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Ninja coffee machine is an elegant machine that comes with several features. It uses metal, plastic and rubber material for its manufacture. The combination of metal, plastic and rubber materials makes it a robust machine.

It is a great device for people who love both tea and coffee. You will discover a brewing technology with this device that allows different tea and coffee options.

It has a smart basket option that automatically recognizes the cup and gives you various options. You get separate baskets for tea and coffee.

These separate baskets prevent the mixing of coffee and tea. The Ninja unit has six different brewing sizes that allow you to brew a single cup, half carafe, full carafe or travel size cup in the coffee machine.

Not only this, but it also has five brewing styles, including rich, classic, cold, over ice or specialty brewing. It has an automatic brew temperature selector, which selects the temperature for the type of tea you want.

You only need to choose the type of tea and it selects the number of steepnesses and temperatures required for a perfect coffee. Thanks to the thermal carafe that helps keep the coffee for longer. It can store 50 oz.

Coffee and can keep it warm for up to two hours. Another important feature of this Ninja Brewed System is Auto IQ. This option automatically selects the brew cycle depending on the brew type and size you have selected.

You also get access to a Start button with the one that starts the coffee making process with a single press. Another plus of this coffee machine is its built-in milk frother option.

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In addition, this product also contains a glass carafe, so you can store extra coffee in it. You can store ten regular cups of coffee on a single carafe.

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Auto IQ one-touch technology

Multiple brewing sizes

Brewing technology

Thermal carafe

Built-in foam


Does not have a drip tray

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