8 best kitchen fixtures (Jan. 2021) – Reviews and buying instructions

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What distinguishes a commercial kitchen faucet from an ordinary faucet?

8 beautiful and functional commercial kitchen faucets

You may be wondering why so many people choose commercial kitchen faucets over standard faucets at all. There are quite a few major differences that help differentiate commercial faucets from their more basic counterparts:

  • Performance – The main reason why people choose commercial kitchen fixtures over regular models is their superior performance. If you cook frequently and need to clean many dishes, whether at home or in a commercial environment such as a kitchen, a commercial faucet can offer the power and flexibility you need to easily wash plates and fill pots in in a matter of seconds.
  • Style – Commercial faucets are larger than regular kitchen fixtures and are therefore able to make more of a statement in terms of style and aesthetics. Professional kitchen faucets like professional and restaurant quality like Blanco Culina kitchen faucet really look and add elegance to any kitchen environment.
  • Features – Many commercial kitchen faucets offer many useful features and flexibility, especially if we are talking about pull-out kitchen faucets. They typically come with pull down sprayers so you can actually move the sprayer around and direct the water jet wherever you need it. This is very useful when cleaning large objects such as pots and pans and handling hard stains in awkward places.
  • Easy to install – Commercial kitchen fixtures are usually quite easy to set up and start using. They usually have only a single push and a single handle, so you can change the temperature and pressure very easily, and many, like the GIMILI Commercial Pull Down kitchen faucet, come with mounting equipment and accessories to make installation as simple as possible.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

When shopping for your next commercial kitchen faucet, there are many different factors and features to keep in mind. It is important to consider all of these different features and look closely at the specifications and details of each faucet before making a decision. A commercial kitchen faucet is a great investment and these faucets are designed to last for many years so that they can become an important part of your home kitchen or business for a very long time. Be sure to think about all the different aspects including size, height, weight, towing swing, price, warranty, easy installation, aesthetics and more to make an informed decision and choose the best commercial kitchen faucet for you.

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Spout height and range

8 beautiful and functional commercial kitchen faucets

One of the most important aspects of your commercial kitchen faucet will be the height and reach of the spout. Some commercial kitchen faucets are very tall and bulky. The Primy Commercial Kitchen Faucet, for example, stands at a height of 23.5 inches. First of all, you need to measure the area around your sink to determine how much space you have and what size faucet best fits your kitchen. Taller faucets can look very stylish and elegant, but if they are too high for your space, they may be impossible to install. In addition, taller faucets will tend to generate more splashes, especially in smaller sinks, so be sure to think carefully about the height and reach of the spout.

Spout swivel

Toad swing is an important term to know and understand when shopping for a commercial kitchen faucet. In essence, this expression tells us how far the spout will rotate around. Many of the best commercial kitchen faucets offer 360 degree rotation of the spout, where the MSTJRY Commercial kitchen faucet is an example that this fully rotating function is on our list. However, some faucets offer only 180 degree movement, which may limit their functionality and make them less useful to the user. You do not necessarily need full 360 degree movement depending on how you use the faucet, but it can be a great advantage, especially in a commercial setting.

Materials and construction

8 beautiful and functional commercial kitchen faucets

The materials used to manufacture your commercial kitchen faucet and its overall construction quality are also very important factors.

Many of the finest commercial kitchen faucets, such as the Moen 5923 Align, are made of stainless steel. Others, like the Kraus Oletto faucet, are made of brass, and you may also see other materials being used. The key here is to find a faucet made of a strong material with a high degree of durability. Both stainless steel and brass are good options, and stainless steel often stays cleaner and shiny longer.


The finish of your commercial kitchen faucet determines its overall appearance. The aesthetics of a faucet have no bearing on how it actually works, but if you buy a faucet to make a statement and add some allure to your kitchen, you will choose one with a quality finish and chic sense of style. Kraus Britt Commercial kitchen faucet with single handle, for example, has a very attractive brushed nickel finish that easily helps to fit into modern and contemporary kitchens.

Flow rate

8 beautiful and functional commercial kitchen faucets

Flow rate essentially determines how much water flows through the faucet at a time, but it is important to note that this factor is not always what it looks like. Higher numbers mean more water passes through, but that does not always result in a stronger current. Moen 5923 Align has e.g. A flow rate of 1.5 GPM, which is relatively low when compared to some of the other models on our list, but due to the superior design and functionality of the Moen 5923, it offers some of the best cleaning performance for any commercial kitchen faucet.


When you buy a commercial kitchen faucet, you need to have it easy to install and fit well into your kitchen.

There are different types of fittings to choose from when it comes to this kind of faucets and the right option for you depends on the layout of your kitchen and the size and style of your sink.

Most of the options on our list are mounted on decks, but the MSTJRY commercial faucet is a wall-mounted kitchen faucet. Some models are also much easier to install than others, and they often come with all the accessories and hardware you need to install them. For example, the Delle Rosa faucet gives you everything you need to get started right out of the box.

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Range of the hose

8 beautiful and functional commercial kitchen faucets

The range of the hose is another important factor to think about. One of the biggest benefits of buying a commercial kitchen faucet is being able to move it around and pull the sprayer down for easy cleaning. However, some faucets have far more extendable hoses than others. Some faucets have minimal hose reach so you will not be able to move the sprayer at all while others are much stronger in this aspect.


If you buy a commercial kitchen faucet, you are making a big investment and you will be buying a product that you can trust for many years to come. These faucets are designed to be used frequently and can handle professional, heavy tasks on a daily basis. They suffer from defects and breakages, so it is important to have a strong warranty policy from the manufacturer so that you can always get a replacement or refund if needed. Some models of commercial kitchen fixtures come with much longer and better warranty options than others. GIMILI commercial kitchen faucet, our budget choice, has only a 2-year warranty, while the Kraus Oletto comes with a warranty for life.


Commercial kitchen fixtures are usually more expensive than standard kitchen fixtures. They offer much more functionality and power, so it is only natural that these devices typically also come with higher price tags. In the case of models like the Moen 5923 Align, the price can get very high, but you do not necessarily have to pay hundreds of dollars for one of these faucets. GIMILI Commercial Pull Down kitchen faucet, for example, is much cheaper and still offers super performance, so you can always shop around and compare prices to get an affordable commercial kitchen faucet that works for you.

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