How to use blue bathroom tiles in a way that does not get boring

That bathroom and the tiles go hand in hand and some will say that one is not complete without the other. Most often this is true as there are tiles in most bathrooms in different shapes and proportions. In each case, a decision must be made about the type of tiles, the color and the pattern in which they are laid.

Bathroom tiles

Tile patterns such as herringbone, chevron, grids, diamond or basket weaving help us with visual interest and character to the bathroom. The same can be said about the color of the tiles. Colors are very powerful and they are essential in the world of decor. Especially blue is a beautiful tile color which suits the bathroom more than any other shade.

13 interior design ideas with blue bathroom tiles

Blue and yellow bold colors and patterns

Bold colors and patterns Bathroom tilesSee in gallery

The blue tiles are just part of what makes this bathroom stand out. The rich color, high-gloss finish and lattice and diagonal patterns in which the tiles are placed are displayed in a rather unexpected way. There is much more to explore in this bold bathroom designed by Studio Ezra.

A classic design with accents in blue tiles

A classic bathroom design with cheerful tile accentsSee in gallery

That blue-green tiles was used in this case by studio Landed Interiors to add a cheerful and pleasing twist to what is otherwise a very simple and classic bathroom design. The vertical pattern of the tiles emphasizes the height of the walls, which helps to make the elongated bathroom feel larger.

A fascinating color for tiles

Bathroom with a fascinating color - Shower Enclosure - Full wall tiled - Black sash windowSee in gallery

There are lots of color variations to take with you equation if you want a blue bathroom aand some of these nuances are nothing short of fascinating. Cyan is a perfect example. It’s bold, bright and breathtaking in the right context. Here it is shown on the underground tiles in this smart bathroom shower made by studio Ellen Hanson Designs.

Beauty in diversity

Beauty in diversitySee in gallery

This dark and toned shade of blue is a perfect color to highlight all these mind-bending tile patterns in the bathroom designed by Redmond Aldrich. The white joint lines help to differentiate an accent wall, the beauty of which is enhanced by this large gold-trimmed mirror.

Bold and glamorous

Bold and glamorousSee in gallery

There are several ways to emphasize a color in the decor. In the case of this bathroom, the team at STUDIO / LIFESTYLE went all out and covered the walls of these rich blue tiles from top to bottom. Their color is complemented by glamorous golden accents and by elegance and eternal beauty in marble.

Light and darkness in harmony

Light and darkness in harmonySee in gallery

In addition to showcasing a beautiful color palette centered around blue and gray tones, this modern bathroom by studio Briony Fitzgerald Design also plays with the concepts of light and dark. The dark colors of the walls make the window a mysterious and almost dazzling visual element when it is sunny outside.

Classic with a twist

Classic with a twistSee in gallery

At first glance, this may seem like yet another classic and average bathroom, but a closer look reveals subtle details that make this space transformed by studio AP Design House quite special. The stone tiles in a light gray and blue checkered pattern give the room a heavy and authentic atmosphere.

A striking accent wall

A striking accent wallSee in gallery

Adopting a minimalist style often means that color is concentrated in certain parts and features of a room like this bold and eye-catching accent wall in the bathroom designed by Rina Lovko. The wall actually makes the bathroom the most colorful room in the entire apartment.

Walls that tell a story

Blue tiles Walls that tell a storySee in gallery

In decor, every detail is conscious. Designers tell stories and create unique experiences by carefully choosing the materials, textures and colors that go into a room. Some elements make this quite clear, like this magnificent blue tile painting created by studio tnp arquitectura as part of the reconstruction of the Palacete de Santa Catarina in Lisbon.

To make a statement

Making a statementSee in gallery

A small bathroom or a powder room may seem like a disadvantage at first, but in fact these would be the perfect spaces where you can make a statement through color, pattern or other interesting design choices. Blue tiles mixed with stylish gold fixtures and accessories look exquisite as demonstrated here by studio @sisalla_interior_design.

Vintage accents

Vintage accentsSee in gallery

Blue bathroom tiles can also be strategically used to give this space a vintage vibe or to complement a retro decor. In this design, shared by @thebrightonbathco, the vibrant color of the wall tiles gives this bathroom a modern look and acts as a bridge between two contrasting styles.

Blue and gold combinations

Blue and gold combinationsSee in gallery

If you want to add a touch of glamor and style to your bathroom, a good way to do that is by incorporating blue and gold accents into the design. These two complement each other beautifully and there are lots of interesting variations that can be created based on it, like what you see in this bathroom shared by @periodpropertystore.

Hassle-free transition between wall and floor

Hassle-free transition between wall and floorSee in gallery

In this beautiful bathroom designed by Lewis / Schoeplein Architects, what stands out from the magnificent geometric patterns of the blue tiles is the seamless transition between the accent wall and the floor. By using the same tiles and pattern for these surfaces, the designer managed to create a very immersive decor.

Is The Sleeper Ottoman The Perfect Sleeping Solution?

Is The Sleeper Ottoman The Perfect Sleeping Solution?

It is always fun to find new types of furniture that work so well in your home. Especially reaching them furniture saves space and work as a universal item that you can use all year round, regardless of the season.

    Sleeping Ottoman

Today we are all about the sleeping ottoman and all it can do for your space. Let’s learn what we can about this piece of furniture and where you can buy amazing selected sleeping ottomans online.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

What is an Ottoman Bed?See in gallery

An ottoman bed is an ottoman with one built-in bed. Most of the time, the bed unfolds from the Ottoman in a way that looks like a sofa bed. But they can also be unfolded in different ways, e.g. The triple method.

Most ottoman beds look like a standard ottoman when not in use. This makes them compact and extremely versatile. So you do not have to sacrifice your interior design style for the extra sleeping space.

Can you sleep on an ottoman?

Most Ottomans, even sleeping ottomans, are not meant to sleep full time. Especially not by an adult. But they are perfect for the casual guest, especially if this guest is a friend of your child, as kids love things like this.

You can easily transport the Ottoman from room to room. However, standard ottomans without a bed in them are not for sleeping. They are way too small, even for children. So use only sleeping ottomans to sleep.

Best sleeping ottomans

You can buy any sleeping ottoman you feel like, but you should probably be careful and check reviews before deciding on one. Because reviews are important. If you want to skip the comparison step, check out these sleeping ottomans that are wonderful.

Gambrinus 48 ”Wide Ottoman

Gambrinus 48 '' Wide OttomanSee in gallery

Gambrinus Ottoman by Red Barrel Studio is a good safe bet. The Ottoman folds out very simply like a sofa bed and is elegant in design. Due to the color and design, it goes well in almost any room.

The ottoman is also wider than a twin mattress, so you can feel comfortable by not giving anyone a bed that is too small to sleep on. And the price? It is one of the best you will find for an ottoman like this.

Latitude Run Ottoman

Latitude Run OttomanSee in gallery

This is a relatively new ottoman that comes in three beautiful neutral colors: gray, beige and black. So you can choose the color that works best for you. In terms of functionality, this is the most unique.

The ottoman can be a double-width ottoman, a single wide chair or a triple bed. Yup! It has three features. That is, if you do not count the intermediate phases that make this ottoman a deck chair and more.

