4 best kitchen island with granite top to buy in 2021

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Iceland is a versatile space in any kitchen. You can use the table top to prepare food, eat breakfast or mix ingredients to bake a dessert. Whatever purpose you use the tabletop, it is important to focus on a good kitchen island top that can remain durable for many years of use. And granite is one of those materials.

Granite countertops never go out of style

Granite has been a popular material for making kitchen countertops for years now. Not only can you get quality material in the budget, but the granite countertop looks great in the kitchen. In addition, they are easy to maintain by cleaning them daily with regular detergent and water.

Best kitchen island with granite Top review

In addition, granite is 100% natural stone and is easily found. This is why granite countertops are common in the kitchen all over the world. Now apart from the main countertop, granite makes a stunning island top. These durable and shiny marbles add a spark to the unused space in your kitchen. So why wait a long time, choose the best kitchen island with a granite countertop from the list below and make a boring room the best part of your home.

Best Granite Top Kitchen Island

Products Top Storage Price
Crosley Island with solid black granite top Granite 4 drawers Check price
Create-a-Cart 2 Door Cabinet Island Granite 6 drawers Check price
Aspen Rustic Cherry Kitchen Island Granite 5 drawers Check price
Create-a-Cart Natural 4 Door Kitchen Island Granite 4 drawers Check price

1) Crosley Furniture Alexandria Kitchen Island with solid black granite top, classic cherry

Crosley Furniture Alexandria full size kitchen island with solid black granite top

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If quality is your top priority, then Crosley Furniture Alexandria kitchen with solid black granite countertop is perfect. The unit’s heavyweight says it all. This beautiful kitchen island weighs almost 160.5 pounds and is constructed of solid hardwood and veneer. And on top of solid wood, there is a solid, thick granite slab that blends beautifully into the unit.

For the best quality and performance, this black kitchen table island in Alexandria offers a hand-carved finish. This multi-step finish easily matches different decors from traditional to modern. Plus, if you do not like the wide, circular shape of Alexandria, you change the foot design from the other 3 shapes. The custom kitchen island makes it easy to blend in perfectly with your kitchen decor.

In addition to the heavy construction, Crosley Furniture includes spacious drawers. The two drawers on top are good for daily storage of cutlery, knife sets, etc. Under the drawers there are 3 large cabinets with adjustable shelves that are good for storing plates, bowls, jugs and small kitchen appliances such as toaster, stick blender, etc.

Our verdict

What makes Crosley Furniture Alexandria worth buying?

  • High quality solid wood construction
  • Hand-polished multi-step finish
  • Raised panel doors
  • Antique brass fittings fit perfectly with the woodwork
  • Adjustable shelves for storing long objects
  • Wood veneer’s natural shine has grain and hue that adds style and classic touch
  • Comes in 4 different colors to match your existing kitchen furniture
  • Best kitchen island in solid wood with black granite top

2) Create-a-Cart White 2-door kitchen trolley with black granite top from home styles

Create-a-Cart White 2 Door granitetop Kitchen Cart Island

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So you decided on a kitchen island but not sure where to store it? Then go for Create-a-Cart white kitchen cart. This portable kitchen island with wheels allows you to easily move the entire block. Thanks to the 4 rolling wheels that easily roll over a flat surface. In addition, 2 locking wheels ensure that the device remains stable no matter where you place it.

The natural hardwood is finished with a black granite slab that compliments the white kitchen island. The shiny black granite is easy to clean by simply wiping the surface with a clean damp cloth. In addition, it withstands hot objects, so you may not need a tablecloth as a barrier between the granite slab and the hot utensil.

Keep kitchen utensils with ordinary use out of sight, but still within reach with Home Style 9001 solid wood kitchen trolleys. The unit consists of 4 auxiliary drawers and two cabinets. The 3 drawers in the same size are ideal for storing spoons, forks and knife sets, while the 2 long cabinets with adjustable shelf are good for storing items such as hand-pressed orange juice.

Our verdict

Why buy Create-a-Cart 9100-1024?

  • 4 powerful, smooth-rolling wheels with 2 lockable
  • Sustainable hardwood with a clear fur finish protects against wear during normal use
  • Natural Asian hardwood in white finish
  • Glossy and durable, black granite slab
  • Ample storage space with 4 auxiliary drawers plus 2 long cabinets
  • Best portable white kitchen island with black top
  • 3 small drawers measure 10-1 / 4 ″ W x 11-1 / 2 ″ D x 3 ″ H, plus, 1 large drawer measures 10-1 / 4 ″ W x 11-1 / 2 ″ D x 8-1 / 2 ″ H, which is good for foils, adhesive packaging, lunch boxes, etc.

