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Cutting, slicing and preparing meat is one of the most important tasks in any kitchen.

After all, protein is one of the most important aspects of any meal, no matter what time of day you have it.

And to prepare meat properly, you need a quality set of knives.

But since there are so many different makes and models out there, it can be a pretty tough task to choose the right set for you.

So to make things a lot easier for you, I have collected reviews of the best knife sets for cutting meat and even included a buying guide at the end of the article.

If you have been looking for a knife set to cut meat, you have come to the right place.

Read on to learn more!

Best knife set for cutting meat (Updated list)

1. Jero 3-Piece Pro Butcher Meat Processing Set

First up is a basic set in three parts that would be a great set to have, whether you are just starting to learn the kitchen ropes or have been cooking and preparing great meals for a while.

It contains a butcher, skinning and boning knife, which are good basic tools to have.

This allows you to perform a lot of different preparation work with meat.

The knives have knives made of German stainless steel with a high carbon content, so you can expect them to hold their edges for a very long time.

In addition, they also come with a blue textured handle that easily fits in a sheath, while you have a stable and comfortable grip on the knives.

They are made in Portugal and have a lifetime warranty against defects, making them an even more attractive option for almost any hunter, chef or butcher out there.


  • Simple and compact set
  • The knives are made of stainless steel with a high carbon content
  • Great edge retention
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Razor sharp right out of the box


  • Comes with only three knives

2. MSY BIGSUNNY 4-piece set

Next, there is a good set in 4 parts that would be a great addition to any kitchen.

It comes with a 5 ”chopper, 7” santoku, 5 ”utility knife and kitchen scissors.

So in addition to getting a large, powerful knife for meat, you also get a few everyday knives for the kitchen.

The knives are made of stainless steel with a high carbon content with a hardness of 56-58, which makes them very hard, which gives them great edge retention, but not too hard that you end up with crisp blades.

They also have sleekly designed PakkaWood handles that are contoured to provide a comfortable grip while giving a very modern look.

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All in all, this would be a great set for any kitchen in the home.


  • Forged knives
  • Full pliers
  • Rustic modern design
  • Razor sharp
  • Comes with a santoku, tool knife and scissors


  • Tends to chip and dents

3. KEPEAK 10-piece set

If you have been looking for a great set that contains all the essentials, this might be it for you.

It comes with 10 different knives that you can use for all sorts of tasks, including chopping, slicing and chopping meat.

They are all made of stainless steel with a high carbon content and are ground to a very sharp edge.

They also have a Damascus pattern on the blade, but this is purely aesthetic and not genuine Damascus steel.

The knives have a very rustic design, which is emphasized by the PakkaWood handles, which have a deep brown color and give you a very comfortable grip.


  • Comes with 10 different knives
  • Can be used for most prepping tasks
  • Razor sharp
  • Rustic aesthetics
  • Full pliers


  • The artificial Damascus pattern may not be for everyone

4. NutriChef portable electric meat slicer set

Our next choice is a good option if you are looking for a set strictly for meat processing.

This is a portable electric food knife that is great for those who want to be able to quickly cut meat without doing too much.

Along with the electric knife, you get two stainless steel saw blades that have great edge retention and easily slide through almost any ingredient.

It also comes with a wooden block that makes it easy to store and even easily display the cutter in your kitchen.

This is a great product to use if you want to have uniform slices quickly without straining your arms.

It is easy to use and can be easily carried around if you need to cut meat in another kitchen.

All in all, a great option for any home cook out there.


  • Electric food knife
  • Allows you to get consistent slices
  • Comes with two knives
  • Comes with a storage block
  • Portable


  • Some users report that they have difficulty inserting the blades

5. Soffiya 10-piece set

Soffiya kitchen knife set 10 pcs, kitchen knives ...

Soffiya kitchen knife set 10 pcs, kitchen knives

  • 10pcs Knife set kitchen included: 8-inch chef’s knife -A, 8-inch bread …
  • Multifunctional 10pcs knife kitchen set: Kitchen knife set can …
  • Razor Sharp Edge: The blade of this chef’s knife set is made of …

Next is another set with a lot of different knives, making it a very good option for those who need a complete kitchen set.

With the pieces included in this set, you can easily cut, slice and chop and a lot of ingredients including meat, vegetables, fish, fruit and just about anything you might find in the kitchen.

The knives all have a beautiful swirly pattern reminiscent of Damascus steel, making them really stand out among the rest.

In addition, they come with a PakkaWood handle that combines the rustic aesthetics of the wood with the cost-effective durability of other synthetic materials.

