5 best cast iron teapots to buy in 2020

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It is common to spot a stainless steel or glass teapot in many American kitchens, but only a few houses have cast iron teapots. Cast iron teapots are common in England, Japan and China, where serving tea is considered a way to show affection. You may also be very aware of Japan’s tea ceremony, which involves ceremonial preparations and serving of freshly brewed tea. They prefer to use cast iron teapots rather than fancy glass or stainless steel because of its enormous strength. And that’s why they’re also called Japanese cast iron teapots.

Cast iron material is well known for its high heat storage properties. Plus, they last longer than both stainless steel and glass pots. And that’s why many eastern parts of the world prefer boiling tea in a cast iron pot. The old teapots in the Japanese style were difficult to maintain as they were only made of cast iron. But now things are a little different. The modern teapots have a cast iron exterior and enamelled interior that is easy to maintain and clean after use.

Best cast iron teapot review

Not only are these devices incredibly strong, but beautiful than modern glass and stainless steel pots. The cast and shaped cast iron brings elegance to your kitchen. You can also use it as an exhibit in your kitchen cabinet with glass door or store it on the kitchen island. Many people love to collect these beautiful sets, while some love to show them off at a family reunion. Either way, these beautiful Japanese-style teapots will garner you a lot of compliments. We have chosen the 5 best cast iron teapots on the market, which are also good for exhibition and tea brewing.

Best cast iron tea pots

Products Size Colour Price
PrimulaJapanese cast iron teapot 34 Oz Flower blue Check price
Juvale cast iron kettle 40 Oz Black Check price
TOPTIER Japanese cast iron teapot 30 Oz Black Check price
Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga teapot 50 Oz Black Check price
TOWA Workshop cast iron teapot 22 Oz Deep black Check price

1) Primula blue flowers Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot with stainless steel infusion solution

Primula blue flowers Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot

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Elegant and functional, Primula blue floral Japanese cast iron teapot is perfect for everyday use. The elegant blue exterior with silver cherry blossom design upgrades your kitchen collection. You can also use the teapot with children or pets around, as the solid cast iron construction does not break or deform easily.

While traditional floral patterns are reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossom, the fully enamelled interior provides easy care and cleaning. Thick enamel coating prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation. You can keep the hot tea inside the pot for hours without worrying about rust. No matter how long the water stays in the pot, you will never experience rust-infused taste in your brew.

Another advantage of the fully enamelled interior is easy cleaning. Simply hand wash the unit with mild detergent and rinse well with water. It is better to wipe the unit with a cotton cloth with no signs of rust or corrosion in the future. This device is easy to maintain and beautifully functional and well worth the investment.

Our verdict

Why buy Primula PCI-4340?

  • The durable cast iron material distributes heat more evenly and improves taste extraction in the brewing process
  • 34 oz cup capacity is ideal for brewing multiple cups of tea
  • Foldable handle and removable lid
  • Top rated cast iron teapot under $ 50
  • Short curved spout with perfect body condition that facilitates pouring of beverages
  • Includes a fine mesh that accepts both loose tea and tea bags
  • Enamelled interior is easy to maintain and clean
  • You can also use it as a display element
  • Brilliant blue exterior with beautiful floral design

2) Juvale black cast iron tea kettle set for 2 – two cups

Juvale black cast iron tea kettle set for 2

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Instead of just getting a beautiful teapot, buy the Juvale tea kettle set of cast iron that is perfect for serving 2 people. The deep bright color of the pot with mini dot design is aesthetically pleasing. And thanks to the device’s solid black color, which compliments a range of kitchen decor from traditional to modern. You just can not get enough of it.

The kettle set contains two matching 3.4 ounce cups that can hold a single serving of tea. These cups are also made of cast iron with enamelled interior. However, the cups do not have a handle, and the outside of the cast iron also gets pretty hot when you pour the hot tea, which many users have a hard time grasping. While your hands may not like hot outside in the sunny season, you will love to keep the warm cup as soon as winter arrives.

In addition to two 100 ml cups, the Juvale black teapot comes with a trivet specially designed to hold the teapot. Trivet helps to keep the drink warm for a long time and protects the furniture / table top.

Our verdict

What makes the Juvale Black Cast Iron Tea Kettle worth buying?

  • It is a complete set including a pot, cups and a rivet
  • Modern Dutch Hobnail design that looks good on several kitchen decors
  • Deep, light black color
  • Stainless steel infusion unit allows for loose tea or sacks
  • Holds up to 1200 ml; ideal for brewing beverages for up to 3 people
  • Easy to hand wash with a mild detergent and water
  • Affordable kettle set

3) TOPTIER Japanese teapot with cast iron with infusion unit in stainless steel – Hob safe, black

TOPTIER Japanese cast iron teapot with stainless steel infusion unit

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Finish your modern look in your kitchen with this functional and modern Japanese cast iron teapot. This diamond-shaped kettle has a capacity of 30 oz, which is enough to fill up to 4 cups when the teapot is fully filled.

