Barn Living by Bureau Fraai

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2021-03-15 17:00:31

Barn Living by Bureau Fraai

Design: Office fine
Architects: Rikjan Scholten, Daniel Aw
Location: Aalten, Gelderland, Netherlands
Customer: Private
Project year: 2015
Material extension: Black pre-patinated titanium zinc
Extension of floor space m2: 42m2
Total floor area in m2: 195m2
Photographer: Wim hanenberg

Bureau Fraai has completely renovated a farmhouse from the 1950s and enlarged the old existing barn next to the house with a contemporary extension. With the design of this extension, the architects achieved a harmonious relationship between the existing and the new.

The young family living on this farm in eastern Holland wanted to completely renovate the outdated interior while opening up the house to its beautiful surroundings. Bureau Fraai achieved this by opening up the entire ground floor plan of the existing house and adding a spacious extension creating a strong visual connection with the large garden. For the extension, the architects decided to enlarge the current old barn next to the farm. While the existing barn was constructed from ceramic brick and tile, the front and roof of the extension are pre-weathered black titanium zinc with hidden aluminum window frames giving it a bold, modern feel. .

The bright interior contrasting with the wooden chisel frames, meanwhile, refers to historic Dutch farm structures. Using that same wooden scissor frame as the window frame for the front windows, all the borders between the inside and the outside seem to disappear.

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