5 Best Ways to Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner

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You do not necessarily need to dispose of your vacuum when it is no longer working. Recycling your vacuum can be an interesting option.

According to sources, 29 to 31 million vacuum cleaners are sold each year in the United States (1), which is a huge amount of plastic waste. In addition, vacuum cleaners are burned by city authorities when found near recycled papers without any notice or indication. As vacuum cleaners are composed of harmful substances, the waste is environmentally hazardous.

In fact, we found 5 interesting alternative ways to recycle your vacuum cleaner.

5 methods to reuse your vacuum cleaner: Step by step


Just because your vacuum has stopped working does not mean you are giving it away. Instead, try repairing it at home or going to a professional handyman.

Repair it yourself

If your vacuum cleaner has suddenly given up on you, it can be due to many reasons. The container may be filled above the maximum limit or one of the internal components may be broken.
All vacuum cleaners come with a user manual that contains troubleshooting tips. Follow the instructions in the manual and try to fix the vacuum at home.

Professional repair

If nothing you do seems to work, contact a professional craftsman. First of all, contact the manufacturers of the vacuum – if the warranty is still valid – and ask for their help.

Most of the time, they will offer a viable solution.

If the warranty is invalid or the company does not help you, ask a professional to look at your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it’s just a minor issue that can be resolved in a matter of hours.

2.Sell ​​it

If your vac still works and you give it away, you can make some money out of it. You can sell the following parts if they are still working and in good condition:

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Sell ​​online

The best place to sell parts of your vacuum cleaner is online. Many people are looking for spare parts for their older models that are no longer available in the market.

For example, it is not easy to find a vacuum belt for older models. Even the manufacturers no longer sell them. But if your vacuum belt is in working order, you can sell it online at a reasonable price.

Do not be surprised

For standard accessories, such as The cracking tool, you do not get much money.

Scrap yards

As for metal parts, you can recycle them at scrap yards. You can either search for them online or find them near heavy industries. Mostly scrap yards pay you with the pound. Depending on the size of your vac, you may get a few dollars for it.

However, since scrap yards only take on metallic components, you will need to recycle the plastic parts elsewhere.

please note

You will need to disassemble the vacuum before bringing it to the scrap yard as they only need metal parts. Again, be careful when handling the battery.

Used trading market

If you are good at negotiating and getting your money’s worth, you can sell vac’s components in a used trading market. The products from these markets go either to recycling plants or industries.

The latter then reuses the internal parts of the vacuum to make new devices. In the meantime, they use the body or the house to make new plastic items.

Electricity stores

Depending on the store, you may be able to return your vacuum cleaner to the store you purchased it from. For example, Best Buy takes all technological products(2) back, no matter how old they are or the company they come from.

In addition, some stores may give you a discount coupon for future purchases when you reuse your vacuum cleaner. Look for stores that have a comprehensive recycling program. They usually offer such perks to bring back your old machines and appliances.

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Friends or family

When reusing a vacuum cleaner, start with the nearest ones. Send a message to your family or friends’ Whatsapp group asking if anyone needs a vacuum cleaner.

Or you can give it to a relative who does not have one but is in great need of it.


If no one you know needs a vacuum cleaner, you can donate it to charity. Give it to the Salvation Army or related places where people come to look for cheap appliances.

Alternatively, you can also reuse your vacuum cleaner by donating it to a local orphanage or senior center. They often have few supplies and will appreciate your donation.

Donate online

If you do not intend to recover the price you paid for the vacuum cleaner, you can also donate it online. For example, Donate things(3) takes all kinds of old things, including vacuum cleaners.

Even better, they pick up vacuum from your house so you do not have to drive to their office. However, they do not offer the service across the United States, so email them for more details.

Similarly, you can donate to YouGiveGoods(4). They have various projects like fur drives, book drives, school supplies, among others. Contact them and ask if they need a vacuum cleaner for their ongoing reasons.

You can also donate to PickUpPlease(5), an organization with a pick-up program to collect items for veterans and their families.

Online sites are convenient places to recycle your vacuum as they offer pickups from your home. Some of them may even give you coupons for their partner stores when you recycle a vacuum cleaner.


You can reuse your vacuum cleaner by reusing the internal components at home. While some parts can be used for school projects, others can be DIY-ed to form household decor items.

Your child can also reuse the old vacuum as an imitation toy (if not too big and depending on your child’s age). Now you just need a dollhouse that is big enough to fit your vacuum cleaner.

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5.Dispose of

Disposal may be the final decision if the other alternative ways to recycle your vacuum cleaner failed.

Fortunately, most components in your vacuum are recyclable. Each vacuum cleaner comes with plugs, batteries and filters. Its components can still be used to make lots of other things like plastic pots and car dashboards. You just need to know where the vacuum cleaner stations in your locality are.

Then search for the local recycling centers. Ask them if they take vacuum cleaners. If they do, go to them and hand over the vacuum in their place.

Recycling centers further sell these machines to industries that use plastics. For example, industries use vacuum plastics to make everything from traffic cones to shampoo bottles.

Closing words

Whether you have a wireless vacuum cleaner or a handheld model, you can reuse your vacuum cleaner when you are done with it. Remember that when you recycle old devices, you are helping not only the environment but also yourself.

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  • How do you plan to reuse your vacuum?

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