Futon Chair Habitat

Cynefin Futon Chair with Lumbar Pillow and 3 Side PocketsSee in gallery

This ottoman has three angles that you can set it to when the ottoman is set in chair mode or bed mode. In bed mode, Ottoman can also lie flat to make a comfortable sleeping bed for everyone.

The color options are gray and beige, both are available in a full 70 inch long, almost 71 inch long bed. It is not as wide as other ottoman beds, but it is perfect for those who have room for length but not width.

Diophros Ottoman Sleeper Bed

Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper BedSee in gallery

This ottoman has a great price and a total of seven colors! Yes, there are seven colors to choose from, including multiple blues and each standard neutral on the wheel. So you can definitely find your color.

The Ottoman has a 360-spin and can be folded out to look like a cot rather than a bed. Because not everyone wants their living room to look like a bed in it, but you can fold this out for extra seating like a bench.

Vonanda Leather Sleeping Chair

Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Chair BedSee in gallery

Finally, if you want a high-end ottoman bed that does not come at a high-end price, you can check out this brown ottoman sofa in leather. It can be folded into a football, a sofa, a bed or a deck chair and it looks so good every way.

Because it is brown leather, no matter how you fold it, the ottoman can match any decor. Not to brown? It also comes in both black and caramel, so you can change the tone to better suit your room.

Alternatives to sleeping Ottomans

Alternatives to sleeping Ottomans See in gallery

If sleeping ottomans are good for you, but not great, then you may want to hear about other bedside alternatives that may be helpful. Check out these amazing guest bed options that can fit anywhere.

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is one of the original multifunctional furniture. It is a sofa and a bed, but does not look different from any other sofa when designed as a sofa. However, it is much heavier.

The Ottomans who are asleep are also much heavier than those who are not. The sofa bed is actually where the idea of ​​sleeping ottomans came from, so the two are very closely related to each other.


Cots are really one of the oldest temporary sleeping options. They have been used in the military for decades and are still widely used today. They are compact and store very flat, but are not the most comfortable solution.

Although they are not comfortable, they are great for camping because of their ability to fold up almost anywhere. You can even stack things on top of this or under it because it’s easy too. A good bed to have.

Sack chair bed

Large leather bean bagSee in gallery
Leather beanbag chairs with cushions. Cinema with open office.

Beanbag chairs may seem immature at first, but they are one of the most comfortable beds you will ever sleep on. Even if you do not find beanbag chairs even anywhere other than a bedroom, you can find beanbag chairs everywhere.

There are certain beanbag chairs that are still made for children’s rooms, e.g. Pokémon beanbag chairs. But some are really classic and look great in any room, no matter how modern or sophisticated the room may be.

Air mattress

Air mattresses are super light because you can take the air out and they take up the least space. If you store them in the box, they came in, they take a little more, but most air mattresses come with a bag.

You can keep this back and have an easy place to store and tote your air mattress. It makes the mattress unrecognizable when worn, which is great for people who love to keep their stuff incognito.


A cot is not that common, but it is one of the coolest options. Although it usually cannot also be used for storage, it looks absolutely stunning because it looks like a trunk or even a treasure chest.

Most breast beds have a wooden box in which they are stored because it is usually the most aesthetically pleasing. But they may also look more like ottomans, but when they are leather, they are often called ottomans instead.


A futon is not just a 1980s solution for bedrooms. It is a lightweight extra bed that can be used as seating at any time. These are also available in so many different shapes and sizes that you can always find one that fits your space.

Because futons are so versatile, you can get them in any size. They come in king size and in twin size, or something even smaller. They also come in absolutely any color and design style. So this may be the most versatile option.

Murphy bed

Buit in murphy bed emerges from the floor to ceilingSee in gallery

Murphy beds are fun for siblings and those who need more space in their house. You can build them in a dresser, or you can build them in a wall. You can hire a contractor or try to build a murphy bed yourself.

It is always better to hire a professional for this kind of projects. Although the bed should be reasonably safe when it is down, it can be built in such a way that it can be very dangerous when it is up and can fall on someone.

Folding bed

Folding beds come in many different shapes. They are usually soft pillows that roll up and attach to themselves. They are common in other countries, sleeping on the floor on floor beds that are rolled up during the day.

Also, do not think that a folding bed should be of low quality. You can get a very nice folding bed that is also super comfortable. The east-inspired beds are probably the best offer of style and comfort.

Trolley bed

Trundle bedSee in gallery

Trundle beds are beds that pull out of other beds like a drawer. They are not very common, but they are the perfect way to save space. Children usually love them too, as they are like bunk beds without the extra height.

Whatever type of alternative bed you choose, make sure it is what works for you. If you want a sleeping ottoman, let nothing stop you. There are so many amazing options out there for you.

Stylish Custom-Made Wine Cellars That Fit Under The Stairs

Stylish Custom-Made Wine Cellars That Fit Under The Stairs

Are you looking for the next big feature that will make your house stand out? How about a wine cellar? Before dismissing the idea as too lavish or expensive, keep in mind that wine cellars do not necessarily have to be large underground spaces filled with barrels.

Beachfront property in Massachusetts with wine cellarSee in gallery

There is even room for one in an apartment. Let’s talk about this in a little more detail.

Why even have a wine cellar in the first place?

Why even have a wine cellar in the first place?See in gallery

There are actually plenty of reasons why everyone including yourself will have a wine cellar in their home. The most convenient is that wine cellars allow you to preserve wine and even enhance it. Since wine is perishable after all, it is a good idea to have a way to prevent it from being spoiled. Wine cellars are designed to do this by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity inside and reducing vibrations.

It is also convenient to have a wine cellar right there in your home. It allows you to have one personal collection of wine bottles and easy access to them, which means you do not have to shop every time you need to meet. You will always have something special waiting for you for such an occasion.

Wine cellars also offer another benefit: they give you one way to store and organize your wine bottles in an efficient way. You can use labels to distinguish between different wines in your collection or come up with your own storage system.

There is also another reason why someone wants to put a wine cellar in their home and that is it actually improve their expertise on wine. In fact, a wine cellar is more likely to be interested in learning more about wine preservation, varieties, and so on. We are not saying that a wine cellar will immediately make you a wine connoisseur, but it does at least put you on the right path to becoming one.

What is the difference between a wine cellar and a wine cooler?

What is the difference between a wine cellar and a wine cooler?See in gallery

These may look like the uninformed eye, but wine cellars and wine coolers are actually very different from each other. A wine cooler is only meant to be a way to store wine for a short period of time to bring it to the correct serving temperature. It is not designed for wine storage or long-term storage.

By comparison, a wine cellar is a dedicated space where wine is stored for long-term storage and for long periods in general. It can include a wine cooling system and it maintains a constant temperature, it controls the humidity levels, the light levels and prevents vibrations. There are all sorts of different types of wine cellars. You can put one in the basement, in a closet or anywhere there is room for it.

The space under an interior staircase can be used for many things, including as a wine cellar. Depending on how much space you have there, you can choose from all sorts of stylish designs and storage systems that would make this space a cool feature and even a focal point of the house.

Under the wine cellars of the stairs

Full transparency

Wine Cellar Mercer Island ResidenceSee in gallery

Emphasize the wine cellar with a bright and transparent design. Full-height glass walls and doors and open shelves with backlighting can give you the desired effect. This particular design was done by studio Architectural Plastics.

