Best Nespresso Coffee Makers – 2021 Reviews

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In terms of form and features, the Nespresso ENV135B is of top quality. The product offers five shades, including red, silver, black, titanium and graphite. It has five different servings that make the ENV135B suitable for large as well as small families.

These servings include Alto Coffee, which can hold about 14 oz, coffee that can hold 8 oz, Gran Lungo, which has the maximum capacity of 5 oz, Double Espresso, which can hold 2.7 oz, and espresso, which has 1.35 oz. storage.

It has a centrifusion extraction technology that uses a capsule to get you a delicious coffee. You only need to put the capsule inside the capsule container at the upper end and close it.

Thanks to the large container that helps you hold the capsule with ease. The technology will rotate the capsule at seven thousand revolutions per minute. Minute and make sure you get the best result.

Apart from this, Nespresso from De’Longhi ENV135B further practices an automatic blend recognition technique that uses barcode to automatically adjust the brewing parameters.

The barcode is located on the capsule and the machine recognizes it by itself, so you do not need to do anything. ENV135B recommends that you keep the settings as standard, so that the brand can automatically give you the result in the form of tasty tea.

Operating the ENV135B Nespresso coffee machine is an effortless task due to its one-touch button. Due to the one-touch setting, this machine requires very little human effort to deliver an appealing coffee.

After a few seconds of preheating, the coffee machine automatically discharges the capsule. In addition to this, it allows you to use two variations of capsule sizes, including a small capsule and a large one.

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You can use the large capsule for coffee, while the small capsule is recommended for espresso. Apart from this, the adjustable bowl support provides three different positions for easy control of different bowl sizes.

The extra large water tank supports the machine to store a maximum of 54 oz of water at a time. It uses a Vertuo capsule system that adds pleasant aromas to your delicious coffee so you can experience the lovely taste and the little one at the same time.

Not only this, the ENV135B machine further allows to enjoy around sixteen brewed coffees with different flavors.

To minimize power consumption, the ENV135B uses a power-saving mode that provides you with a better result at low power consumption. After nine minutes of inactivity, the machine switches off automatically due to the energy saving function.

In addition, when you buy the ENV135B Nespresso coffee machine, you get twelve vertuo capsules as a gift, so you do not have to buy the capsules separately with it.

But if you are looking for a travel-friendly coffee machine, then the ENV135B Nespresso machine is not for you. But it is a perfect device for home and office use.


Intelligent extraction system

Better spin speed

Different serving options

Extraction technology

Power saving device

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