6 best low-noise blenders (Jan. 2021) – Reviews and buying instructions

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Key features to look for in a quiet blender

Engine power

Quiet blender

It is important to know the maximum power that your engine can produce to avoid damage due to excessive heat. It is stated in wattage consumption and horsepower. Wattage refers to the power consumption of the engine, while horsepower refers to its power production. One horsepower, denoted by HP, is equivalent to 746 watts. It can be either rated HP or peak HP. Peak HP is the maximum horsepower generated by the engine when it initially starts running. Nominal HP is the maximum horsepower generated by the engine throughout the mixing process. Higher grade engines provide greater efficiency and powerful cavitation. Therefore, Tribest PBG-5001-A and CRANDDI K90-B with 2834 watts can pulverize almost all ingredients. When the engine starts running, it drives the shaft, which then turns the blades. The engine is kept cool by the rotating shaft or the fans.

Jug material and capacity

Most jugs are made of glass or BPA-free polycarbonate, with the latter being more common. Stainless steel jars are also available. The material used to make the jug or jar must be safe because it can directly affect your health, as the jug is what contains the ingredients. Models like the Tribest PBG-5001-A have a vacuum function that prevents oxidation of the mixture and thus preserves the nutrients, preserves the taste and keeps it fresh for up to 72 hours. The jug is also responsible for channeling the ingredients against the knives for thorough mixing. It must therefore be resistant to scratches and splinters to withstand the knives and the powerful process.

Size matters. Jug capacity determines the amount of ingredients you can mix at one time. Picking up a blender beyond its capacity can strain the engine and give less impressive results. The tapered part of the lower part of the jug pulls food downwards, and the vortex channel channels it towards the knives. Some jugs include a pour point to avoid spillage. Factor in the types of recipes you prepare and their quantity to choose the ideal size.

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Number of speeds

Variable speed

Speed ​​determines the final consistency and structure of your mix. Variable speed gives you greater control because it can be adjusted to optimize the results for different ingredients, from the low speed to chopping to the high speed required to crush frozen and hard mixtures. Various automatic speeds and timers facilitate custom pre-programmed mixing cycles as in the Hamilton Beach HBH850 blender, which has more than 100 preset cycles. A heart rate setting increases the speed in a short interval and allows you to control the structure to avoid too much processing of ingredients. You can also use it to loosen food that is stuck under the blade.

Dishwasher parts

There are a number of blenders that can clean themselves. You simply add soap and water to the jug and stream the blender for a few seconds. However, most blenders still lack this mechanism, so you will need to disassemble them and clean them manually. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the parts are compatible with the dishwasher. Detachable knives make cleaning them a breeze.

Warranty conditions

A warranty protects you against breakdowns and malfunctions in the blender. It typically varies from three to ten years depending on brand, price and usage. Commercial blenders have a shorter warranty period because their frequent use shortens their life. The Tribest PBG-5001-A offers a 5-year limited warranty, which is quite impressive. Find out the scope and terms of your warranty to guide your expectations.

Additional features

Consider accessories like tampering and two additional air vents included in the Tribest PBG-5001-A package, and the smart technology with powerful features like the one found in the Hamilton Beach HBH850; The Quiet Shield sound cabinet for noise reduction, the cavitation sensor that detects a lack of fluid, and the jar sensor that detects incorrect assembly.

Sealed sound shielding, bulky jug and sturdy bases to prevent wobbling while driving can make quiet blenders significantly larger in size. Compare the weight and dimensions of the blender in relation to the available storage space. If you have limited space, models like the CRANDDI K90-B may overcrowd your kitchen.

Some blenders are structurally designed to improve performance and increase efficiency. For example, Blendtec blenders have sophisticated sound attenuation mechanisms and thick, blunt blades for efficient pulverization of hard ingredients. The Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance 48 oz blender has a built-in spout to avoid spillage.

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