3) Aspen rustic cherry kitchen island with granite countertops from home styles

Aspen Rustic Cherry Kitchen Island with Granite Top from Home Styles

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Organize the extra kitchen utensils, tools and kitchen utensils beautifully with Home Styles cherry kitchen island. This beautiful, solid piece of furniture will definitely make a statement in your kitchen space. Made from mahogany hardwood and cherry veneer, the natural kitchen island is made to last for years.

The durable island of mahogany is finished with a granite slab. This 3/4-inch black granite insert top fits perfectly with the dark-colored mahogany wood. It is also an ideal place to store hot pots, pans and liquids that can cause damage when stored directly on the wood surface.

Drop leaf design is the best part of the kitchen island of mahogany wood. You can easily lift the magazine to eat breakfast, soup or meals in the kitchen while your partner cooks. There are no wheels, so you do not have to worry about the movement of the block while chopping vegetables or eating a meal.

Our verdict

Highlights in home styles Aspen Rustic 5520-945:

  • Antique bronze hardware that goes well with traditional kitchen decor
  • 4 storage drawers with a storage cabinet with an adjustable shelf
  • Unique hidden sliding mechanism connected to the rear posts
  • The two hidden posts are expanded to create a breakfast bar
  • Best granite upper kitchen island with breakfast bar
  • Made of solid mahogany wood and cherry veneer heated with rustic cherry finish

4) Create-a-Cart Natural 4 Door Kitchen Island with gray granite top from home styles

Create-a-Cart Natural 4-door cupboard kitchen sink with gray granite top

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There is something special about a kitchen island made of wood. They add warmth and charm to the unused space. And if you are interested in wooden furniture, go for Create-a-Cart kitchen trolley in nature. This particular model with gray granite slab matches traditional homes. The light finish of the wood fits perfectly into the existing bright kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Now the best part of the Create-a-Cart 4-door kitchen trolley is that the same model comes with 5 different top options. You can either choose a black or gray granite slab or choose constructed, cherry or oak. All consist of four heavy wheels, of which 2 locks keep the cart stable. This means that you can easily change the wooden trolley from place to place without breaking your back.

Clearcoat finish on the natural wood keeps the surface from daily wear and tear. You can also apply the coat again when needed to bring the shine back. In addition, it is quite easy to assemble the kitchen trolley, but you may need help with the heavy granite slab. The granite measures almost 70 kg, which can burst your veins or muscles if you lift all alone.

Our verdict

What makes Home Style Create-a-Cart 9200-1013 worth the money?

  • Natural finish coated with durable paint to protect the wood from daily wear and tear
  • Edges on the gray granite slab come out slightly from all sides, giving a rich and complete look to the device
  • Ample storage space in the form of 2 large drawers + 4 cupboards
  • Spice rack at one end with a towel rail at the other end
  • 4 smooth rolling wheels (2 lockable)
  • Top material options (both granite and wood)
  • Best quality cart with storage space
  • Sustainable construction of hardwood

Granite – Strongest kitchen worktop

Durability and affordability make granite a perfect material for kitchen countertops. Granite is a naturally occurring substance, plus it is persistent. And the best part is its heat resistance. Granite does not melt or deform when you place a hot pan directly on it out of the oven or stove.

Moreover, granite is it scratch resistant which means you do not have to be completely careful when sliding pots or pans. However, this does not mean that you have to use a sharp knife directly over the granite slab.

Granite is porous by nature and may contain stains of strong things such as a turmeric stain. But then you can go for dark granite that is easy to clean and does not show dirty stains. In addition, you may not even need a sealer with a dark-colored granite top, as it hides all your cooking defects well.

In addition to easy cleaning, granite shows excellent resistance to chemicals. Do not rush if you drop lemon juice or baking soda water over the surface as it will not damage or melt it. But be sure to clean the surface thoroughly with water to avoid stains.

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A kitchen island can be a great addition to your space. You may not feel the need to buy it unless you are actually using one. You can use it as a workstation, cooking area, breakfast table, etc. The versatility and extra storage make them must-have furniture for busy kitchen.

And there are some great kitchen islands with a granite countertop that will fit right into your granite kitchen countertop. The granite slab looks as good as it is extremely functional than a wooden slab. So why wait a long time when you already have the best kitchen island list with you.

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