Best game and deer processing knife set review 2021

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Did you know?

Since its invention thousands of years ago, the knife is still one of the most useful, indispensable tools anyone can ever have.

This must-have has undergone several improvements, ranging from the construction of the materials to the design of the blade itself.

One important thing our ancestors learned is so true now: you can not use one type of knife for everything.

The hardest, sharpest chef’s knife – the one considered versatile by professionals – cannot be used for slaughter, dressing or boning.

This very special job will require very special tools.

Lucky for you, we have seven of the best game processing knife sets below.

Best gaming treatment knife set (updated list)

Mossy Oak 8-Piece Hunting Field Dressing Kit

Knives included: 10 “boning, 9.5” casing hook rails, 7.5 “jackets, 8.75 serrated wood / bone saw, steel bar or chest spreader, tungsten carbide sander, a pair of cleaning gloves and a storage case

* The measurements are from tip to pliers

Mossy Oak’s blades and accessories are stamped with solid 3CR13, a mixture of stainless steel from China known for its high corrosion and abrasion resistance and incredibly low prices.

All four knives (saw included) have full pliers, on which the contour-shaped handles in camo style are screwed.

The polymer handles are smooth but not slippery – a must-have feature, especially when the knife is sprayed with blood.


  • The inclusion of a sharpener is a big bonus
  • Comes in a compact plastic box with individual openings for the tool
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty (only if registered 30 days after purchase)


  • No major butcher knife (the saw is the likely replacement, but with its design it just does not work)
  • Some have complained about screws on the handle and pliers loosening
  • Steel comes from China – an interruption for some

Outdoor edge 12-part game processor

Knives included: 8.3 ”butcher, 6.0” boning and fillet, 4.4 ”intestinal hook rails, 3” cap, 10.2 ”serrated wood / bone saw, ribcage spreader, cutting fork, a pair of powerful scissors, cutting board, a pair of cleaning gloves, carbide sander and a storage case.

* The measurements are only intended for the knives

The manufacturer used high chromium 420J2 steel to make knives and metal tools (scissors, fork and spreader) in the set.

The four main knives have full pliers and rubberized TPR handles that are contoured to ensure a tight but comfortable grip.

This set from Outdoor Edge is one of the most complete you will ever find.


  • Has all the important hunting knives and more!
  • Replacement items are available on the website
  • Quite affordable – less than $ 100 for the whole set
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty (for factory defects)
  • They have a return policy within 60 days of purchase
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  • Tends to rust (something the company acknowledges)
  • Steel is outsourced from China

GVDV 6-part hunting unit equipment

Knives included: 9.6 “boning or fillet, 8.7” hunting with intestinal hook, 8.1 “cap, rib cage spreader, a pair of cleaning gloves and a hard plastic container

* The measurements are from tip to pliers

The blades in this GVDV set are stamped from 5CR15, an excellent type of stainless steel known for its strength, durability, edge retention and rust resistance.

The handles with camo print are made of polypropylene material.

Aside from the narrow but slightly curved contour, the handles have grooves on the surface (not entirely obvious due to the design) to ensure a safe but comfortable handle.


  • 5CR15 is a durable, high-quality stainless steel
  • The knives remain sharp for a long time and after several uses
  • Comes with a small but sturdy case with partitioned openings for all items
  • Pretty cheap


  • No details regarding seaweed (if full or partial)
  • Does not have all the basic hunting and dressing knives
  • Comes with a warranty, but only for 18 months

Outdoor Edge WL-6 Wild Lite butcher kit

Outdoor Edge WL-6 Wild Lite butcher kit

Outdoor Edge WL-6 Wild Lite butcher kit

  • Functional design with the sharpest, best edge steels
  • State of the art production processes and crafts
  • Knives and hand tools in the finest quality for outdoor use

Knives included: 2.5 ”Caper, 4” Gut-Hook Rails, 5 ”Housing, two-stage Sharpener – Fine ceramic and coarse cemented carbide, a pair of cleaning gloves and a carrying case

* The measurements are only intended for the knives

Like the first Outdoor Edge set, the knives here are stamped in stainless steel 420J2.

However, the leaves are handmade and give an incredibly sharp edge that stays sharp for a long time.

The rubberized handles are contoured and embossed with three curved spines on the surface, like a moose’s horn, for superior grip.

The bright orange hue ensures that the piece is not lost easily.


  • Making the handles orange is a functional design choice
  • Two-step sharpening is a wonderful addition
  • Good pricing
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty (for factory defects)
  • They have a return policy within 60 days of purchase


  • Does not include the larger butcher knife
  • Outdoor Edge admits that their knives can rust
  • Steel is made in China

Lancergear 7-piece portable hunting accessory

Knives included: 8.3 cardboard, 8.7 ”gut hook rails, 9.5” deboning and filleting, 9.85 ”wood / bone saw, rib holder, a pair of cleaning gloves, a two-step grindstone and a sturdy box

Lancegear’s blades and tools are stamped on two types of stainless steel: 8Cr14MoV and 5Cr15Mov.

Both are favorites among high quality brands because these result in hard, durable and corrosion resistant steel.

These can also have a razor-sharp edge that lasts for a long time.