Minimalist and efficient

Example of a minimalist wine cellar design in DallasSee in gallery

Keeping things simple is a great way to make sure you use the limited space under the stairs to its full capacity. Make it extra efficient by maximizing the wine cellar’s storage capacity with space-saving racks and shelves.

Encapsulated in glass

Example of a beach style light wood floor wine cellar design in Los AngelesSee in gallery

Sometimes a problem with the space under the stairs is that you can not easily see and access it. But here the strategy compensates for that. The wine cellar is encased in glass, and the fact that the stairs make a turn really helps with the location. It’s a design by Patterson Custom Homes.

Next to the stairs

mid sized contemporary light wood floor and brown floor wine cellar idea in MiamiSee in gallery

Instead of squeezing a small wine cellar under the stairs, you might be able to build something bigger and better next to the stairs. In this setup by Associated Design, the stairs wind and wrap around the basement, which was specially built for this little nook.

Framed and exhibited

Traditional Wine Cellar by DC MetroSee in gallery

Having a wine cellar under the stairs is definitely a cool feature you should be proud of. Put it on the screen and make it stand out by exposing the interior with glass partitions. Lighting is also important. For a traditional design, take inspiration from this setup of studio Case Design.

A shared design

Small transitional beige floor wine cellar photo in OrlandoSee in gallery

There are several elements and features that can be included in the design of a wine cellar. There are individual display racks as well as wine refrigerators or shelves, and these can be paired together in many different ways. In this design by Bill Cook Luxury Homes, everything is done in a simple, practical and elegant way.

Various storage options

Under Stairs Wine CellarSee in gallery

It can be convenient, and it would also look interesting to include more than one type of storage for the bottles when designing a wine cellar under the stairs. Check out Sommi wine cellars for some inspiring ideas in this regard.

Large and spacious

Example of a mid sized trendy light wood floor and beige floor wine cellar design in DenverSee in gallery

The design of the wine cellar depends on the type of stairs. A long floating staircase like this leaves plenty of space downstairs for a large and spacious basement. The whole thing is encased in glass, which reveals the wall behind the racks and the stairs themselves.

Recycled space

Wine Cellar under stairsSee in gallery

The combination of staircase-wine cellar can be designed as a pair right from the start, but this space can also be reused later. It is a valid idea, even for old houses. This particular design of Cellar Maison is a fitting example.

Emphasis on verticality

Art Deco inspired abode with a hidden gem under the stairsSee in gallery

The wine racks can be placed against the wall and cover the entire space from the stairs down to the floor. This emphasizes the height of the wine cellar, which in this case is quite long, which is also emphasized by the horizontal line of bottles running through the center of the wall. Check it out on pinterest.

Modern geometry

Gorgeous Modern Wine Room. The Stylish Wine Lovers DreamSee in gallery

This wine cellar under the stairs has a modern design based on puzzle-like modules that fit together perfectly. It is also all custom built to fit under the stairs and behind the glass railing that extends all the way down. Check out Genuwine Cellars for more ideas and details.

Room divider combination

villa contemporary staircase and wine cellarSee in gallery

When space is not limited, there is room for some really impressive wine cellar designs, like this one. The floating staircase is a beautiful sculptural feature, and the basement provides a unique room divider. Check out Demax Staircase & Railing on pinterest to learn more about it.

A compact design

Acrylic and Oak Wine Cellar Acrylic and Oak Wine RoomSee in gallery

This wine cellar in acrylic and oak may not be as large or as impressive as some of the others, but it certainly fills this space under the stairs perfectly. It was designed by Sorrell’s Custom Wine Rooms in the same style as the rest of the house.

A tight squeeze

Beachfront property in Massachusetts with wine cellarSee in gallery

Even if you do not have a floating staircase or an open space just below it, you can still manage to mount a wine cellar in this area. This is located to the side, into the stair wall. It is small and narrow, but nonetheless very practical and quite elegant. Check out One Kindesign for more details.

A secret room in plain sight

wine storage under the stairsSee in gallery

The space under a staircase is like a secret space, and it still retains that mystery, even when it is actually visible and visible. Making it a wine cellar is a good use of space, no matter what size it ends up being. Check out this design and more on pinterest for inspiration.

What You Need To Know

Guide to microwave dimensions with ultimate tips and tricks

It may seem indifferent to find out typical measurements of everything in your home. In some cases, it may be. But when you lack space or want to scale correctly, it is important to find the correct sizes of microwave dimensions.

Microwave dimensions

Today we need to find out the sizes of different types of microwaves because in today’s world almost every home has one. Those without houses even use microwaves.

They have microwaves when they do not even have a kitchenette. Or even offices with nothing but microwaves and water tanks. So yes, microwaves are everywhere, which gives us a good reason to learn more about them.

The history of the microwave

Small stainless steel microwave

You will be amazed at how many people do not know where microwaves come from, especially those who have had a microwave oven all their lives. Would teens today believe microwaves were once a hotbed of conspiracies?

It all began at the end of the 2nd World War when the term microwave oven was used for military radars and not something used to make our dinner. At the time, companies building these radars were always studying new ways to use these waves.

They knew well that the waves could be used as a heat source, but this was primarily used in the medical field. Although knowledge was there and the idea was shared at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, the actual application was not.

The release of the first microwave

It was not until 1958 that the application was shared with the world via Reader’s Digest. It shared that in 1947 a patent application was filed by Raytheon’s Percy Spencer to patent the use of microwaves.

You would not think that popcorn was a major focus then as it is now. One of the only foods still produced primarily through the microwave in private homes. But how was this discovery made? It all started with peanuts.

The man responsible for the discovery used the microwaves when he found that the peanut bar in his pocket was starting to heat up. His first introductory meal prepared with the waves? An egg! Not the best choice we now know.

As cheap as microwaves are now, in the 1950s, when the first microwave oven was released, the Tappan RL-1 was a wall-mounted microwave that cost almost $ 1300. In today’s world, it is almost $ 15,000.

The effect of radiation

In the 1970s, concern began to skyrocket that the radiation from microwaves was causing serious health problems. Unfortunately, in 1973, they confirmed that they could not control the safety of the microwaves.

The reason for this statement was that they did not have the technology to test the radiation. Most, however, assumed that this meant that they found out that microwaves were actually dangerous, which is not surprising.

Today, technology is advanced, which has given us safer microwaves and better testing to ensure that the microwaves we have are safe for cooking and for being nearby in general. But it is really the mindset of the everyday consumer that has changed the most.

Why do people use microwaves?

Many people just assume that those who choose a microwave over another food heater are lazy or young. But that is not true. After all, most homes in America have microwaves that are used regularly.

This is because some foods are simply better than microwaves. Other times, you can spend a tenth of the time cooking something that would take much longer to cook in the oven. Such is the microwave.

So microwaves are actually for convenience and specialty items. They are becoming more and more popular, even after all this due to the fact that they are the cheapest way to heat food, as well as the most convenient.

But did you know that there are many different sizes of microwaves? Yup. There may be a standard, but there are also different types of microwaves that you can buy. So it is crucial to find the right one for you.

What are typical microwave dimensions?

Microwave Dimensions: What you need to know

Microwaves are actually available in many sizes. They are usually sold anywhere from 1.0 cubic feet up to about 2.2 cubic feet capacity. In terms of width, you will find that most microwaves are between 21 and 25 inches.

