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Frequently asked questions
What should you consider when buying a coffee grinder?
There are many things that coffee enthusiasts should consider when buying coffee grinders.

The two types of grinders are as follows:

Flat knife
I assume you know by name alone that a flat knife grinder uses a traditional blade to grind coffee. This, of course, is already effective in itself. If you are looking for something straightforward enough when grinding your coffee, then a flat grinder that has a shear effect on coffee beans is for you.

On the other hand, a conical grinder has two conical burrs. One burr rotates to grind coffee while the other remains stationary to help produce more uniform granules. All swear by conical grinders. There is nothing more that most people want than consistency as they come out of conical grinders.

Whether you’re trying to make a perfect cup of cappuccino or just want to focus on a premium with a shot of espresso, even something as little as the type of leaf to be used means so much. You will see a big difference with the right magazine to choose.

Doser or Doserless?
In most coffee shops, the grinders consist of dosing devices that control the volume of beans in a single batch. Doses can fill up to six doses of beans, which I think is really convenient for baristas who want to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

For people who just want to grind their own beans for their own consumption, well. . . they do not really need dosing devices, so most of them would rather go with dose-free coffee grinders. They are simple to use and can be significantly inexpensive. You would be right in saying that hobbyists could just go for dose-free grinders.

What kind of coffee grinder should I buy?
I mentioned a few things early on in this post about coffee grinders. I have mentioned flat blades and conical grinders. So which one should you choose?

If you want a more straightforward approach to grinding your coffee, regardless of the consistency of, among other things, its roughness, you can go for a flat knife grinder. In general, they are cheaper and will not make it difficult for you and your finances.

Many people go for flat angle grinders because of their value but also their get-go nature. However, the humble flat angle grinder is slowly being dominated and replaced by something else – and that’s your smart conical angle grinder.

So if you want to be more uniform in the coarseness of your coffee, it is a good idea to spend a little more on conical grinders. I think you should do it, as the long-term benefits outweigh many things. What’s more is that the prices of conical grinders since their number on the market today have fallen.

What is my personal perception of this? I say you should definitely go for a conical grinder.

How do I use a coffee grinder?
It is not at all difficult to use a coffee grinder. Still, using a grinder properly can be difficult. First, we need to discuss the types of terms used to refer to types of grinding.
But don’t worry – we do not dig into the finer details (pun intended). We’re just looking at the basics, just so you know where to start.

Rough grinding involves lumpy pieces that are preferred by many. They have the consistency and thickness of the soil similar to them as such. People prefer coarse grinding as particles are easily filtered without the use of strainers and filters.

People also lean towards the consistency of the sand. And here’s where the medium coffee grinder comes in. Those using stamp and French presses can also use medium paint as the finer particles are easier to press down. If particles are not filtered, they are also easily consumed without much problem.

If you are not happy with the consistency of medium ground coffee, you can go for something finer. A fine paint looks more like sugar or salt and it could almost melt in hot water! Many prefer to find medium, so it is best to choose wisely between the two.

As the name suggests, this is finer than fine. You can still feel the roughness of ground coffee beans, but it is even smooth enough to pass as powder. Many out there swear by super fine coffee, so it’s a welcome addition to your choices here.

Turkish soil
If you want something that almost looks like instant coffee, why not go for the Turkish soil variant? Don’t you wish you could have something that almost melts in hot water, annoying particles and everything? Turkish ground coffee is like powder and you like it.

Now we move on to grinding coffee.

What you need to do is apply a good pressure on top so that the beans are pressed down when the knives start to turn. This is the case with knife-based grinders, but for other types you can just turn on the grinder, adjust the settings and kill.

Use two tablespoons for every six to eight ounces of water. But you can also respond to your preferences in such cases, so if such standards are not up to you, you can always change the amount of water as well as the amount of beans used.

Is there anything else I should know?
• Never grind coffee. Ground coffee can become stale, which affects the taste. Obviously, you do not want this.

• Measure your prayers in advance. Although grinders today give you more control when it comes to the amount of ground coffee produced, you should make sure of that by performing some measurements.

• Look at the right grinds. Using a percolator should go for a rough sanding. Medium paint is best for dripping coffee machines. Finally, finely ground coffee is best for espresso machines (and there are also specific coffee grinders for espresso!)

Can coffee grinders be used for other things?
Definitely! You can grind spices and other ingredients. It is a really practical thing to start grinding the right coffee grinder that allows for more control and precision. Unlike blenders, coffee grinders do not need water to start chopping.

I sometimes use a coffee grinder for my oatmeal when I want a high-fiber breakfast. I also know someone who uses a coffee grinder for things like soap making. I also have another friend, a kind of eccentric guy who harvests his own grain and makes flour by grinding grain with a coffee grinder.

Talk about many practical things you can use coffee grinders with. Whatever your purpose in getting a coffee grinder, it is always good to have options at hand, other than grinding coffee.

You have plenty of options out there in the market if you want to buy a high quality coffee grinder. What you need to do is just look at the examples above to see if they work well for you. You can go for a manual coffee grinder if you want something a little more traditional.

On the other hand, if you want something fast and convenient, then you might as well go for something electric. You do not really have to worry about sky-high electricity bills. Don’t worry – they do not use as much power as you might think.

I believe that the wide range of options with coffee grinders today and time really helps coffee lovers as well as for those in the coffee bar industry. So if you love coffee, you might want to get a coffee grinder.

What do you think you should get? Do you think some coffee grinders are better than others? Or do you think they are all the same? I would totally suggest that you check out the above products yourself.

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