8 Best microwave cart with storage for your perfect kitchen

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 Microwave cart with storage for kitchen with review

Appliances are a fundamental part of kitchen design, yet locating them in the most appropriate place can become a real challenge. The reasons for not finding the perfect place are the most varied, although, on many occasions, they have to do with the lack of planning or the dimensions of a room in the house that must be functional and aesthetically attractive in equal measure.

The microwave is one of those small appliances that frequently colonizes the kitchen. Its contribution to the practicality of the kitchen is indisputable, and it is allowed to reduce the time of food preparation. Its nature as an element that facilitates culinary tasks makes it a practically essential appliance. For this reason, in this book of ideas, we present more than a dozen ideal kitchen furniture to place your microwave.

1. Hodedah Microwave Cart with One Drawer, Two Doors

Best microwave cart with storage

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Hodedah Microwave Oven Basket

Modern and functional, this Hodedah microwave cart is the perfect solution for your kitchen storage needs. The large open space has a microwave in the center, and the top shelf can be used to store a toaster. It has a closed cabinet space with 1 shelf, which allows compact storage of kitchen appliances, pots and pans. It has a drawer for crockery and other small kitchen utensils. Lockable wheels provide easy mobility when needed. It is made of solid wood for strength and durability. This kitchen trolley is available in several finishes. Choose one that matches your existing décor.


Dedicated space for your microwave

This kitchen cart is compact and can even place your toaster on the top shelf. Also, It can be used as a coffee station. Place the coffee maker on the top shelf, store the coffee mugs on the second, and hide the coffee containers, cream, and sugar in a cabinet for a clean look.

Lockable wheels for mobility

Whether you want to move your microwave cart around the kitchen or store its stationery, these lockable casters give you that flexibility. This microwave oven cart is compact and perfect for small spaces that require a little more storage space in your home or office kitchen.

Metal Box Slides

Smooth metal drawers slide with safety stops to prevent drawers from falling out. This drawer is strong enough to support a significant weight of kitchen utensils or small kitchen utensils.

2.Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand 3-Tier+3-Tier

IRONSTONE Kitchen microwave cart

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3-Tier Roomy Storage: Size (35.5W * 15.75 D * 32.67 H) inches, the kitchen shelf has a huge space. The top shelf can accommodate a microwave and other kitchen utensils. 10 small hooks on the sides allow you to conveniently hang some kitchen tools.

    Versatile Kitchen Shelf: This kitchen storage shelf protects your health and safety. It is a great choice to be your kitchen storage shelf, microwave rack, bakery rack, spice organizer and kitchen island.

    Sturdy & Durable Construction: The kitchen standing shelf is made of high quality vintage P2 MDF board and black metal frame. The metal frame provides great load capacity. This kitchen storage provides extra support, stability and durability.

    Quick installation and easy cleaning: the service standing table needs to be assembled by yourself.  Some tools and instructions are included in the kitchen storage package. It is easy to put together with detailed instructions, and a damp cloth can easily wipe a dirty stain off the surface.

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    What you get: Kitchen baking rack, adjustable legs, side hooks, simple instructions and an easy assembly process.

Modern, Simple And Elegant. The perfect storage spice rack for your home, perfect for keeping things in Ship form and saving space in your kitchen.


– Overall size that provides ample storage space.

– With 3-tier + 3-tier set, you can store toaster, spices, utensils and any other things you want.

– Beautiful MDF P2 material, easy to clean, anti-scratch and anti-skid

– The rear X-frame adopts heavy-duty and powder-coated metal materials to ensure stability and durability.

– Five small hooks on both sides allow you to hang some kitchen tools conveniently.

– Modern simple fashion, suitable for all different indoor conditions.

– Can be used as a kitchen rack organizer, shelf, dish organizer, microwave oven stand or other kitchen appliances.

This kitchen bakery creates a classic ambiance and adds more workspace to your kitchen. The 3-tier + 3-tier shelf keeps your microwave, cookware, cutlery and kitchenware close at hand.

With its classic and functional design, the utility room is a must for the living room. Photo frames, lamps, flower vases or any other decorative item can be placed on the countertop for a more impressive look. Bottom shelves are perfect for other items that you need to keep accessible.