The height is a little more standard with a small range from 12 to 15 inches for most microwaves. Although there will always be exceptions. These are just the typical intervals, not that your microwave should fit in this area.

There is also a possibility that the microwave you are eyeing is unique. Companies are always trying to find the next big thing, and sometimes it’s a weird microwave with features never seen before.

Types of microwaves

Types of microwaves

The size of the microwave oven depends on the type of microwave. So microwave dimensions vary, but not much, depending on the type of microwave you are looking for. Hopefully, this can help you figure out what you need.

Note: there are still other sizes of microwaves not listed below, but these are few and far between. Almost every microwave oven you find in stores fits into one of the categories below.


  • Height: 12 ″ – 15 ″
  • Width: 21 ″ – 25 ″
  • Depth: 16 ″ – 20 ″
  • Capacity: 1.0 cu. ft. – 2.2 cu. ft.

The tabletop microwave is the standard microwave and probably the type of microwave you get. Most tabletop microwaves should have a clear path for ventilation as they are designed to be free-standing.

Many people like to use a kitchen cart for their microwaves. This makes it easy to move the microwave around and keep it away from the counter. If you are laying it on the countertop, consider putting a mat or refractory contact paper under it.


  • Height: 10 ″ to 17 ″
  • Width: 24 ″ to 30 ″
  • Depth: 15 ″ – 18 ″
  • Capacity: 0.8 cu. ft. – 2.1 cu. ft.

Over-the-range microwaves are made to go in a slot above the stove. They are made differently as they will be able to withstand the heat from the stove that runs upstairs as well as the lack of ventilation.

Although for the added safety boost you can always have the microwave outside, it is not necessary. You can simply have a small area for the microwave to ventilate back to the kitchen, although this will add heat to the room.

Microwave built in appliance


  • Height: 17 ″ – 22 ″
  • Width: 24 ″, 27 ″ or 30 ″
  • Depth: 20 ″ – 25 ″
  • Capacity: 1.0 cu. ft. – 2.2 cu. ft.

Built-in microwaves are usually slightly larger than other types of microwaves. This is because they are built into the room and often have a frame of some kind. They take up more space in some ways and less space in other ways.

Built-in microwaves are considered high-end and they look amazing. If you do not want to take up space on the site and have closet space left over, this is definitely your best option that will add value as well.


  • Height: 8 ″ to 17 ″
  • Width: 24 ″ – 30 ″
  • Depth: 15 ″ – 18 ″
  • Capacity: 1.0 cu. ft. – 2 cu. ft.

A drawer microwave can vary greatly because it can be turned into a drawer and adapted to different sizes of drawers. More often than not, they are actually smaller than your standard microwave, but not much.

They can also either be made to fit in a drawer and be used as a standard microwave or to become a drawer and slide out when it’s time to use. This is a very interesting type of microwave that saves a good amount of space.


  • Height: 12 ″ – 18 ″
  • Width: 21 ″ – 28 ″
  • Depth: 16 ″ – 24 ″
  • Capacity: 0.8 cu. ft. – 2.1 cu. ft.

A convection microwave oven is a multifunctional microwave oven that can function as a normal microwave oven and it can function as a convection oven. Now, this is the ultimate way to save space if you need to have both anyway.

The more time passes, the more options will also be added. Soon enough, there will be microwave ovens that serve as fryers, toaster ovens, and more. It is an exciting future for this device.


  • Height: 10 ″ – 11 ″
  • Width: 15 ″ – 18 ″
  • Depth: 12 ″ – 16 ″
  • Capacity: 0.5 cu. ft. – 0.9 cu. ft.

A mini-microwave can be used in any house, but it is designed to be used in motorhomes, small houses, and studio apartments. It is much smaller than a standard microwave but can work just as well as any other.

It will have a smaller capacity and will not be able to heat everything another microwave oven can. However, most TV dinners and other microwave items will fit. But for family meals, stick to a standard microwave.

What You Need To Know

Find the right microwave dimensions

Now that you know your options, you can start measuring. Start by deciding where you want your microwave. Most people prefer to put it on the countertop or over the range. Then measure the place you want to place it.

Since there are intervals for each type of microwave oven, it is important to know how large the free space will be. So take the tape measure and get started. If you find that the standard will be too large, switch to a small one.

Size is not important unless you plan to use the microwave regularly and feed your entire family with it for dinner. Otherwise, you can stick to a standard frying pan, pizza oven, or convection oven.

Schmidt Brothers Knife Review: Are They Good

Schmidt Brothers Knife Review: Are They Good

* This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my information here. *

When it comes to kitchen knives, most people tend to turn to well-established, well-known brands mainly because they equate age with experience.

But that is not always the case, especially in these days when young people’s modern imagination encounters honorable processes in knife making.

Take Schmidt Brothers, an infant who has been making waves in the industry since day one.

A brief background for the brand

The company consists of real brothers – Jared and Jordan Schmidt – who are both food lovers and knife connoisseurs.

Although they started working as designers for other companies in other industries, they were lured back into the food industry – especially in cutlery – because they simply could not find a knife that they felt they needed and could afford.

The two began outlining designs and making prototypes of wood, making changes along the way just to find the perfect fit.

In 2010, they launched their first creation.

The rest, as they say, is history – no matter how short it may be.

Best Schmidt Brothers Knives & Knife Sets

Is Schmidt Brothers Knives worth it?

When the two set out to draw their designs, they wanted to ensure three main aspects: functionality, beauty and value for money.

It seems that they have succeeded.

Many of their creations are downright beautiful. Some look ultra-modern, while others have a more rustic, casual look.

Every single one looks incredibly sharp — a must-have for this kitchen tool.

And depending on the number of pieces per. Ensemble you can get it for $ 100- $ 300, which is generally a pretty good bargain!

Ready to be amazed?

Keep reading and check out their best collections:

Reviews of the best products

Glued ash 8-inch chef’s knife

Construction Details

This piece is forged from tip to pliers. Although the specific type of German stainless steel is not named, some say the company uses 1.4116 German steel (HRC 59), which is something similar to the X50CrMoV15, which is also used by Wusthof, Dalstrong and Victorinox.

The blade is sharpened to 18 degrees on each side.

The handle is made of Ash Pakkawood, seamlessly tied around pliers and given an almost Japanese style rounded shape for better grip.

Form and function

This has a relatively high heel, a straight back, a small belly curve and a tip that meets somewhere in the middle.

The support is thick and full and curved towards the handle.

The upper part of the handle also continues straight and continues the back of the blade while the bottom is curved. An oblique steel cap is placed at the end of the handle.

Value for money

For less than a hundred dollars apiece, this costs a great deal.

2. Glued teak 7-inch Santoku

Schmidt Brothers - Bonded Teak, 7 'Santoku Knife, ...

The Schmidt brothers – Bonded Teak, 7 “Santoku knife, …

  • Cut like a pro: Razor sharp and with a do-it-all attitude, our santoku …
  • High carbon: 100% German stainless steel runs full pliers for remarkable …
  • Tangibility is important: The well-considered, ergonomic design of our patented …

Knife construction

Like the chef’s knife above, this one is also forged from a type of German stainless steel from the tip of the blade to the pliers of the handle and sharpened to 18 degrees on each side.

The handle is made of a medium brown glued teak, with the same cylindrical handle.

