5 Classy Crockery Cabinet Designs

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Most of us would have had a service in our childhood home that shows all of the family’s most beautiful and delicate service. When you get your own place, a kitchen utensil may not be on your list of important furniture, but it is certainly a piece of furniture that you as an adult need to have to complete the house.

A kitchen utensil can be placed in the kitchen, living room or dining room, depending on space and use. The unit must have a sufficient number of shelves, racks and drawers. It is best to have it customized depending on how much porcelain, glass, etc. you have, as well as how much space you also have.

Here are some classic porcelain designs that you can get inspiration from:

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinet

This wall-mounted kitchen cabinet is a HomeLane design that would be perfect for small homes with less space. It is a popular choice because it does not take up any floor space, which is already a premium in most townhouses.

Dining 3

If you have the space for it and you need extra storage, you can have a sideboard designed to match your wall-mounted porcelain like the one below. This unit has glass top cabinets to showcase the best glassware and closed lower cabinets for extra storage. You can hide the not so attractive utensils, tablecloths, etc. Note that it also contains drawers to keep cutlery organized.

Crockery unit 2nd cut

This compact device serves two purposes; as a pooja unit and a kitchen utensil unit. This is ideal for someone who does not have room for a dedicated pooja room. It is minimal and slim. You can have the size, color and finish adapted to your room.

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F 9 Luxury Crockery

If you’re looking for a simple, compact device with some extra space to operate, you might like this allbesthome design. The bottom floating drawer set is ideal for serving buffet-style dishes when you have many guests over. The top shelves with glass cabinets look airy and light in this space. Best placed next to the dining table, it is perfect for storing and grabbing plates and glassware as needed.

2BHK c type eco dinning 00

This unit is specially designed for anyone who wants to combine a bar and a service. It is spacious enough to accommodate all tableware and comes with all the comforts of a bar including a glass stand and a mini fridge. House party, anyone?

Dining 001 op 001 scaled

China kitchen cabinets

The china cabinet or kitchen cabinet is typically made of wood and is a single piece of furniture. To cut down on the price, however, you can go to plywood, MDF or chipboard to make yours. A cabinet in China with glass shutters adds elegance to the living room or dining area. This classic piece looks best if your interior is set in a traditional theme. But it can also go well with your modern home if you like an eclectic look. They are perfect for displaying your best porcelain, crystals and more.



porcelain bowls in China

watch this video for learning more about kitchen cabinets design

Cutlery drawers

If you just want to store your delicate glassware and silverware in a way that is easy to access and not show off, you can go for a dresser. Most dressers fall into two categories, waist high or shoulder high. They typically have a flat surface on top.

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tableware cabinet design

Now that you have some porcelain inspiration, are you ready to get your collection out of the bubble wrapped storage and display it in your very own kitchen cabinet? Get in touch with the allbesthome team to get a customized service immediately.

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