7 things you should not store under the kitchen sink

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The cupboard under the kitchen sink is one of my storage places in my kitchen. Its convenience lies in its central location, but on the other hand, I’m not so keen on how disorganized it tends to get down there (and not to mention the looming threat of water damage should leaks occur in plumbing! )

So to keep me organized and prevent unnecessary damage, I researched once and for all what I should not have under the sink. I share these under the sink no-no with you today along with a few recommendations of things you have ought to hold under the kitchen sink! 🙂

7 things you should not store under the kitchen sink

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1. Hard chemicals

Daily cleaners are okay to keep during your wash, but harder chemicals like bleach? Not so much. For safety, store harsh or corrosive formulas such as bleach, drain cleaner, etc. in a safer place away from prying children and pets.

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2. Tools

Storing wrenches, drills and other tools under the sink may keep them handy, but storing rust-exposed tools directly under a water source just begs for trouble! Any kind of leak or drip can quickly cause armor, so it’s just not worth the risk! Instead, store your tools in a covered toolbox in a dry place such as your garage or closet.

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3. Backup elements

The area under your sink offers valuable storage space, but it’s not the best place to pack with bulk purchases from your latest Costco race. Keep the area functional and free of clutter by keeping small amounts of your supplies handy, and keep the rest of your “backups” in your pantry, closet, or out in the garage.

(Need more advice on storing bulk purchases? Check out this post!)

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4. Pet food and treats

Can you imagine the emotional devastation both you and your pet would feel if you discovered that their favorite snacks had become moldy? It is a very real option if you store their treats or food under the sink where it is often damp and a frequent place for leaks.

If you want to continue storing pet food or treats under the sink, keep them well protected by transferring them from bags and boxes to airtight containers. Or you can simply move your pet’s food and treats to a dryer storage space such as a closet or the bottom of your pantry.

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5. Everything combustible

It should be a matter of course, but flammable items do not belong in the kitchen! This includes products such as solvents, thinners, polishes, paints, certain cleaning agents and anything else that could potentially burst into flames.

This is especially important if you have kept oily cloths during your wash, such as those used to apply furniture polish or varnishes that contain flaxseed or flaxseed oil. Flammable objects and greasy cloths should be stored safely in the garage or closet.

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6. Things you do not use

Due to its central location, the cupboard under the kitchen sink is a great place to store things you often need and use. This may include sponges and scrubs, garbage bags, extra dishwashing detergent, etc.

So take a look at the items under your wash, and if there are any bottles filled with mysterious solutions you forgot to notice, or pairs of cleaning gloves that actually do not fit, find someone who could use them or get rid of them .

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7. Everything that should not get wet

Although not necessary inevitable that the pipes under your sink start dripping or leaking a leak at some point, it is common enough that it would be silly not to consider the possibility! So unless you’re okay with throwing away a bunch of soft paper towels or paper bags or a bunch of corroded batteries, keep items that should not get wet elsewhere.

wash storage

4 things you need to store under the kitchen sink

1. Waterproof mat

Water damage not only affects the items you store during your wash – it can also make a number on the cabinet itself! Avoid skewed or waterlogged wood by lining the bottom of the cabinet under your sink with one waterproof mat.

2. Daily cleaners

Most of your cleaning products for the kitchen (mine will include cleaning vinegar, Bar Keeper’s Friend and Dawn dish soap among others) can remain stashed under the sink so they are easy to reach when you need them. (Another obvious choice: dishwashing liquid!)

3. Cleaning tools

Sponges, brushes and scrubs are fine to keep under the sink, although I advise storing them in a covered storage tray. This helps prevent them from absorbing moisture from leaks or moisture and possibly even becoming moldy. (Oh, and be sure to throw out your mushrooms if they start to smell.)

4. Fire extinguisher

Every kitchen needs a function fire extinguisher somewhere nearby and the closet under your sink is a great central place for that. You never know when you might need one and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

What do you store under your kitchen sink?

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