Form and function

Schmidt Bros. once again imagined the traditional Santoku by giving it a larger size, almost like a mini-cleaver look.

The spine is straight, the abdomen is almost parallel to it, and the tip is slightly angled than curved down like the usual sheep’s foot.

The slight curvature of the belly allows the user to cut in a rocking motion, but the flatness of it would also be good for the up-and-down notch.

This has the same curved bolster, the same round handle shape and the same steel cap as the chef’s knife above. The only difference is the material.

Value for money

This is also quite expensive at $ 70.

Bundled teak set in 7 parts with block

Schmidt Brothers - Bonded Teak, 7-piece knife set, ...

Schmidt Brothers – Bonded Teak, 7-piece knife set, …

  • Cut like a professional: Designed for the home chef, our modern seven-part …
  • High carbon: 100% German stainless steel construction runs full pliers …
  • Tangibility is important: The well-considered, ergonomic design of our patented …

Including the following…

This has the five essentials (Chef’s, sawtooth for bread, boning blade, sawtooth knife and a parer) plus an extra petit Chef’s measuring six inches.

The knife block is one of the most attractive ever: a wooden plate equipped with magnets, clamped in two clear acrylic plates on a metal base.

The leaves must be inserted between the wooden board and the acrylic board.

Knife construction

The blade is also made of the same German stainless steel, while the handle is of glued teak wood.

Form and function

The knives’ profiles are pretty standard like most knives.

However, the boning knife looks more like a meat cutter with its straight belly and downward curved spine.

Check out the specifications for Bonded Teak Santoku above as it is the same as the pieces in this ensemble, especially with bolsters and handle shapes.

Value for money

Compared to the pricing in one piece, this is quite affordable.

4. Forging series 10-part set with block

Including the following…

This has all five essential items (a chef, missing for bread, a boning knife, tool knife and a parer) plus a Santoku, a slicer and a serrated knife.

The set also comes with the same wood with magnetic / clear acrylic / metal base knife block. The only difference with the former is that it is a little longer to fit the eight knives.

Last but not least, this also includes a two-stage spike.

Knife construction

This is constructed of single steel (German high carbon stainless steel) from tip to pliers and sharpened to 18 degrees per. Page.

The handle is made of a rustic look, but treated Acacia, which gives the whole piece the rural, southern comfort feeling.

Form and function

Aside from Santoku, the blade profiles are pretty standard.

These still have thick, full, slightly curved bolsters like the others. However, these have exposed pliers squeezed between and triple riveted to two pieces of Acacia wood — the classic Western-style handle.

Value for money

This is priced the same as the Set of 7 Bonded Teak, making this an even better buy!

5. 15-piece set in zebra wood with block

Including the following…

Like the other sets already described, this one also has all the basics (Chef’s, boning blade, pears, serrated knife and a shell for bread), a Santoku and a slicer.

It also has the same wood / clear acrylic knife holder and two-degree sander.

To complete the 15, this one has a dozen steak knives with microtooth for efficient cutting.

Knife construction

This is also made of the same high carbon stainless steel as the others and the same edge sharpness (18 degrees), although most get microtooth for better cutting.

The handles are made of Zebrawood, which is named as such because of the distinct dark stripes over the almost cream-colored wood.

Form and function

All knives in this set have the typical Schmidt Bros. shape – from the blade profile to the curved bolster and even the rounded handle.

Value for money

This is one of the more expensive sets.

6. 4-piece set (Zebra Wood) Jumbo Steak Knives in a wooden box

As clearly described on the label, this consists of four steak knives and a wooden house.

Knife construction

This is still made of the same German steel with zebra wooden handles.

Form and function

This has the same overall shape as the steak knives described above. The difference is that the micro-teeth here are only added to the upward curve and not on the straight part of the abdomen.

Value for money

This whole set costs a little under a hundred dollars, which is a little expensive but would be great as a gift.

7. Jet Black 14-piece set with block

The collection has all the knives and accessories mentioned in the Zebra Wood set above except the boning knife.

Knife construction

The knives are also made of the same a la X50CrMoV15 steel, but get a black titanium finish for those who want something bold that matches their ultra-modern kitchen design.

The handle is made of a different stainless steel material, but is painted in the same dark shade for the seamless look from tip to pliers.

Form and function

The overall appearance of these knives is the same as for the other variants.

Value for money

This is priced somewhere between the Zebra Wood set and the Forge series.

What people like

  • Made of Good Steel
    As mentioned before, the German steel 1.4116 is almost the same as the popular X50CrMoV15. The latter is known for its durability, corrosion resistance and edge retention, so you can expect the same from the former.
  • Forged all the way through
    All of the above Schmidt Bros. series are forged – a feature that everyone should go for when choosing a kitchen knife.
  • Thoughtful design
    You may have noticed that most knives follow only a basic shape and the differences in shape are quite small. This is because they have constructed this so well that they stick to what works best.
  • Even their storage blocks are incredibly well-designed: narrow so that it does not take up so much space on your counter, magnetized (wood) so that the knives do not climb around and transparent (acrylic sheets) so you can see what you choose.
  • Available accessories are Apt
    Aside from their beautiful blocks, the other accessory is just a two-degree sander — a must-have for any food lover who likes to cook.

What people do not like

  • These are not cheap
    A piece can go over $ 50, which is a bit expensive when there are similar forged pieces that are below this price level. If you are thinking of switching to a new brand, buy the whole set instead.
  • Some of the series take some time to get used to
    Many say that the patented Schmidt Bros. -curves on the handle and amplifier feel strange in their hands.
  • Made in China
    Although the actual Schmidt brothers are Americans, and they have conceptualized their products in America, they have chosen to outsource mass production in China. This in itself is not a bad thing, but some find this a disadvantage.

Remarkable collections

Based on the list above, the best would be the Forge series, as the blade is well made (like the others), the handle has the old school, rustic feel (unique from the others), and the price is not that exorbitant (unlike the others ).

If you want something just as formidable but do not want to spend a lot of money, go for their 6-piece stainless steel set with a knife block.

If you’re ready to pay a little more for something truly remarkable, their Heritage 12-piece set, which costs $ 500, is a great choice.


Rarely will you find a new brand that can match the older, more established ones in the cutlery industry. Normally, beginners would take decades before they had the courage to introduce a worthy piece.

Schmidt Bros. is one of the very few who have achieved what they set out to do. And yes, this should be on your shopping list when you are ready for something new.

Last updated on October 7, 2021

Are They Quality Knives Or Not?

Are They Quality Knives Or Not?

* This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my information here. *

If you are a culinary student, you probably already know the Calphalon brand.

For many home cooks, however, Calphalon remains a largely unknown brand.

This is a shame as Calphalon is one of the best kitchen and kitchen cutlery brands on the market today.

They make modern, durable and high quality kitchen equipment that would be perfect for the home and professional environment.

The brand has an incredibly wide selection of kitchen knives, which makes it difficult to find the right one for your needs.

So to make it easier, we have compiled reviews of the five best Calphalon knives on the market today.

We chose these options based on efficiency, features, pros, cons, price and many more!

If you are looking for a Calphalon knife for your kitchen, you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out which Calphalon knife is best for you.

