Best California King Mattress in 2021

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We spent more than 45 hours researching reviews from various sites as well as testing the manufacturer’s claims about dozens of top rated California royal mattresses.

Our criteria included cost (of course), the degree of support, the quality and safety of the materials used, shipping speed, warranties and more.

The result of all this research is our collection of what we believe are the 15 best California King mattresses currently on the market!

Owning a California King-size mattress is no longer a luxury. Fortunately, today’s Cali King mattresses are cheaper than ever. Even better – they are made of materials that can make your sleep more comfortable than you have ever had.

No matter how great a mattress may be, it is still a personal choice and people’s needs vary.

Customers pay close attention to their mattresses … and so should they.

We paid particular attention to what people said about each choice before adding it to our Best Of list below.

Here are the 16 best rated California King mattresses as well as specifications and customer opinion.

See the best mattresses from California below

Buyer’s Guide: Find the Best Mattress in California

California King mattresses can afford you a great night’s sleep. They are large and spacious, and today’s versions support, cool and can last for years.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your best California King mattress.

Refrigeration technology

One of the biggest complaints about some mattresses is that they are too soft or not supportive enough. Second number two is generally: “I’m always hot on this thing.”

We definitely recommend some kind of cooling technology for your California King mattress. This may include weaving the fabric of the cover, memory foam or gel and other factors.

Review customer reviews to make sure the bed actually provides a cooler night’s sleep. Customers tend to be very honest about this and other factors.

The height of the royal mattress in California

Everyone is talking about how big Cali King mattresses are. But one aspect that can be overlooked is the height.

Higher mattresses are not necessarily better, but look for a mattress that is at least 10 ”high. This is about the minimum you need to accommodate memory foam, a base layer and other support.

Easy to create California royal mattress

The Cali Kings are great – that’s what they’re famous for. The one obvious downside to this is when you need to fight the mattress into your home and put it up on the bed.

Many of the choices we have mentioned above come as mattresses in a box. This means that they are compressed so that they are easier to send and handle. Setup also tends to be easy: Take the mattress out of the box, have a friend help you center it on your bed base, and let 2-3 days have full expansion.

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If you do not choose a bed-in-a-box option, look for a mattress that comes with delivery and setup. This may be an additional charge.

What about inner springs?

The inner springs of the Clunky bed that stick you in the back are thankfully a thing of the past, at least when it comes to quality mattresses. In fact, many customers say they absolutely love the motion insulating effect of coils.

Make sure that the mattress spools are packed individually and that there is a layer of memory foam over them for maximum comfort.

Always choose a mattress with a guarantee

We can not say this enough: Always always choose a California King mattress that comes with a warranty.

We found some very generous guarantees. The minimum was 10 years; maximum was 30 years. Not all mattresses fit everyone, so do not overlook this important factor.


There is a California King mattress out there to suit any style and almost any budget, so if you have not decided yet, do not give up. Customers say there is nothing like the luxurious feel of a Cali King mattress and the price does not have to break the bank.

We always recommend that our readers check actual customer reviews, so if you are buying your mattress in California King alone, always read what buyers have to say. To save time, check out the 15 choices above.

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