In addition, the black cast iron pot is designed with the modern diamond pattern on the surface, which is a symbol of natural simplicity and purity. If not for daily brewing, you can store this stylish device in the display cabinet.

Although not many cast iron teapots are safe to use on the stove, the case is a little different with this unit. This modern cast iron teapot is hob safe and should be used over a small fire. This will help steep the drink without affecting the inside or outside. Be careful not to fill the water over 3/4 of the unit during boiling to avoid damage.

Our verdict

Highlights of the Toptier Tea Kettle:

  • Modern Japanese cast iron teapot with infusion unit
  • Internal enamel to prevent armor
  • Diamond pattern with counter-enamel lining
  • The ergonomic lowering handle stays cool, regardless of whether the water is boiling hot inside
  • Short curved spout allows easy tilting
  • Extra fine removable infusion unit in stainless steel
  • Available in 6 different colors, Avocado, Black, Blue, Green, White and Yellow with gold enamel contours
  • Small safe with fireplace

4) Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga teapot

Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga teapot

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Bring the authentic feel of the Japanese tea ceremony at home with the Dutch teapot of cast iron saga. This dome-shaped unit with black exterior adds a touch of elegance to your space. And the best part is that Old Dutch’s Tetsubin teapots are handmade with specially cleaned iron and lined with durable enamel. This means you can brew your favorite drink in the pot other than using it as an exhibit.

Tetsubins are nothing but Japanese cast iron teapots that are graceful and functional. The cast iron helps to retain heat for a long time. This in turn extracts the full flavor and benefits from tea leaves / flowers.

The heat-retaining properties of the material also keep tea at a proper service temperature for up to an hour. So unlike glass or steel water boilers, you do not have to light the flame every time to reheat the beverage. But like modern kettles, Old Dutch offers a stainless steel infusion unit for easy cooking.

Our verdict

Why go for Old Dutch Saga Teapot?

  • Best quality cast iron teapot for the money
  • Porcelain enamel is easy to maintain and clean
  • Thick cast iron construction helps keep the drink warm for up to 1 hour
  • Easy to rinse with warm water and hand dry
  • Large secondary use on the stove for humidifying the air
  • Includes fine tea-brewing basket in stainless steel that catches small leaves / flowers and draws the taste out of them well
  • Dome-shaped pot is available in 3 more styles; Tokyo, Sapporo and Hakone
  • Good 52 ounce capacity

5) TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot with enamelled interio, black

TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot

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The handle of the cast iron tea kettle tends to get hot when you pour boiling water or steep tea over low flame. And you do not want burns from a beautiful device. So the Towa Japanese Tetsubin cast iron teapot offers a sturdy handle with handmade hemp rope. The hemp rope makes it comfortable to pour hot drinks without burning your hand, no matter how hot the water / drink is inside.

Like other devices on the list, the enamel interior of the Towa prevents rust and oxidation. And the great thing about the Towa Tetsubin is that it’s a stove-safe cast iron teapot. Keep the flame low while using it over the stove to avoid peeling or discoloration. Otherwise, you can boil the water in another container and pour the boiling water into the teapot to keep the drink warm for a long time.

It includes a 22 oz filter net with fine thread arrangements that catch small leaves / flowers. This way, you can pour the hot beverage directly into the cup without further effort. The infusion set is easily removable and reusable several times. Instead of skipping it in the dishwasher, one prefers to hand wash the infusion unit due to its long-lasting performance.

Our verdict

What makes the Towa Workshop Japanese cast iron teapot worth the money?

  • Cast iron teapot with copper lid and enamelled interior
  • Short side spout for even flow
  • Beautiful design on the lid of pine leaves, bamboo plus, floral pattern with enamel lining
  • Quality enamelled interior for healthy, safe and stainless use
  • Perfect size to have hot tea for hours
  • The stainless steel infusion unit can be used to make coffee, tea fruit, sacked, fragrant and loose tea
  • Handmade hemp rope over handles for safe and comfortable tilting
  • Affordable, user-friendly and stylish

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Brewing or making tea in a cast iron teapot is really worth it. Unlike glass or steel, the durable cast iron material retains heat well. The natural iron also adds to the drink, giving it a richer taste. And that’s why the Japanese use traditional cast iron teapots to make their signature tea. Cast iron pots are known as Tetsubin in Japan and are widely used during the tea ceremony.

These beautiful devices are now readily available in many stores. Prefers a model with enamelled interior, as a pure cast iron teapot is difficult to maintain. Plus, they are not very expensive and also serve as a decorative item. You can collect a handful of them and store them on a display to enhance the look of your kitchen. Just follow a few simple care tips so that your Japanese-style cast iron teapot lasts for years.

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