Best Calphalon Knives and Knife Sets (Editor’s Choice)

A short story

Calphalon began in 1963, but by then they were known as Commercial Aluminum Cookware and primarily supplied the restaurant and the professional food industry.

The brand is known for pioneering hard anodized cookware, which is a staple among many brands today.

In the 1980s, Calphalon cookware began marketing to cooking schools and gourmet stores.

And while they primarily provided professional restaurants, a cult sense of home cooks and chefs began to grow around the brand.

In fact, the products became so popular that they eventually also began to get stocked in specialty stores.

In 1992, the brand was so popular that the company ended up changing its name to Calphalon as we know them today.

Currently, the brand is known for its kitchen utensils and other necessary things in the kitchen.

The brand has a large collection of kitchen knives that are worthy of both professionals and home kitchens.

Are Calphalon Knives Worth It?

One of the great things about the Calphalon brand is that its products are available at a reasonable price.

Now these knives are still a bit more expensive than your average kitchen knife, but they will not reach as high prices as other brands like Wusthof and Henckels.

This brand bridges the gap between boring home kitchen blades and sophisticated professional kitchen knives.

So if you want to improve your kitchen equipment without breaking the bank, Calphalon is a good choice for you.

Right out of the box, Calphalon knives are much sharper and ergonomic than regular kitchen blades, and any homemade food will instantly feel the difference.

Reviews of the best products

1. Calphalon Contemporary 20-piece block set

This first collection is a large set that contains everything you need in the kitchen and more.

Apart from the standard cook, pairing and serrated knife, this set also comes with steak knives, boning knives, scissors, a knife block and many more.

If you are building a kitchen set from scratch, this is a good option as it contains all the knives that any kitchen needs.

The blades are fully forged from a single piece of stainless steel, which is what gives it more durability and structure.

On top of that, they come very sharp right out of the box.

Another great addition is the self-sharpening knife block that keeps your knives in razor-sharp condition.

All the blades are full-tongued, which means you have much more balance and control when cutting.

If you are used to cheap kitchen knives, you will immediately feel more control and precision when using any of these knives.


  • Full pliers construction
  • Forged knives
  • Contains all the essentials and more
  • Self-sharpening knife block
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle


2. Calphalon Contemporary 13-piece block set

If you felt that the previous set was too big for your kitchen, you can enjoy this instead.

This set also comes from the Contemporary collection, which means that all knives are forged, full-tongs and very ergonomic.

When you choose this set, you lose a significant amount of knives, but it retains the necessary items you need in the kitchen.

This set includes a chef’s knife, utility knife, pairing knife, serrated knife and even steak knives for when serving food.

Like the previous set, the knife block is self-sharpening.

Many chefs do not recommend using knife blocks for storage, as the openings for the knives tend to blunt the knives.

But with this set, you can easily store all your knives without having to worry about the edge getting dull over time.

On top of that, the knives are equipped with non-stick technology that allows a much easier and more efficient time in the kitchen with preparation.


  • Comes with a self-sharpening knife block
  • Contains the most important kitchen utensils
  • Comes with kitchen insert
  • Knives are comfortable and ergonomic
  • Full pliers and forged construction


  • Does not contain as many knives as the previous collection

3. Calphalon 321 12-piece block set

-29% sale

Calphalon 321, 12 parts, silver

Calphalon 321, 12 parts, silver

  • Cutlery knife block set contains 8 inch chef’s knife, 6 inch serrated …
  • Built-in ceramic grinders automatically sharpen knives with straight edges …
  • Constructed of forged, high carbon, stainless steel; Full pliers design …

This next collection is a great budget option for chefs and home cooks.

It has a very classic design with a triple rivet handle to keep the blade safe and also provide aesthetic value.

It is a set in 12 parts, so it contains all the essentials and even a knife block for storage.

The knife block is self-sharpening, with built-in ceramic sharpeners in the openings to keep your knives as sharp as possible.

Despite being a relatively affordable option, all the knives are forged and full-tongued.

This means that they are durable, sharp and have great edge retention.

All the knives even have a bolster that allows for safer and more precise cutting in the kitchen.

This set even comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects you from any manufacturing defects or errors.


  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Full-tong knives
  • Forged construction
  • Classic design
  • Triple-riveted handles


  • The set may be too small for some chefs

4. Calphalon Classic 15-piece block set

This next collection is one of the most typical Calphalon sets out there.

It features a sleek stainless steel design that provides a very modern aesthetic.

The stainless steel handles also provide a more comfortable and stable grip when cutting and slicing.

Like most Calphalon knives, these are forged and full-tongs in construction, giving more toughness.

These knives have great edge retention, and to prevent the knives from becoming dull, the set contains a self-sharpening knife block.

This block looks different from other self-sharpening models from Calphalon, as it is designed to match the design of the Calphalon Classic series.

The handles even have labels that show you which knife you are holding, which is a great feature for beginners and culinary students learning the kitchen ropes.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Slim and modern design
  • Full pliers
  • Forged
  • Comes with a self-sharpening knife block


  • The knives are subject to corrosion

5. Calphalon Precision 13-piece block set

Last is the Calphalon Precision set, which is a great choice for both amateurs and professional chefs.

It has a very professional design with a sleek modern handle and a beautiful self-sharpening knife block.

It’s a set in 13 parts, so it will not contain a whole lot of knives, but it contains everything you need for a functional kitchen.

All the blades are forged from a single piece of steel, which allows the blade to hold the edge much longer and generally be much harder.

These knives are also equipped with non-stick technology.

That way, your food and other ingredients will not stick to the knives when you cut and slice.

All in all, this is a very practical and ergonomic choice for many chefs.


  • Contains all the essentials
  • Comes with a self-sharpening block
  • Slim and modern design
  • Equipped with a non-stick coating
  • Forged construction


What people like about the brand

Calphalon knives are real modern kitchen tools that are great for home cooks and professional chefs.

Although these wings were originally made for culinary students, they have served many cuisines around the world.

With Calphalon knives you are guaranteed quality.

Most of their knives are forged from a single piece of steel, giving them much more structure compared to stamped knives.

On top of that, all their knives come out of the box razor sharp, which is that they are a favorite among many chefs.

What people do not like about the brand

The main disadvantage of Calphalon knives is the price.

Admittedly, these blades are not as expensive as Wusthof or Shun, but they are a little more expensive than an average kitchen knife.

So if you are looking for magazines on a budget, this may not be the right brand for you.

Remarkable Calphalon collections

One of Calphalon’s most notable collections is the Classic Series.

This collection contains everything you need in a knife, it has a slim design, ergonomic handle and a sharp, durable blade that can keep you in the kitchen for many years.

Other interesting Calphalon collections are the Contemporary and Precision lines, which have interested many different home cooks since their release.


And with that ends our list of Calphalon Knife reviews.

We made sure to practice due diligence and do all the necessary research to give you honest and accurate reviews.

If you think you have found the right Calphalon collection for your kitchen based on our choices, then just grab your own set!

When you do, you cut and cut away in the kitchen faster than you think.

Last updated on October 7, 2021

Colorful Ceramic Cookware set reviews-

Why not combine functionality and aesthetics in the choice of one colorful ceramic cookware?

colorful-ceramic-kitchen utensilsStove manufacturers have accustomed us to classic and traditional colors such as black or red for kitchen utensils. These colors can undoubtedly be quite suitable according to the cooking style.

