Best mattress toppers [2021 Update]

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Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam toppers are great options for people who want the extra hug and contour of memory foam. These toppers fit your body more, hold you and provide a more supportive sleep experience. The top of the memory foam also reduces the jump and motion transfer you get from your current mattress.

Latex foam toppers

Latex is another popular option for mattress covers. It offers some of the properties of memory foam, but to a less extreme. That means you get some body knot and contour, but not as much as you get with memory foam. This can help prevent the sinking sensation that some people get when their body lightens in a layer of memory foam. Some people like this feeling, but others find it daunting.

In addition, you can use a latex foam tops to reduce the memory foam effects of a memory foam mattress. Latex produces sharper contours and less hugs. Latex also offers more bounce than memory foam, so a latex topper can be a way to add some spice to your love life while extending the life of your current mattress.


The next thing to consider is how thick of a topper you want. This is an important thing to get right, as the thicker your tops are, the less interaction you get with your actual mattress. If you use a topper to extend the life of an old mattress, a thicker topper will be a good idea. But if you want a topper that enhances the way your mattress feels, then a thinner topper may be the best option.


Firmness is also an important consideration when buying a topper. This is especially true for people who want to change the feel of their bed. After all, if you have a mattress that is too soft, it does not help you much to get a soft topper.

Firmness is also important because it can affect the sink properties of the mattress. A firm topper can help increase mattress life by reducing wear and tear. However, a firm mattress cover can also create awkward sensations when you rest on it, especially if you have a very soft bed.

Similarly, a soft topper is a great way to add a more comfortable layer to a bed. This can help you make a cheap mattress feel like a luxury hotel. As a result, it can be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and throwing more at night to get the firmness right.

Heat regulation

Heat regulation is important. Studies show that people sleep better when they stay cool. Therefore, make sure that any mattress you get helps move the heat away from your body. Cheaper memory foam toppers can actually work to trap air. It increases the amount of heat that remains on your body and can provide an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Try to learn everything you can about the structure of the foam in a mattress cover. Things like gel infusion or outdoor cells are good signs that a mattress cover is helping to lower the amount of heat your bed holds.

Cover over

The cover may not seem like an important aspect of a mattress cover, but it is not. The quality of the cover directly affects how you interact with tops. A scratched cover or an inexpensive cover can lead to tears, making your tops less comfortable. In addition, you will want a cover made of a machine washable material to make your bed nice and fresh as light as possible.


Finally, you need to consider the cost of a mattress cover. Toppers can range from $ 30 to $ 300, so there is a wide range of budget options available. You want to make sure that you spend enough on a top to get the qualities you are looking for, but you also want to make sure that you do not spend too much on tops as you can almost afford a new mattress for the price for some of the higher end mattress covers on the market today.

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