7 biometric locks that you open with the touch of your

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While most locks use physical keys to open them, some are now able to unlock with the touch of a finger. These devices, designed for bikes, lockers and more, use a technology called biometrics, which harnesses each person’s unique identifier, from scanning their iris to their fingerprint.

There are seven on our list – two that we tested ourselves – that can work to secure a door, bike, scooter, and your locker at school or gym. All but one cost less than $ 100, and some are from names with a rich history to protect what you value.

Benjilock Sport Fingerprint PadlockBenjilock Sport Fingerprint PadlockGearBrain

Benjilock Sport Fingerprint Padlock

Benjilock is a company known for its biometrics, and it’s backed by Hampton known for their locks – so marriage is a good marriage. The Benjilock fingerprint sport lock looks like another gym lock, but at the bottom is a USB port for charging the device and the front has a sensor where you place your finger to open it.

You can store up to 10 fingerprints here, and the battery, on a single charge, should last up to six months. We reviewed the lock in white, but the website currently has the lock available for $ 29.99 and just in red and black.

imgBenjilock Fingerprint Bike PadlockGearBrain

Benjilock Fingerprint Bike Padlock

The Benjilock fingerprint bike lock has a steel shackle, which has the weight behind it. The lock works with a single fingerprint – and you can store up to 10 of them – and the battery, when charged, works for up to six months.

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Just in case you’d like to have a backup you get one here in the form of keys which means if something goes wrong you can just quickly unlock the U-shaped lock. This lock costs $ 79.99 and is available in black. You can read more about the review on the GearBrain website.

Tapplock liteTapplock LiteTapplock

Tapplock lite

Tapplock lite likes to talk about its lock’s weight and operating speed, unlocking in just 0.8 seconds. We’re a little more interested in the fact that the company claims it can store 100 different fingerprints inside. Everything is controlled through the Tapplock app (iOS and Android), which connects to the lock itself via Bluetooth, a second way to unlock the device. And you can actually use a third method to unlock the lock – Morse code.

The battery inside works for eight months, and you can pick one on the website for $ 49 in red, black, or yellow – or a missing double pack for $ 91.

Masterlock biometric padlockMasterlock biometric padlockMasterlock

Masterlock biometric padlock

This biometric padlock is courtesy of a brand almost synonymous with locks – Masterlock. The biometric padlock works with up to fingerprints, but you can also open it with a directional code on the keypad. There is a cover to protect the sensor when used outdoors and it uses a CR2 battery, which can be replaced.

This is a cute little padlock with a two inch shackle that costs around $ 164 in black.

Sharper Image Fingerprint LockSharper Image Fingerprint LockSharper image

Sharper Image Fingerprint Lock

Sharper Image Fingerprint Lock

From Sharper Image comes a very affordable biometric lock, priced at $ 39.99. The Sharper Image fingerprint lock is available in black and can store up to 10 fingerprints inside. The battery is rechargeable but can last up to around 2000 unlocks at a time.

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Be aware that at $ 39.99 you get a plastic lock unlike some of the steel locks we mentioned above. But it has one year warranty if there is any problem.

Ulac Tron XDUlac Tron XDUlac

Ulac lock

This lock features an unusual design, and even won an awards cup in 2019 for its looks.The Ulac Tron XD is a U-shaped shackle lock that looks a bit like a bicycle lock meets a padlock.

You can open it with a key if needed, and also connect a USB charger for a quick battery boost to unlock if the lock is low on power. But the company says it can get 2,200 unlocks on a single full charge. The lock sells for $ 89.99 and is available in black.

SL Elite cable lockSL Elite cable lockSL Elite

SL Elite cable lock

It is an anti-theft cable with one end, or lock, that opens with a fingerprint. This device can hold up to 20 fingerprints and one full charge can unlock the lock 3000 times. The 39.4 inch steel cable is flexible and works on anything from gate to bicycle.

You can use the SL EliteFingerprint Bike Lock outdoors, it has IP66 rating, which means the lock is waterproof.

Looking for more biometric locks? Here are five biometric locks that debuted at CES 2021, including some for your door and a small safe for your valuables, all of which use biometric sensors to keep them secure.


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