The knives are also sharpened to a very precise and thin edge, which allows the knives to slide on almost any ingredient you can throw at it.

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So if you have been looking for an option that can handle all your kitchen tasks including meat cutting, this is the one for you.


  • Very complete set
  • Rustic aesthetics
  • Knives have a unique swirly pattern
  • PakkaWood handles are very comfortable
  • Full-pliers construction


  • Not the best edge retention

6. Hamilton Beach electric knife set

Next, there is another electric meat slicer set that is ideal for those who need to process meat evenly without working too much.

It comes with an electric knife, a serrated stainless steel blade, a cutting fork and a carrying case so you can easily bring it around in another kitchen if you need it.

Using this tool will take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, making sliced ​​meat evenly a very easy task.

All you have to do is press the button and get cut out!

And since it comes with such a high quality serrated blade, it can also be used on other ingredients such as bread, turkey and ham.

It also comes from one of the most trusted brands in the market, making it a great choice for almost everyone out there.


  • Very sharp blade
  • Comes from a trusted brand
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Multiple uses
  • Comes with a cutting fork


7. HomeHero 7-piece set

Finally, we have a set from Home Hero that comes with all the essentials and a beautiful knife block to show and store the knives.

All knives have a beautiful dark finish and are made of stainless steel, which gives them great edge retention.

It also comes with a grinder so you can easily maintain the very sharp edge of the blade.

The handles are very ergonomic and durable, but you may feel some strain if you end up using them for too long.

But if you are looking for an affordable and basic set of knives, this may be the choice for you.


  • Unique black finish
  • Sharp edge
  • Great edge retention
  • Comes with a knife block
  • Comes with a sharpener


  • Not the most durable out there

What to look for when buying

knife sets for cutting meat

Pieces included

When buying a cutlery set, the included pieces are one of the most important things to consider.

And this is especially true if you want to prepare and process a lot of meat in the kitchen.

Usually, a good set should at least include a chef, pairing and tagged knives, but it’s different if you’re looking for a set specifically for cutting meat.

What you need for meat processing is either a cut, cut, butcher or boning knife.

If a set comes with one or all of these things, it would be a suitable choice for cutting meat.


Then you want to make sure that the products you get are built right.

If you are planning to get knives to cut meat, one of the first requirements is that they are full pliers.

This means that the blade runs through the entire knife, giving you more stability in the kitchen.

On top of that, it can also be an advantage to have forged knives as opposed to stamped ones as they tend to be more durable but they can also be more expensive.

Finally, it would be important to look at the handle and make sure that it is properly shaped and allows you to have a comfortable and stable grip.

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Used materials

Another thing to be very aware of is the materials used to make the tools.

First, be sure to get a blade made of stainless steel with a high carbon content, as these materials can hold their edge for a very long time and be very resistant to stains and corrosion.

The same goes for both traditional knives and electric meat cutters.

In addition, the handles must be made of a durable material such as PakkaWood, PP or stainless steel.

Otherwise, you may end up having to discard the product because the handle broke after a short time.

Frequently asked questions about knife

1. What do you need to cut meat?

If you are just doing some basic prep work, a coke knife would be the best choice.

However, if you are planning to perform heavier tasks, it may be better to use either a carving, carving or clover.

There are also electrical options on the market today that can greatly speed up your workflow in the kitchen.

2. What is the best choice for chopping?

Most chefs and culinary teachers out there will recommend that you use a chef’s knife to chop ingredients.

3. What do you need for raw chicken?

While a coke knife could work, one of the best choices for slicing raw chicken is a boned blade.

This allows you to safely and accurately cut the raw meat, and since this is a very task-specific knife, you do not risk cross-contamination.

But remember that no matter what blade you use, always wash it immediately after use, especially if you used it to cut raw meat.

4. What can you use to cut through bones?

Heavy slits are the best tool you can use to cut through bone as they have enough waiting time and are hard enough to get through the very hard material.

5. What is used for fruits and vegetables?

If not a coke knife or santoku, it is common to see chefs use Nakiri knives and auxiliary knives for this task.

6. How often should my knives be sharpened?

Ideally, you should have your knives sharpened at least once a year depending on how much you use them to keep them in top-top condition.

7. Is it worth sharpening cheap knives?

Yes, this is one of the best ways to get the most out of a cheap magazine.

It will immediately make the knife a much more functional tool in the kitchen, and it will also be a much safer tool to use, as sharp knives do not tend to slip as dull.


And with that ends our list.

We presented some of the best models the market has to offer and we made sure to include products for any kind of chef or home cook.

So if you think you found the right one for you on this list, all that is left to do is go out and grab one yourself!

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