20 Magnificent samples of bathrooms with beautiful rugs

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While choosing photos for this list, I imagined what rugs – area or otherwise I would have in my own bathroom, and I actually came up with many things and I am very impressed with myself! Honestly, you may end up thinking that this is a list of random carpet choices that either the designer or the homeowner chose for their bathroom, and you will be amazed at the choices I have made!

Below are basically 20 Magnificent samples of bathrooms with beautiful rugs and my reasons why I actually chose the particular photo. I think there would be some samples in here that you might also like, check it out!

bathroom rugs

1. East Hampton

East Hampton11

MKL Construction Corp.

This bathroom may look simple, but I think you agree that the simpler a room is, the harder it is to maintain – check out how simple the rug inside is – but since this is a bathroom, you would know that this rug is placed there to serve a purpose and not just to look beautiful and I love it!

2. Beechwood Manor

Beechwood Manor22

Alexander James Interiors

The beautiful furry piece we have in here is also a simple choice for me, because not only does this one look like it actually belongs here, but it also looks really comfortable! Like most rugs made on the market, this one is made for a purpose and I am sure I would be happy to use this everyday if this was in my bathroom!

3. Lucsinger Contemporary

Lucsinger Contemporary

Traver Construction

Here is a modern room where we see a powder room with a soft, hairy carpet on – the color certainly complements the color of the surroundings, especially with the dark wooden floor. It could really be possible that the wall of the veins by the wall (which could easily be a window) is legitimate and not just a wallpaper.

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4. Profile

Profile SV

Siemasko + Verbridge

Have you observed how this space works? It’s a bath and a powder room at the same time, which I think is cute, and I actually love it! The contrast and the play of colors make it really interesting and I think you will like it too!

5. Natural and modern

Naturally modern

Costal Tile & Stone

Note that the rug in here is small, I think it is not very good choice for this room, but I think it plays well with the color palette used in this bathroom. There are many things to appreciate in this room and you just have to look closely and love it!

6. Ranchland Hills

Ranchland Hills6

Seven custom homes

Now this is an easy favorite! The shape and colors used for this one look really fun and modern to me! I definitely think it does not come in any kind of pattern, and at some point I feel that it does not belong to this rather classic beauty, but it does! Look at how it complements with red accents in the room and especially with the dark colored wooden cabinets!

7. Reconstruction of Rockridge

Rockridge Remodel

Lindsey Schultz Design

Well, why do not you look at the cute rug! The colors somehow remind me of a story from the Bible, and it looks really beautiful – the color combination is something that people do not get really tired of looking at and is definitely the center of attraction in this.

Vernal spring

Vernal spring

Costal Tile & Stone

Here’s another softie and cutie sample of a bathroom rug that you can use for your room! The color actually looks great against all the bright looking walls and fixtures in here! It seems pretty weird and something.

9. Tide marsh

Tidal Marsh

Siemasko + Verbridge

Would you assume that the user of this bathroom loves orange or colors close to orange? Look at the accents in here and tell me something else. I like how they really maximized this space while still maintaining a comfortable space for the user and the people who see this image!

10. Clark Avenue

Clark Avenue

Fictional homes

Black and white with a touch of brown and maybe light moss green or something for the rug! We see very little of the rug in this bathroom, but I think you agree that by looking at part of the rug we see a simple but attractive pattern etched (or sewn or something) on ​​it!

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11. Morning Star Park City

Star Park

Juidiith Clawson

This is definitely a great bathroom and a great one at that! Wall-to-wall mirrors, a long table top with double vanities, a cool seating area and so much more! I can not imagine how amazing the bedroom is in this house if this is the master bath!

12. Santa Monica Beach House

Evens Architects

Evens Architects

One by looking at this bathroom and you know this is actually a great beach house bathroom! I can not say if this is the master bedroom bath, but I can definitely say that this is space safe, is something! First, I think the floor is good and definitely fits well with the white theme of the room.

13. Bayshores Drive

Brandon Arch

Brandon Architects, Inc.

The double vanity for this bathroom looks modular, but still specially made for this room! The surface looks great against the walls, doors, floor and even with the carpet! As you may have noticed, the lighting fixtures on the vanity look quite charming!

14. Danmarks Avenue

Denmark Avenue14

Stephen Fletcher Architects

We see two rugs for this bathroom – one under the bathtub in stainless steel and the other under the armchair and table in stainless steel! If you like a loft-style bathroom. The color combination here is simple but really catchy due to the materials used.

15. Mountain Modern

Templetes Design

Templetes Design Studio

Look at all the materials used for the construction of this – marble walls and bathtub bottom, a fantastic ceiling and a vanity and storage bench as a supplement – these are the few things that are of course specially made for the house that look quite amazing and a unique!

16. Santa Barbara Hope Ranch

Andrulaitis Mixon

Andrulaitis + Mixon

The rug in this bathroom probably looks big – enough for you to know that this is actually a pretty large bathroom space to be in!

17. Amagansett Modern Farmhouse

PaulRice Arch

Paul Rice Architecture

You may not be a fan of the rug used in this bathroom, or even of the curtains that the window has, but I think that even when these things do not suit our taste, it is similar to that of the room.

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18. Santiago Two Story Mid-Century Remodel

Santiago To

Christiano Homes, Inc.

Bath or no tub, I think this room is still incredible! It has a simple but at the same time double vanity, a nice shower and absolutely good lighting! I think the first thing you will notice with this room is the amazing mosaic done on the wall, but take a chance on the area rug and admire how nice it is to be in there!

19. Platinum housing

Platinum housing19

Coates Design Architects Seattle

This could very well be a fantastic green home, and this bathroom is as green as it can be – both literally and hypothetically! I love the color combination of the green and the brown here; the lighting and of course the soft carpet!

20. Modern spring

Spring Contemporary

Costal Tile & Stone

And last but not least, the beautiful bathroom from Costal Tile & Stone! Everything inside this bathroom looks incredible – from the details on the walls, the carpet selection is quite interesting and the tub looks exquisite! This could really be one of the best bathrooms on this list.

So I amused you? The choices may seem ordinary and very unoriginal, but you and I know that these may be some of the cutest or most beautiful choices available on the market. I do not want to sound cliché or anything, but I am very much in making sure my rooms look clean and fairly comfortable; and I think you are the same too! For more fun and cool spaces like the ones on this list, check out the 20 great ideas for a girls bathroom design and share them with your friends! More beautiful things come your way, only here at Home Design Lovers!

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