Add natural elements to your urban interior

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Falling green areas in our cities make it important for all of us to look for alternative ways to reconnect with nature. How about bringing home natural elements? – Earth, fire, air, water and metal

Look no further for the best ways to create a welcoming and homely look with nature-inspired elements in your urban interior.

1. The view from your home

If your home accidentally overlooks a green patch, wooded area or beach, hit the view with large doors and French windows. Let the greatest natural element be your hero’s superhero.

urban jungle

2. Wood

One of the easiest and warmest natural materials, wood gives you plenty of obvious options from floor to ceiling. Aside from the usual suspects like wood, mahogany and oak furniture, you could experiment with other structured forms like driftwood, recycled wood, nut wood, salvaged wood and pallet wood. Or take a weathered patio table or an old cupboard home from a garage sale.

Choose hardwood floors, or install ceiling beams or perhaps a false wood ceiling. Elsewhere you can use wood in our fences, room dividers. Everything for the cabin-in-the-forest look. If you have a pooja room or a prayer room, you will of course end up using natural elements like wood and stone in the form of idols.

urban interior design

3. Metals

Apart from bathroom accessories and kitchen utensils, you can use metal in the form of furniture and interior design products to get an elegant, industrial look. Get a stylish wrought iron bed or garden bench. Side tables, dinner carts and ornate picture frames with gold, chrome or copper finish give very smart statements. Wear beautiful silverware in some of your vignettes. Look for brass or copper lamps and choose stainless steel balustrades.

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urban interior design

4. The bounty of nature from travel and morning walks

Show shells that you have collected from your beach trips in beautiful bowls. Fallen leaves and branches that you have collected during a morning hike can also flutter. Tap the flowers you have collected and frame them to create beautiful illustrations. Or get smart by preserving or casting them in resin and taking inspiration from designer Marcin Rusak’s flower-infused resin sculptures.

urban works of art

5. Water

A bubbling zen fountain or a small lotus pond will be a nice addition to your home. If you have bird visits, keep a bird bath in your garden.

Liquid furniture in bright colors can mimic the character of the water. Use glass elements such as chandeliers or tabletops to mimic the transparency of the element.

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6. Daylight and natural light

Maximize natural light through large windows, doors and skylights. It highlights the best colors in your decor and also makes colors pop. Use sunlight to harness the power of the sun.

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7. Plants and plants

What better way to bring nature home than to bring foliage indoors. Go big on plants and pots, literally. Use large cement, wood, terracotta or wood boxes. Show off your freshly picked vegetables in the backyard proudly in elegant bowls. Insert fresh flowers in your vignettes. Create unique table centers that blend a variety of leaves into vases or a terrarium.

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8. Materials such as Jute, Coir, Straw, Cane, Wicker, Rattan, Bamboo

Choose garden furniture made of basket or sugar cane for indoors as well. Get a charpoy instead of a regular daybed. Get accessories with rugs, baskets, woven rugs and wall hangings lavishly. Try decorative pieces made from coconut, straw lamps, sugar cane men, rope swings or hammocks for the earthy look. You can even make a quirky rope creeper frame like this!

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9. Bricks, stones and ceramics

Exposed brick walls provide beautiful symmetry and texture to rooms. Leave it exposed in its natural state, or paint it over with a color of your choice. Experiment with an indoor stone wall for a dramatic, organic look that resembles a wine cellar or a mountain bungalow. You can also choose stone accessories for your bathroom.

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Stretch pebbles in your garden. And decorate your balcony with easy installations like the one below or larger artistic sculptures that you can buy from artists or design stores.

organic elements in the interior of the home

10. Natural substances

Use cotton and silk for your bed linen and curtains. Get organic furniture made from jute and hemp to mimic outdoor structures.

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11. Natural scents

The comforting scent of old books is a subtle, yet comforting one, so staff a few vintage books and show off your library of old books.

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Buy essential oils made from rosemary, thyme, lavender, cinnamon or vanilla from the shelf. Or mix a few yourself to create a bespoke fragrance that is unique to your home. Here is a quick combination that you can mix instantly in a mason jar: water, lemon, rosemary and vanilla extract.

natural elements in the interior of the home

We hope these ideas make you think of similar ideas that bring nature indoors. If you think you can use the help of professionals to get the exact look you have in your mind, contact the experts at HomeLane.

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