5 best Google Home Wi-Fi features and tools inside

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2021-04-06 14:35:00

The Google Home app does more than just collect Google products together or link them through the Google Assistant. When Nest Wifi or Google Wifi is managed through the app, users have access to a number of great tools and features.

Here are five favorites that will appeal to everyone, from parents to those who have regular guests, as well as people who just like to know what connects to their Wi-Fi at home.

Google Home Wifi devicesSee how many devices are connected to the network GearBrain

See which devices are connected

Start by opening the Google Home app and click on “Wifi”. The first thing you will see is the number of devices currently connected to the network.

Click on that number and the devices and their names will appear, along with the upload and download speeds they are currently pulling or pushing. Connected but unused devices, like a Sonos speaker, will be there but should have 0 bps up and down. It’s a good place to see if something is connecting to your network that you don’t recognize, or if a device that should be asleep or in idle mode, like a printer, is furiously active.

Check the network status

Return to that main Wi-Fi page and Google Home will tell you with a simple green or red light whether the internet is connected or not, as well as the number of active Wi-Fi points.

If you have unplugged a point, for example, it will also show here.

imgYou can check the upload and download speedGearBrain

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See upload and download speeds

You can see the latest network speed test, download ad download speeds, from this main page as well. And you can also run your own speed test from there.

You can also click “Network” and see the instantaneous speeds as traffic moves through your network, as well as the total number of GBs that have also passed through the network.

Google Home family Wi-FiWith Family Wifi, you can set a schedule to pause devices at the same time every dayGearBrain

Set a priority device or suspend the connection

Still want to make sure that a specific device – like your phone or computer – is prioritized on the network? It is easy to do.

From this main Wi-Fi page, scroll down to “Set priority device”. This will open all devices currently connected to the network, with open bubbles next to them. Just click on the bubble next to the device and the traffic will be prioritized on that device.

If you want to drop a connection on the fly – maybe turn off your kid’s smartphone for dinner – you can do that, too. Go back to Devices on the main page, click it, then scroll down until that specific device appears in the list. The word “Pause” will be in blue next to the device. Click on what will stop traffic to that device until you come back and click “Reactivate.”

You can also schedule this to happen every night at dinner if you want. This is also available through the main page. Scroll down to ‘Family Wi-Fi’ and follow the steps to configure this feature which, in addition to creating a fixed time for devices to go to sleep each day, will also allow you to block adult sites on devices. .

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Google Home guest networkYou can set up a separate network for guestsGearBrain

Create a guest password

Do you often have visitors? You can create a guest password for your network directly in the app. This is actually a separate network that also allows you to control the added devices. You can also find it on the main Wi-Fi page, by scrolling to “Guest Network” and then clicking “Configure”.

From there, you’ll be asked to create a mew network name, password, and even choose whether you want that password to appear on Assistant-compatible displays like the Lenovo Smart Display so that the visitors can easily locate information and connect.


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