The Standing Workstation is the perfect storage solution for all your home office needs. The table top is perfect for storing your printer, and the 2 shelves are great for storing books or magazines, easy to read or store other accessories.

3. IRONCK Industrial Kitchen Cart 3-Tier, Rolling Serving Cart on Wheels with Storage,

Industrial Kitchen cart

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Made of smooth wear-resistant MDF Board, solid metal frame and 2-tier metal mesh shelf. it is both durable and tasteful.

    with universal wheels and fixed foot pads that won’t scratch floor.it it is convenient for you to keep the serving cart in one place or roll it wherever you need.

    Industrial charm-simple but practical, rustic but attractive. Easily complement your home decor. a  modern kitchen cart that adds  easy to your life.

    Easy to install-just assemble the table legs and shelves. A wonderful kitchen serving cart will be completed in just a few minutes; installation drawings and tools are provided.

4.AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart on Wheels, Storage Rack

Rolling Microwave Cart

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AmazonBasics Microwave Kitchen Trolley

Combining convenience with style, the AmazonBasics Microwave Kitchen Trolley quickly creates additional storage space — ideal for small kitchens where space is limited. The trolley keeps frequently used kitchen tools and essentials visible and easily accessible. Crafted from heavy-duty chrome steel and solid wood, the trolley blends in perfectly with the surrounding kitchen decor, both modern and traditional.

Ideal for kitchens, the trolley also works well in dorms, craft workshops, garages, and other spaces that need extra storage space.

Use the four chrome accessory hooks on the side of the trolley to hang pots, pans, cookware, oven mitts and more. The cart also features four wheels that provide smooth maneuverability, making it easy to roll the cart from one place to another. Two wheels lock in place, ensuring that the cart stays in place, right where you want it.

The trolley’s two chrome shelves are easily adjustable in 1-inch increments to create the height you need to store a variety of small or large items. Simply attach the plastic brackets to the four uprights and then lower the shelf into place. The cart is assembled in minimal time — no tools required.

5. YAHEETECH 35.5 inches Microwave Cart Kitchen Shelf Storage Cart 3-Tier


YAHEETECH kitchen Cart

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The kitchen trolley has 6 S-shaped hooks for hanging kitchen spoons, tea towels, etc. They can be detachable for your convenience. There are metal rods on both sides for hanging things. These details are very practical.

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    The utility storage shelf is made of MDF and coated iron. The table top can support up to 40kg / 88.2lb. The middle shelf can weigh up to 18kg / 39.7lbs. The small shelf is capable of 13kg / 28.7lbs, while the wire basket and each S-hook can carry 3kg / 6.6lbs respectively. For safety reasons, please do not overload the shelf.

    the kitchen table rests on a metal frame. To strengthen this kitchen storage shelf, we add two metal strips in the back that are used for the stable side shelf and middle shelf. Robust and stable construction: the kitchen table rests on a metal frame. To strengthen this kitchen storage shelf, we add two metal strips in the back, which are used for the stable side shelf and middle shelf.

This rustic brown kitchen trolley is multi-level to suit your various needs. Various storage shelves and wire basket, it is suitable for your kitchen, living room, office or pantry. You can store groceries, cookware, and other foods, and the countertop is very suitable for placing a microwave.

    There are six footrests along with this industrial kitchen trolley. They are used to protect the floor from scratches and damage. Additionally, threaded footrests are useful for accommodating uneven ground.

6. DlandHome Microwave 3-Tier+3-Tier Cart Stand 35.4 inches Kitchen Baker’s Rack &

DlandHome Microwave 3-Tier

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    With 3 Tier + 3 Tier Set, you can store toaster, spices, utensils and any other things you want; additional metal basket, removable and convenient for kitchen utensils; The sturdy top panel is capable of storing and holding microwave ovens and other kitchen utensils.

    Modern simple fashion, suitable for all different indoor conditions, three small hooks on both sides allow you to hang some cooking tools conveniently. Can be used as kitchen spice rack organizer, shelf, dish organizer, microwave oven stand or other kitchen appliances.

In the past, you may have experienced stress because your home office furniture has been damaged, broken, scratched, or dented. But it won’t even occur to you anymore.

