Are They Quality Knives Or Not?

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If you are a culinary student, you probably already know the Calphalon brand.

For many home cooks, however, Calphalon remains a largely unknown brand.

This is a shame as Calphalon is one of the best kitchen and kitchen cutlery brands on the market today.

They make modern, durable and high quality kitchen equipment that would be perfect for the home and professional environment.

The brand has an incredibly wide selection of kitchen knives, which makes it difficult to find the right one for your needs.

So to make it easier, we have compiled reviews of the five best Calphalon knives on the market today.

We chose these options based on efficiency, features, pros, cons, price and many more!

If you are looking for a Calphalon knife for your kitchen, you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out which Calphalon knife is best for you.

Best Calphalon Knives and Knife Sets (Editor’s Choice)

A short story

Calphalon began in 1963, but by then they were known as Commercial Aluminum Cookware and primarily supplied the restaurant and the professional food industry.

The brand is known for pioneering hard anodized cookware, which is a staple among many brands today.

In the 1980s, Calphalon cookware began marketing to cooking schools and gourmet stores.

And while they primarily provided professional restaurants, a cult sense of home cooks and chefs began to grow around the brand.

In fact, the products became so popular that they eventually also began to get stocked in specialty stores.

In 1992, the brand was so popular that the company ended up changing its name to Calphalon as we know them today.

Currently, the brand is known for its kitchen utensils and other necessary things in the kitchen.

The brand has a large collection of kitchen knives that are worthy of both professionals and home kitchens.

Are Calphalon Knives Worth It?

One of the great things about the Calphalon brand is that its products are available at a reasonable price.

Now these knives are still a bit more expensive than your average kitchen knife, but they will not reach as high prices as other brands like Wusthof and Henckels.

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This brand bridges the gap between boring home kitchen blades and sophisticated professional kitchen knives.

So if you want to improve your kitchen equipment without breaking the bank, Calphalon is a good choice for you.

Right out of the box, Calphalon knives are much sharper and ergonomic than regular kitchen blades, and any homemade food will instantly feel the difference.

Reviews of the best products

1. Calphalon Contemporary 20-piece block set

This first collection is a large set that contains everything you need in the kitchen and more.

Apart from the standard cook, pairing and serrated knife, this set also comes with steak knives, boning knives, scissors, a knife block and many more.

If you are building a kitchen set from scratch, this is a good option as it contains all the knives that any kitchen needs.

The blades are fully forged from a single piece of stainless steel, which is what gives it more durability and structure.

On top of that, they come very sharp right out of the box.

Another great addition is the self-sharpening knife block that keeps your knives in razor-sharp condition.

All the blades are full-tongued, which means you have much more balance and control when cutting.

If you are used to cheap kitchen knives, you will immediately feel more control and precision when using any of these knives.


  • Full pliers construction
  • Forged knives
  • Contains all the essentials and more
  • Self-sharpening knife block
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle


2. Calphalon Contemporary 13-piece block set

If you felt that the previous set was too big for your kitchen, you can enjoy this instead.

This set also comes from the Contemporary collection, which means that all knives are forged, full-tongs and very ergonomic.

When you choose this set, you lose a significant amount of knives, but it retains the necessary items you need in the kitchen.

This set includes a chef’s knife, utility knife, pairing knife, serrated knife and even steak knives for when serving food.

Like the previous set, the knife block is self-sharpening.

Many chefs do not recommend using knife blocks for storage, as the openings for the knives tend to blunt the knives.

But with this set, you can easily store all your knives without having to worry about the edge getting dull over time.

On top of that, the knives are equipped with non-stick technology that allows a much easier and more efficient time in the kitchen with preparation.

