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Ice maker

Igloo Ice Maker Not Working?

If your Igloo ice machine does not work, the unit may not turn on properly, may not receive electrical power, may not receive water, or the water may not reach the ice tray. A clogged water supply line can also prevent the machine from producing ice....

How Do Ice Makers Work?

Ice machines use built-in thermostats to monitor and maintain the temperature in the molds. When you open the water valve, the water begins to fill the ice molds for the next 7 seconds and closes by itself. Ice cubes gradually freeze, and when the ice builds up...

How to Make Clear Ice Balls at Home?

You can make clear ice balls at home using plastic cake tins (using a technique called directional freezing), ice ball press and even balloons or by cutting out the balls manually. Ice balls melt much slower than ice cubes, so do not water out your drinks, go...

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