7. VANSPACE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand 4-Tier + 3-Tier

VANSPACE Kitchen Baker

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Sent from CA warehouse, receive your package within 4 ~ 12 days. We try our best to make our product perfect and meet your 100% satisfaction. We are always ready to provide professional customer service and respond within 24 hours before and after your purchase.

 The sturdy top panel can hold a microwave and other kitchen utensils. The 3-tier + 4-tier shelf can store your toaster, spices, plates, dishes, and any other items you want.

The kitchen shelf has a huge space. The kitchen storage shelf keeps your home tidy and tidy. It’s a great choice to Decorate your kitchen with a microwave oven stand, baking rack, spice organizer, or kitchen storage shelf.

The kitchen storage rack is constructed of high quality vintage brown P2 MDF board and black metal frame. The metal frame provides more lifting capacity. “X” style design provides more support and provides stability and durability.

The standing workstation is the perfect storage solution for the office product essential for home office use. The table top can accommodate a laptop, and 2 shelves are great for storing books or magazines, convenient for reading or storing other accessories.

This 4-Tier + 3-Tier Shelf Kitchen Bakery Rack provides a large storage space for your kitchen, you can keep your microwave oven, cookware, cookware and kitchenware close at hand.

The multi-purpose kitchen shelf in trendy vintage style allows you to take any items for daily use as you wish and enjoy a quality life while keeping your living room clean and tidy.

8. sogesfurniture 3-Tier+4-Tier Kitchen Storage Shelf Microwave Stand 35.4 Inches

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This is a great choice to be your kitchen storage shelf, microwave stand, bakery rack, spice organized, kitchen work shelf. With 3-tier + 4-tier set, you can store toaster, spices, utensils, and any other things you want.

Sliding hooks on the side makes it easier to hang your kitchen tools. Metal frame provides more lifting capacity. “X” style design provides stability, durability, and support. The sturdy top panel allows you to store and hold microwave and other kitchen appliances.

Kitchen bakery rack has particle wood with a smooth finish, waterproof and anti-scratch. this kitchen storage shelf protects your health and safety. This High quality metal frame stabilizes the shelf better, supports the heavy weight capacity of kitchen utensils.

Three small hooks on both sides allow you to hang some kitchen tools conveniently. Easy assembly is needed with included tools.

This is a great choice to be your kitchen storage shelf, microwave rack, bakery rack, spice organizer, microwave oven rack, kitchen work shelf, office storage rack.

Factors to consider when buying a kitchen cart

The carts that we have just presented have all the credentials to be considered the best of 2020. But, among all these, which one is the most suitable for you? You are about to find out thanks to this list of the most important factors that you should take into account.

Shelves and compartments

To choose the best cart for you, first think about how you want to use it. If you only need a cart to use in the kitchen, you may need a model that has specific sections to store everything you need.

You may need a bottle rack, fruit basket, cutlery drawers, or cabinet where you can store small appliances or other dishes.

If, on the other hand, you are also thinking of giving it other uses, for example, for the bedroom or living room, perhaps a cart with simple shelves, or at most with drawers or compartments with doors, may be more suitable.


If you intend to put heavier appliances on your kitchen cart, like a microwave oven, make sure the model you want to buy is sturdy enough to support its weight capacity. Consider the size of your cart. If you have little space to place it, you will have to opt for compact carts that have folding tabs.


As for the materials, we recommend that you choose those that are robust and resistant to the humidity of the kitchen, any liquid spill or other harmful circumstances for your car that may occur in this area.


A kitchen cart is made to be easily moved from room to room. For this reason, it is best if it is equipped with 4 swivel wheels, to facilitate movement. Perhaps they should also be covered with materials that have a good grip on any surface, such as rubber. Also make sure there are brakes that allow you to lock the cart or that they are folding wheels that transform the carts into stationary cabinets.


Finally, consider the design of the car. Choose the one that best suits your kitchen in terms of style or colors, so that it looks like an integral element that completes the environment, as well as being functional for its purpose.

Drawers and shelves to always carry with you

The carts not only save space, but they are also components that can help your kitchen have a more welcoming, complete, and warm atmosphere

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