If you want to bring a little more imagination and personality to your kitchen, the choice remains limited.

Today we can find one more extensive color range on the market thanks to the manufacturer Greenlife and its beautiful pastel pots.

In recent years, pastel colors have become very trendy. These colors are found in clothing fashions, decorative objects, murals and small appliances and kitchen utensils. It’s a real return to the 1950s, and this craze for the retro years has not stopped for some lovers of dated artifacts.

Remember the famous formica sideboard with its ultra retro chicken yellow design and chrome handle.

The color criterion in the manufacture of ovens is not the leading primary choice, but for some, the design and color of the product count equally.

Therefore, we became interested in the producer Greenlife, who had this great idea to offer a wide range of colors in its kitchen utensils.

The most important criteria in what is expected of a forehead are, above all:

  • Firthness
  • Lifespan
  • The type of material used
  • The practical properties of the product
  • The non-toxic quality of the materials for our body and the environment.

Greenlife, in its range of kitchen products, uses the non-stick ceramic coating as a guarantee of innovation, which we will talk about later, as the quality of the product above all remains the most important.

As for non-stick coatings, you should know that a compounding agent PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) was used in the manufacture of non-stick ovens a few years ago.

Since 2016, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized this compound as harmful to the body and the environment. It has been banned in the manufacturing component in ovens.

Today, the manufacturers concerned and the use of this chemical compound have had to be inventive about their material in order to offer a safer product range for health.

This is one of the reasons why Greenlife does not hesitate to highlight the quality of the product’s materials.


The colors are varied; they come from pink, lavender, yellow, turquoise and red and royal blue.

You will find the battery in black, of course a classic, but it remains timeless!

We had a real crush! This color range gives you a choice. There is something for everyone.

The pastel color gives a sweetness and soothes us by making our delicious recipes.

We want to adopt them right away!

Greenlife colorful ceramic cookware, 16 sets collection

BEST OF COLORS, as consumers prefer

1- Turquoise

2- Pink

3- Lavender

1- RED

2- Yellow

3- Blue

3- Black & cream

We have been interested in more detail in the properties of this product, which reveals many other satisfactions.

The choice of quite innovative colors appealed to us, but also its elegant and modern design.

The aesthetics of the product is a criterion that should not be neglected when preparing to invest in kitchen utensils. You will need to use it often and it will best help you in your kitchen daily!

Some like to have battery elements available for the fire for the practical and organizational side. With this battery you can easily place them in a prominent way on shelves or hang on walls or a rack on the ceiling.

Your pans and pans can then become a natural decorative element in kitchen.


But it also has other benefits!

We have been interested in more detail in the properties of this product, which reveals many other satisfactions.

Greenlife colorful ceramic cookware set reviews

GREENLIFE Turquoise COOKWARE – Very durable

With this complete set of 16 pieces, you are fully equipped to prepare great meals for your guests.

The greenlife product is only one element of the work in the kitchen. It is also an element of pleasure and creativity with all its choice of colors and the ergonomics of its handles.

Greenlife ceramic battery consists of 16pieces:

  • 2 pans and their transparent lids to follow the various steps of cooking
  • 2 pans (one small and one large)
  • 1 pot + lid
  • 1 frying pan and lid
  • 1 mini stove for small quantities
  • A strainer adapted to the size of the elements
  • 4 spatulas as a bonus included in the package!

No more incomparable pans by buying this complete set! Make room for a quality product with a corrosion-resistant Thermolon ceramic coating.

With the non-stick coating you will enjoy cooking eggs, sauces and meat just as easily and without using fats or very little. The cooking experience is excellent and the variety of this set is lovely.

You have an excellent casserole for cooking pasta. Each room has its own lid except frying pans. The transparency of the lid allows you to follow the different steps in cooking.

Here are the benefits of this product range to facilitate your choice of Greenlife ceramic cookware:

Benefit # 1: Thermolon ceramic material avoids excess oil and butter to eat healthier! Effective, the inside is Non-stick food does not attach. This is what we are looking for above all else when we use a forehead!

Healthy ceramic nonstick

The ceramics make it possible to bring a homogeneity in the cooking to the whole pot. Your grilled fish is cooked evenly for a perfect result!

Cookware Pots and pans, 16 pcs., Pink

Benefit # 2: The Bakelite handle provides more comfort in use. You avoid catching a very hot cooker handle as the material used is not heat conductive and the handle stays cold.

Benefit # 3: The product meets all the health criteria with the guarantee of the absence of PFAS, PFOAS, lead and cadmium (elements of chemical composition that some manufacturers are likely to use for the manufacture of stoves) Greenlife guarantees that it does not use these chemical compounds.

Benefit # 4:The pot with your preparation can pass directly from the gas to the oven up to 350 ° F.

Benefit # 5:Cleaning is very easy; lots peel off quickly. Kitchen utensils are compatible with dishwasher.

Healthy ceramic nonstick Easy to clean

Product features:

  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Exterior finish: Porcelain enamel
  • Inner surface: Non-stick ceramic
  • Handle: Bakelite / soft grip
  • Cover material: Glass


  • Hand cleaning is easy.
  • The handles do not conduct heat; It is practical.
  • I did not need spatulas, I already have some, but suddenly it’s nice that they come with the package. That’s a plus.


  • The elements can be used on all burners except induction

Advice for use:

-Read the manufacturer’s instructions before use, this is very important for the product’s maintenance and service life.

-It is very important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before use

-Ceramic has the advantage of distributing the heat evenly in the pan, but the cooking power should not be neglected.

It is important to use wooden or plastic utensils to avoid damaging the non-stick coating.

-Also be sure to use cleaning sponges that do not damage the coating.


The Greenlife brand is really involved in improving manufacturing and protecting the environment, making the brand a real strength.

Be aware that the use of aluminum for exterior cladding is recyclable material!

By acquiring one of colorful ceramic cooking ware, you will indirectly participate in efforts to improve the environment. Greenlife cookware is truly an innovative and up-to-the-time product!

The design of pans, pans and ergonomic handles make this product a trendy product with the choice of the beautiful colors that give your kitchen originality.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or your friends and family, pastel colors create a friendly atmosphere. The joy of cooking daily is essential in the kitchen and this cookware will entertain you.

It will bring you all the creativity you need to prepare your menus and imagine lots of delicious recipes.

3 + the criteria we insist on investing in Greenlife colorful ceramic cookware:


the strength of Thermolon’s patented materials increases the life of the product.


The Greenlife label guarantees that the materials used are suitable for protecting our health without chemical components that are harmful to the environment and the body.

The ceramic coating allows a homogeneous firing of the food for a perfect result.


The battery has a perfect relationship between quality and price, making it the flagship product at the moment.

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Vertical tile shower is the new bathroom trend

Are you getting ready to build a shower, or maybe you’re just playing with the idea? Either way, you have come to the right place. We have collected some fantastic vertical shower projects to show you that they can do wonders.

Why vertical shower with tiles? Because horizontal tiles are far more popular than vertical tiles for showers, and that’s a real shame. Both work well! Therefore, we have decided to shine some light on the vertical tile shower.

Horizontal tiles against vertical tiles

Vertical tile showerSee in gallery
Design by Denys Bondarenko

Before we get started, let’s look at the difference between a vertical shower and a horizontal shower. These are both acceptable, but there are a few differences that can help you decide which one is right for you.