The handles are wrapped in a camouflage-printed material that feels smooth but does not slip from your hands when wet.


  • Made of premium steel used in high quality German kitchen knives
  • The grindstone has a tungsten grinder and ceramic poles
  • Good price
  • Awesome after-sales service – your questions and complaints will be answered within 24 hours


  • Does not have the large butcher knife
  • Not much information about the company
  • Warranty information is not detailed
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Mossy Oak 3-piece knife set

Knives included: 10.5 ”large knife, 10” intestinal hook blade, 6.75 ”caps / small knife

* The measurements are from tip to pliers

This is Mossy Oak’s bareest set – with only three knives.

Like other articles made by this company, the steel used for the construction is 3CR13 – high in strength, hardness and abrasion resistance.

All have full pliers, the leather handle is tightly wrapped around it with double rivets.

This is created with safety in mind and has full supports, non-slip grooves on the spine and finger grooves on the handles.

The whole set comes in a black oxford bag with separate compartments for the knives.

The buckles and button closures prevent accidents.


  • Beautifully designed – leather handles are rustic, yet elegant
  • Designed with safety a priority
  • Smart 3-in-1 cape
  • Practical set for simpler dressing jobs
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty (only if registered 30 days after purchase)


  • Not really a complete game dressing kit
  • Slightly more expensive compared to other Mossy Oak sets

Outdoor edge 9-part game processor

Knives included: 2.5 ”cap, 4” casing hook rails, 5 ”boning or filleting, ax, 6” wood / bone saw, rib spreader, a pair of cleaning gloves, two-stage Sharpener and a nylon roller

* The measurements are only intended for the knives

Outdoor Edge uses different mixtures of stainless steel for its knives.

But like the other sets described here, this one is also tip-to-pliers stamped from a solid 420J2.

The handles are made of rubberized and non-slip TPR, which is colored orange for high visibility.

The triple nylon roller has individual openings for each tool in the set.

However, they added a belt bag with protective sleeves for capers and rails and a separate cape for the ax.


  • Carbide / ceramic grinder helps a lot
  • Additional holster for some of the knives is a bonus
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty (for factory defects)
  • have a return policy within 60 days of purchase


  • Does not include a butcher knife
  • Steel can rust if it is not fitted properly
  • Not many are confident in China-made steel

Buying instructions

game processing knife sets

There are several things you need to be aware of on your first hunting trip.

But let’s focus on one of the most important: knives. Or more specifically the various tasks that these tools have to perform.

Knowing these will help you find the field for the freezer knife set that has everything you need.


Removal of the internal organs or interiors is one of the first duties in dressing a game, large or small, in order to preserve the flesh properly.

A short but sharp blade with a bowel hook at the tip is needed here.


The next job is to flake the animal, gently remove the skin and not tear the muscles in the process.

For this job, a short, curved and extremely thin blade works.


After cleaning and peeling your game, remove the meat from the bone.

A long, narrow knife that is usually right at the spine but gently curved at the abdomen is best.

This should have a slight bend to it to cut near strangely shaped bones.


Cutting large meatballs into smaller pieces requires a hard, thick and sharp blade.

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Some butcher knives are durable enough to cut through bones, but it is best to use a clover for this.


This refers to the skinning of the animal’s head, especially when making a hunting trophy.

In the same way as a scalpel, the tip of the blade is curved upwards like a spear to get into cracks.

It is quite recognizable because the length of the blade is often shorter than the handle.

Some bar sets do not include this as not many people do taxidermy alone.

Although some still adhere to more traditional methods of dressing up their games (i.e. using a few knives), you should also check if the set contains essential hunting accessories as these make the task easier.

The rib cage spreader and a saw, for example, are must-haves with large animals.

It would also be good if the set came in a box so you can organize your tools better.

Frequently asked questions

Do the knives have individual jackets?

Not all. Most are stored in plastic boxes for safe storage. Check with the brand if they sell gowns. If not, you can get one made by your local tailor, as effective and durable skins are made from leather.

Are the knives full of pliers?

Most are fortunately. As the game handling is labor intensive, drive for fully tangled knives to ensure safety.

What accessories are included in the set?

The more complete sets come with spreaders, gloves and carbide grinders. If you do not go for them, you can always buy the above accessories separately.

Is the set in a case?

Most have storage containers.

Are products available and sold individually to replace lost or damaged items in the set?

Some companies offer these. Check their sites to make sure you. Others who do not sell single items from the set can offer repair services for your tools. Again, it is best to check out their sites for more info on these.

Where is the company based?

Most of these brands are headquartered in the United States. But like many cutlery companies, they outsource their materials from China and then assemble the knives in their American factories.

Is the set backed by a warranty?

Except for Lancergear, which does not have complete information about this, all of the sets described above are offered with money-back guarantees and limited guarantees.


A good hunter will tell you that any outdoor activity – whether it’s actively going after a big deer or waiting for hours for a salmon – will be infinitely less stressful and more fun if you have everything you need.

A complete game processing set is one of those indispensable provisions.

Even if you only go on these excursions once a year, consider getting one of these as an investment.

All of the above are some of the best gaming treatment knife sets on the market today.

You just have to figure out which ones best suit your needs and which ones best suit your budget.

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