

15. South Tampa Home



This bathroom photo was taken from a home in South Tampa that boasts a beautiful set of furniture, fixtures and designs and definitely quality pieces! This bathroom has a few things inside that I think you would actually love.

16. Picturesque Edwardian meets French province

Picturesque Edwardian


I wish the closet that holds the toilet in this picture could have been better if it was created for a double toilet vanity, but then again, this home could belong to a single woman who does not need it, then it is some toilet just fine.

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17. The Dutch House

The Dutchman


This Dutch house is located in Sri Lanka. This bathroom is definitely a work of art in itself. The tub in the middle of the room, the heavy furniture around the room is probably nicely placed in their locations that add beauty and interest to the space.

18. Rivertowne Country Club Residence

Rivertowne Land


A well-lit bathroom says a lot with the right design of the room – just like a kitchen, bathrooms with lots of lighting or enough window opening work safely with killing the bacteria around it, because the bathroom is often wet. In terms of design, this room definitely looks great as the best wedding cake you have seen so far.

19. London home

Steinbock Interior


I’m not sure if this bathroom is for kids because of feces added to each of the toilets, but I think it looks quite cute and interesting. Mixing and matching different colored furniture or fixtures can really make a room interesting or boring.

20. Privatvila Côte d’Azur

Private villa Côte


The color of the furniture in this bathroom does not appeal to me so much, but because they contrast with the white walls and the tub, it pretty much worked its magic to make this bathroom look like a real charmer.

So have you decided which bathroom design to copy if you ever get around to redoing your bathroom? The designs are simple and quite easy to copy if you are interested in it, but like the shabby smart living rooms, these spaces serve as inspiration or designers or decorators like you and me.

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