Note: if you are interested in the design above, you have interior designer Denys Bondarenko to thank. He is a talented Ukrainian designer who can create magic in any home.

Look wider or taller

This is the most obvious point. Horizontal tiles make the shower look wider, while the vertical tiles make the shower look taller. So this can make your decision much easier when you know which of these is more important to you.


If you want something safe, choose horizontal tiles. But if you want something unique, choose vertical tiles. It must also be said that vertical tiles are harder to lay, so if you are a beginner, do not try them.

Varying patterns

This depends on your floor, cabinets and appliances. But for the most part, you will find that it adds more depth and texture when using vertical tiles and is more uniform when adding horizontally.

Black and white tie dream

Black and white vertical tieSee in gallery
photography by César Béjar, courtesy of Juana Bautista.

This beautiful design was shared by Juana Bautista. If you are into black and white themes, this bathroom will convince you of anything but copying it. The bright white grout with the black tile looks great.

You can use any floor tile and countertop for this look, but a black and white floor tile helps achieve the look. In terms of countertops, this marble countertop looks perfect, but you can also settle for a lower budget.

Get the look

  • Black tile, white sealant – this is the most important part of the look. The tile must be black and the sealant must be white. Otherwise you will not achieve the same effect. So make sure you do this first.
  • White counters the table tops must be white to offset the black. Otherwise, the black will overwhelm and no longer be as special as it once was. Be sure to use white countertops, not dark ones.
  • Gold accents – this is optional, but if you want the same aesthetics, it is highly recommended that you use gold accents for your look. It plays really well out of the black and white theme while adding character.

Stunning vertical tile shower

Stunning vertical tile showerSee in gallery

Now this is an interesting bid for a vertical shower with tiles. The designer is none other than Yuriy Zimenko from Yuriy Zimenko Design Studio. Notice how dizzying the tiles are and seen in three different sizes?

This is not as difficult to achieve as you might think, but it looks very complicated and adds appeal. The all-white theme is optional, but it helps prevent the room from being too busy with the tile selection.

Get the look

  • Stunning tiles dizzying tiles are the main feature here. Even if you do not have to move them, it is not the same design unless you do. Everything else can go, but this key point.
  • Herringbone – a herringbone pattern for the floor is ideal. Because the wall is so unique, it is important to make sure that the floor is also unique. Herringbone is a safe middle ground for floor patterns.
  • Shower wall in glass – this is also necessary if you want the same feeling. Because the glass door can open the room. Without it, the room can look closed in due to the style of vertical tiles.

Farmhouse Green shower

Green shower with vertical tilesSee in gallery

This green is perfect for any home, but especially one that strives for that farmhouse look. The designer is Landed Interiors, a California-based interior design company with a lot of amazing projects under its belt.

This adorable farmhouse in particular is one of their best. Although everything works well together, the relatively small vertical tile shower is the operating point. And they even put a fireplace in the living room!

Get the look

  • Green tile the exact shade of green is not important, but it should be more of a natural, sage green instead of something with blue tones or something that is bright. This green is soothing and calm.
  • Small tile – small tiles can also be important for this. Although they should not be superbite as it would be too busy, they should only be a few inches long and no more than two inches wide.
  • Subdued tones otherwise – If you really want this beautiful green to shine, make sure the other tones are muted tones. So try to keep things as neutral as possible by also using brushed metals.

Fusion of design styles

Bathroom with white vertical tiles and shower nicheSee in gallery

Do you want something that is a bit of each? This super tempting shower was designed by Sean Anderson Design from Tennessee. The whole house was designed with an ominous, masculine and rustic feel.

The shower itself has work tiles paired with new tiles. Add the new cabinet with a copper countertop and you have an industrial blend of eclectic features. This is a unique shower that is not for the faint of heart.

Get the look

  • Old and new – First things first, let’s add something old and new. The new is easy, but the old can be more complicated. Check out thrift stores or enjoy your own furniture instead if you can not find one you like.
  • Moody Vibes – there must be evocative vibes for this look. This is not so easy to explain or so easy to achieve. Try to achieve the look by adding some important pieces that are only noticeable if you look directly at them.
  • Selected lighting – light and shadow balance is the key to this look. You want to add some natural lighting, but make it feel right out of reach. So there will be natural shadows and natural light alike.

Rustic vertical washbasin tile

Vertical tiny bricks laying on the bathroom wall above sinkSee in gallery

Now this tile is as unique as possible. It is extremely rustic and it looks great. It was designed by designer and stylist Georgia Ezra from Studio Ezra. The designer is, of course, a very talented individual.

But also you can achieve the look with rustic tiles, plaster and some unfinished wood for the closet. Does anyone else get Tuscan vibes from this whole Mediterranean bathroom? Something about this can make you feel so good.

Get the look

  • Old tiles – Easy enough, right? Not so much. You can search architectural salvage stores for used tiles, but if you can not find any there, you may need to branch out. Some new tiles look old and that’s another way to go.
  • Unfinished wood – Although the wood does not have to be completely roughly cut, it is much better if it is not completely sanded and smoothed. It should also not have a shiny finish if you add that protective layer.
  • Cast – plaster walls and countertops are what you see here. Plaster is not easy to use if you are a beginner, but it does not require much practice to become a master of simple, non-sculpted projects like this.

Goes wood with it

Vertical wood panneling for the bathroomSee in gallery

If tile is not your thing, do not worry. You can still have the elongated look of your bathroom without adding tiles. The whole house is amazing and shows Kylee Shintaffer, the designer’s amazing talent.

The bathroom is definitely one of the best parts of the house, mainly because of the walls and how they work with the floor. Both are creamy white with the walls looking extra high due to the vertical boards.

Get the look

  • Long planks – the longer planks are perfect for the walls here. They run from floor to ceiling with no problems. You can break up the wall with shorter planks, but for this look, keep them long.
  • White, white, white – white on white is the theme here. White floors, white walls, white tub. You can add other colors, but make sure they match the bright theme with only natural colors when adding color.
  • Green – you may not have noticed it, but the splash of green added from the plant makes a huge difference. Adding indoor plants is a good idea, especially indoor plants for the bathroom. The room needs freshness!

Adding your own spin on the vertical tile shower

You can definitely add your own spin to the vertical tiled shower. Use any tile, especially anti-metro tiles, and simply install them vertically. It may be a little harder, but if you have laid tiles before, there should be no problem.

Just make sure the tiles are firmly in place before letting them rest. Because they are placed vertically, they are more likely to fall. But if you have laid tiles, you can easily achieve this look. So go for it.

51 aesthetic bedrooms for inspiration for your next dreamy decor

51 aesthetic bedrooms for inspiration for your next dreamy decor

This collection of deeply aesthetic bedroom designers will definitely fill you with inspiration for your next dreamy decor. There is something for everyone, from cool white minimalist spaces and purely abstract bedroom interiors to earthy botanical bedroom designs and rustic hideaways. We will discover an abundance of new headboard wall ideas, beautiful bed chairs and associated bedroom furniture as well as inspiration for bedroom lighting and creative layouts for unusual floor plans. Bedroom decor is important in many ways, whether you are creating a relaxing place for relaxation or a personal space where you can enjoy your true style, this is an area where you can push boundaries and be bold.

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