Best mattress stopper for back pain in 2021

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After spending more than 45 hours researching the best mattress covers for back pain, we are happy to present you with this list of what we believe are the 15 best of the best!

Throws and turns at night with discomfort in the back? Well, you do not need that anymore and with the help of a high quality mattress you will feel more comfortable in bed than you have done for years!

Back pain is a serious problem. Being compressed or lying in an unnatural position at night can make chronic back and neck pain worse. This can mean a lower quality of life and the need for measures such as painkillers.

This is where supportive mattress covers come in. Even if you have a hanging mattress, a good mattress stopper can make sleeping more comfortable than you ever imagined.

Anyone who has spent the night tossing around with discomfort in their back knows the importance of a firm mattress. But bed mattresses can be expensive. Instead, many back pain sufferers choose top-rated mattress covers.

Mattress covers are a layer of foam or other materials that add support and comfort. They are adapted to your bed size so that they also look nice.

Because your health is so important, you want to know exactly what other real users think about their mattress covers. We have put together the following data to help you decide which mattress stopper is best for back pain. Read on for our reviews.

Table of Contents

15 best mattresses for back pain

Mattress Tops Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best mattresses for back pain

A mattress topper is a personal decision. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different materials, mattress thicknesses and brands.

Below we will get started on choosing and using the best mattress cover for back pain.

Which thickness is best?

The thickness you choose will depend in part on how firm your bed mattress is. If your mattress is old, sagging or very soft, you can choose a thicker mattress cover.

According to our research, at least 1 ”thickness is best when it comes to relieving back pain. You can choose up to 4 ”for your mattress cover, while staying within a reasonable price range.

Choice of mattress tops in the right size for back pain

Even the best mattress stopper does not make you feel very comfortable if it slides, slips or if it is shorter than your bed. Some mattress toppers have a size that is slightly smaller than the dimensions of the bed so you can fit your standard sheets over them, but more of a mismatch than this and you may be very uncomfortable at night.

Be sure to buy the right mattress for your bed. If you have an unusual or hard to find size bed, we found a few options above. Check out the reviews to find Short Queen, TwinXL and other sizes.

Type of material

Mattress covers are available in all sorts of different materials. All of our choices above are a form of memory foam.

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Memory foam gets big thumbs up from confirmed reviewers who say it is the absolute best material if you experience back pain at night.

Eco-friendly mattresses: Are they really better?

Many of our products reviewed above are listed as “CertiPUR-US certified.” This means that they are free of certain toxic chemicals that can be found in some foam products.

Most buyers say that they have chosen their mattress cover partly based on the fact that the tops are CertiPUR-US certified. It is an extra step towards your health. Contact the manufacturer if you do not see this information.

Does the brand mean anything?

Believe it or not, we did not have to stick to the most well-known brands to find good mattress covers for back pain. While you want to make sure that the manufacturer and the brand are reputable, do not pay more just because the mattress cover has a familiar name.

What if your new Mattress Tops are “smelly”?

Due to manufacturing processes, many new memory foam tops may initially have a faint industrial odor. This does NOT mean that the tops of your mattress contain harmful chemicals. This simply means that tops need to be rolled out and vented out. This is standard for new memory foam products.

Roll out the tops and let it sit for 24-48 hours, then place the top on your mattress.


We all know that a good night’s sleep can change your day, attitude and vision. If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, it is very important that you make sure that you are supported and comfortable at night.

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Choose the best mattress for back pain and you can keep your original mattress but get much better sleep. That means you do not have to spend hundreds or even thousands on a brand new mattress.

Your sleep is important. Make tonight your best night ever with one of the great choices above, or do your own research and find out what customers are saying about the hundreds of toppers on the market. You will be amazed at how much of a difference a comfortable, painless night’s sleep can make.

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