Best mattress for hip pain in 2021

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If you suffer from hip, back or neck discomfort, you should definitely check out what we think are the 14 best mattresses for hip pain that money can buy!

We know that it can be difficult to find the ideal mattress if you suffer from hip pain. This is an area where pressure points can really keep you awake at night.

We sent our investigation team to find the best that mattress manufacturers have to offer. As it turns out, there are hundreds of mattresses that are said to be orthopedic.

To narrow down the possibilities, we kept a few must-haves in mind. These included a reasonable price, extra support, durable construction and options such as cooling and aeration technology.

If you are looking for a reason to invest in a new mattress, we have 14 of them. Each choice below has been examined to not only be durable and comfortable, but to relieve the pressure point.

We made sure to vet all reviews for authenticity. The result is the 14 amazing mattresses for hip pain below. Read on for everything we discovered about these pain-relieving choices.

See the 13 best mattresses for hip pain below

Buyer’s Guide: Find Your Ideal Mattress For Hip Pain

Hip pain needs more than standard mattresses for spools and padding. While the ideal mattresses for hip pain have both of these, they also have other elements. This can make them more expensive than other options.

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But it does not have to. You can find the perfect mattress without breaking the bank. Here’s what you need to be aware of when buying mattresses.

Choose an orthopedic mattress

While “orthopedic” is not a term that needs official support in this case, it will still mean that the mattress is a cut over. Mattresses labeled orthopedically usually have sufficient firmness to keep the spine aligned.

An incorrectly adjusted spine during sleep can make hip pain worse. Look for the “orthopedic” label or in the product description. As always, check customer reviews to make sure the claim is correct.

Are there mattresses specifically for hip pain?

Not normal. Most orthopedic mattresses are made to address the whole body and do not specifically say that they are for hip pressure points.

But as we have noticed, mattresses with the right support will be gentle on all your pressure areas. These usually include head and neck, shoulders, hips and knees.

Box Spring v. Adjustable mattress

If you have an adjustable bed, make sure the mattress you choose fits it. Some mattresses lose firmness in the bending areas if they are not intended for adjustable beds.

What you are looking for in an adjustable bed mattress is sufficient firmness to support your hips, but also enough “give” to bend when you want them. They should then bounce back into shape and be evenly fixed when adjusted flat.

The mattress manufacturer

There are a few big names in mattresses, but you do not necessarily have to choose one. However, you need to make sure of the manufacturer’s reputation before you buy.

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Make sure there is a warranty, a return policy, and that the manufacturer is easy to reach if there is a problem. Again, you want to check reviews. These may notice the quality of the customer service.

Hard to find sizes

If you have an unusual mattress, such as a Queen Short or Twin XL, there is a mattress out there for you. Orthopedic and hip pain mattresses can often be found in different sizes.

We noticed some options above if you need a springboard.

Should a mattress for hip pain cost more?

We know what you’re thinking –– silly question! In fact, it is easy to think that you “have” to pay more for a mattress that supports your hips and back. After all, many come with cool features like gel-infused memory foam or multiple support layers.

If you think the mattress you are interested in is priced on the high side, bookmark it, but keep looking. Many superior mattresses can be found at surprisingly low prices. This is because mattress technology has come a long way and specialty fibers and foams are easier and cheaper to produce.

Why you should check reviews

Our team thoroughly researched real customer reviews to give you the above options. This is because even beds with similar materials or composition may feel different or last shorter.

Until you have tried your bed, you do not know that it fits well. Be sure to choose a bed that has a sleep sample. These will usually be anywhere from 30 days to three months.

And read, read, read reviews! If they sound artificial or contrived, they probably are. Look for reviews that naturally come from the heart and include both pros and cons. This way you know what qualities you can expect from your mattress.

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People who suffer from chronic hip pain know that a mattress can make the night either heaven on earth or a dreaded task. Your hips support both your lower and upper halves at different times. So they need to be comfortable so you can feel in top shape.

If you have a chronic condition, always ask your doctor which mattress she recommends. She will likely suggest an orthopedic mattress, supportive foam, and possibly gel-infused or aerated materials. These make everyone’s evening more enjoyable.

Our research team was careful to cultivate the specified qualities of each of the mattresses above. Using these plus our buying guide you should be able to find the best mattresses for hip pain. Then simply choose the one that suits your personal needs.

A good mattress can make the whole night better. Do your homework and you are sure to find the right opportunity for you.

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