Airthings now provides live indoor pollen levels

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2021-04-21 19:44:26

Air purifier maker Airthings is adding a new feature to its app, which provides live pollen counts from the user’s specific location. The update comes as Allergy Awareness Week begins next week, April 26, a seasonal time when pollen can leave people with symptoms like a cold, or worse.

Through the Airthings app, people can access My Pollen Levels, and from there they can also change their indoor air levels settings, including getting an overview of when to keep their potentially closed windows. .

Airthings My pollen level

Data breaks down pollen details by tree typeAirthings

The data comes from BreezoMeter, a company that examines pollen patterns and analyzes to provide a local reading. And the pollen levels are broken down in detail, so it’s not just one number but several, to the point of what kind of tree can be at a high level that day. The data is also color coded, with green being low, yellow being medium, and red being high. And the levels are scaled from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5.

Airthings manufactures a number of purifiers and detectors, all of which are designed to help improve the air quality indoors rather than outdoors. These include radon detectors to air purifiers, like the Wave Mini, a small device the size of a smoke alarm that reads data such as humidity, temperature, and chemicals or VOCs from. indoor air in a space. Now these purifiers can also be used to increase the pollen count outside a home, to help adjust the air inside as well.

“By providing people with real-time pollen data in any location as well as regional trends with map insight, we can help them manage their exposure and dramatically improve their health,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of ‘Airthings in a statement. “We are delighted to offer this functionality to all customers of Airing’s smart products and to help them breathe easier.”

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My Pollen Levels is now available and will work on all Airthings purifiers, including the Wave family and the View Plus line. The company claims that additional features will also be available in the near future.


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