wraps cars in smart home security

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2021-03-02 17:49:54

The mobile app can now monitor home security details as well as customers’ cars, and send notifications on both

The home security platform expands the reach of its service to include cars. The company’s mobile app will now allow customers to not only manage their smart home security system, but also notify people of all car alerts, including driving details in real time.

The new service will require a second device, called Connected Car, which plugs into a car’s OBD-II port – and can be added by customers alone to most cars made since 1996. The device can be added by customers alone. connect to a cell phone. connection, which allows the mobile app, as well as the home security system, to take actions such as if an engine check light is on or if the car runs out of fuel, all from inside the car. car.

Connected car device from’s new connected car reader plugs into vehicle’s OBD-11

Since the reader has a back-up battery, the device works even when the car is not on, so it can notify owners if the vehicle is moving if the engine is off, which could indicate that it was struck in an accident, or even towed. But the reader can also send real-time details to the app, including what driving behavior is happening at the time, including speeding, sudden acceleration, or if someone is braking hard.

But integration with the system also means people can set up automations between their car and their home. This could include turning on the lights and increasing the thermostat when a car comes home in the driveway. Conversely, people will also be able to receive an alert when driving through the app if they haven’t locked the front door or forgot to close the garage.

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The new integration is the result of collaboration with CalAmp, a telematics monitoring company, and the connected car part can be chosen as a stand-alone option – or integrated with existing systems. mobile app with carUsers will receive notifications from the connected car device directly in their mobile mobile app with car

“We are excited to extend the technology and benefits of to cars,” said Dan Kerzner, Director of Products for in a statement. “The connected car, like the rest of our offering, helps people monitor and manage the things that matter most to them on a unified platform with a seamless user experience. Adding cars is another step in our continued commitment to help our partners improve the lives and safety of their customers. “


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