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  • Comes with a self-sharpening knife block
  • Contains the most important kitchen utensils
  • Comes with kitchen insert
  • Knives are comfortable and ergonomic
  • Full pliers and forged construction


  • Does not contain as many knives as the previous collection

3. Calphalon 321 12-piece block set

-29% sale

Calphalon 321, 12 parts, silver

Calphalon 321, 12 parts, silver

  • Cutlery knife block set contains 8 inch chef’s knife, 6 inch serrated …
  • Built-in ceramic grinders automatically sharpen knives with straight edges …
  • Constructed of forged, high carbon, stainless steel; Full pliers design …

This next collection is a great budget option for chefs and home cooks.

It has a very classic design with a triple rivet handle to keep the blade safe and also provide aesthetic value.

It is a set in 12 parts, so it contains all the essentials and even a knife block for storage.

The knife block is self-sharpening, with built-in ceramic sharpeners in the openings to keep your knives as sharp as possible.

Despite being a relatively affordable option, all the knives are forged and full-tongued.

This means that they are durable, sharp and have great edge retention.

All the knives even have a bolster that allows for safer and more precise cutting in the kitchen.

This set even comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects you from any manufacturing defects or errors.


  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Full-tong knives
  • Forged construction
  • Classic design
  • Triple-riveted handles


  • The set may be too small for some chefs

4. Calphalon Classic 15-piece block set

This next collection is one of the most typical Calphalon sets out there.

It features a sleek stainless steel design that provides a very modern aesthetic.

The stainless steel handles also provide a more comfortable and stable grip when cutting and slicing.

Like most Calphalon knives, these are forged and full-tongs in construction, giving more toughness.

These knives have great edge retention, and to prevent the knives from becoming dull, the set contains a self-sharpening knife block.

This block looks different from other self-sharpening models from Calphalon, as it is designed to match the design of the Calphalon Classic series.

The handles even have labels that show you which knife you are holding, which is a great feature for beginners and culinary students learning the kitchen ropes.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Slim and modern design
  • Full pliers
  • Forged
  • Comes with a self-sharpening knife block


  • The knives are subject to corrosion

5. Calphalon Precision 13-piece block set

Last is the Calphalon Precision set, which is a great choice for both amateurs and professional chefs.

It has a very professional design with a sleek modern handle and a beautiful self-sharpening knife block.

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It’s a set in 13 parts, so it will not contain a whole lot of knives, but it contains everything you need for a functional kitchen.

All the blades are forged from a single piece of steel, which allows the blade to hold the edge much longer and generally be much harder.

These knives are also equipped with non-stick technology.

That way, your food and other ingredients will not stick to the knives when you cut and slice.

All in all, this is a very practical and ergonomic choice for many chefs.


  • Contains all the essentials
  • Comes with a self-sharpening block
  • Slim and modern design
  • Equipped with a non-stick coating
  • Forged construction


What people like about the brand

Calphalon knives are real modern kitchen tools that are great for home cooks and professional chefs.

Although these wings were originally made for culinary students, they have served many cuisines around the world.

With Calphalon knives you are guaranteed quality.

Most of their knives are forged from a single piece of steel, giving them much more structure compared to stamped knives.

On top of that, all their knives come out of the box razor sharp, which is that they are a favorite among many chefs.

What people do not like about the brand

The main disadvantage of Calphalon knives is the price.

Admittedly, these blades are not as expensive as Wusthof or Shun, but they are a little more expensive than an average kitchen knife.

So if you are looking for magazines on a budget, this may not be the right brand for you.

Remarkable Calphalon collections

One of Calphalon’s most notable collections is the Classic Series.

This collection contains everything you need in a knife, it has a slim design, ergonomic handle and a sharp, durable blade that can keep you in the kitchen for many years.

Other interesting Calphalon collections are the Contemporary and Precision lines, which have interested many different home cooks since their release.


And with that ends our list of Calphalon Knife reviews.

We made sure to practice due diligence and do all the necessary research to give you honest and accurate reviews.

If you think you have found the right Calphalon collection for your kitchen based on our choices, then just grab your own set!

When you do, you cut and cut away in the kitchen faster than you think.

Last updated on October 7, 2021

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