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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is a carpet cleaner designed to clean animal hair, dirt and grime in depth from your carpet. Robust and not so expensive for its options, it is the perfect compromise without renting a professional cleaning machine or calling a professional cleaning company.

This cleaning device is particularly effective in getting rid of pet clutter and getting all hair, odors and stains out. However, it is an investment, but it can change the cleaning routine to the point that pet owners will look forward to it.

Unboxing- Well packed and a breeze to collect.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner comes well packed. The package contains two parts that are pressed tightly together.

While some reviewers struggled to get them out of the box, this prevented them from colliding during transportation.

Additional cleaning tools come in a handy bag. In addition to storing them all in one place in the packaging, the bag is also a good storage solution.

Some reviewers testified that they received used devices. This depends mainly on the dealer, but it is possible and it happened several times.

Therefore, keep an eye on the shape of the carpet cleaner when unpacking it. If you see remnants of dirt, stretch or damaged original box, return it immediately and demand a new item.

The assembly of the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner is quite easy.

Many reviewers reported how surprised they were that the device has only one screw that connects a handle to the body.

The box does not contain any assembly tools, but a standard screwdriver works fine.

Design and maneuverability- Powerful but light

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner feels durable. Easy installation with only two pieces of connection means fewer parts that can fall or wear off over time.

Like many specialized pet hair cleansers, this one highlights the brushes. However, the dual brush system has its shortcomings.

The larger brush is not so useful, with many air leaks and miserable collection of solution. On the other hand, a smaller brush is much better at doing its job and compensating for an entire brush system.

Both brushes tend to clog from time to time, but they are still easy to break off and rinse in the sink. For much faster cleaning, there is an EZ clean brush roller cover that helps get to the brushes in a second.

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner comes with two separate tanks, making them easy to fill and empty after use. One tank is designed for a cleaning solution or water, and the other collects dirt and grime.

Many customers reported that the dirty water tank is too small to clean larger areas and that they had to pause to empty it several times during the cleaning session.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner is light and easy to maneuver around. It may look bulky, but the low nozzle makes it suitable to reach under the furniture.

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The power cord is quite long. However, some reviewers reported that this could be a problem as the power cord holder is not doing its job properly.

Therefore, the unused cord is not secured well enough and continues to fall off.

Also, if you need to cover many stairs, do not rely on a long hose.

Reviewers often complain that it is not even far enough to vacuum this area without having to move the entire vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

Use- Fast and efficient

Once you have set up the vacuum cleaner, it will take you a few minutes to make it work. A clean water tank is easy to fill.

In addition, simply press the button on the handle to activate steam.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner works best in smaller sections – it takes you two rounds of steam spraying to get most of the dirt and animal hair out of the carpet without soaking them.

Reviewers stated that the carpets were left dumped but not wet. However, it takes longer than an advertised hour before they are completely dry.

When it comes to leaking the solution, reviewers reported some minor drips from the brushes. However, you can expect this with any carpet cleaner, as thick shrubs tend to hold on to some liquid.

Overall, this carpet cleaner does not use as much cleaning solution, so you get a wider cleaning area with one tank filling.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner has a strong suction. Combined with brushes, it will loosen carpet fibers and loosen all pet hair in its way, along with hard stains.

For regular cleaning sessions, just hot water will take you far.

For some more stubborn stains and harder to extract waste, reviewers mostly prefer to use some chemical cleaning solution as it saves a lot of time.

The tank keeps the temperature of the water being poured in. This means that you do not have to fill it up with reheated water during the cleaning session.

The disadvantage of heavy suction is that the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner must be cleaned after each use.

If not, it can easily clog, which will cause you to take the entire unit to the parts to clean it.

Customers listed it as an annoying side of using this cleaner as it takes some time to adjust the cleaning sessions.

Parts and accessories A few additions go a long way

As a carpet cleaner specializing in removing pet hair, stains and odors, the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro focuses its tools and features on combating stubborn stains and hair wrapped in thick blankets.

Here is a list of accessories so you can get an overall look:

  • 2-in-1 pet padding tool
  • Sliding slitting tool
  • bare floor tools
  • Snake
  • Stains tool for pets
  • Nozzle cleaning tool
  • 2 bottles of cleaning formula

As you can see, Bissell included a ready-mixed cleaning formula. One is a professional antibacterial pet urine eliminator and the other is specialized pet stain and deodorant.

This is very useful if you are a beginner in carpet cleaning so you can try the device on the ugly stains right away.

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Additional cleaning tools are all designed to help you attack clutter. However, many customers reported that this is not exactly the case.

For example, pet staining tools tend to spray the solution everywhere, including the nearest walls and furniture.

Sliding slitting tools and bare floor tools help gather animal hair from corners and tiles without damaging the floor.

Finally, the nozzle cleaning tool significantly reduces the time you need to clean the unit after use.

All you have to do is snatch the brushes off and come in with a tool to clean unwanted hair and dirt that is stuck in a nozzle.

This cleaner also comes with three cleaning modes – deep cleaning mode to get deep into carpet fibers, a maximum cleaning mode that provides ultimate suction, and the express cleaning mode that dries the surface faster.

Reviewers, however, cannot see the difference between them.

Results- Excellent with room for improvement

Most pet owners praise the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro as the best carpet cleaner they have ever used.

They testify to how it works very quickly. It is able to remove even the older pet stains in just a few swipes.

Many reviewers are also impressed with how well Brissel pet urine eliminatoroxy removes the odor and freshens up the air in their home.

However, there are a few significant complaints. First of all, for a device designed to vacuum pet hair, it clogs easily.

This leads to a time consuming process of loosening the hair from the brushes and cleaning the mouthpiece.

Some customers also reported that it does not absorb nearly as much liquid as it is aware.

They complain that the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro only sucks about 1/3 of the solution back into the dirt tank, leaving carpets to mash more than they had expected.

But for this suction power and these many happy reviews, it is worth some extra time that can take blankets to dry.

You can use some fans or just vent them out by opening the windows to speed up the drying process.

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is great to have in the household with some fur children involved. Its light weight and maneuverability will make it easy to pull it out of the closed almost daily.

It may look bulky, but it still has a nozzle that is slim enough to get under the furniture. It is convenient with wall-to-wall carpets.

Storage- Practical upright design

Since this is an upright device, storing the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is not that big.

Pet owners living in smaller apartments or overcrowded households have noticed that the vacuum cleaner takes up very little space, making it easier to have it on hand.

The Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro does not have many extra cleaning tools, but since there is no space on board them, it can be difficult to keep everything in one place.

But reviewers largely suggest keeping the bag they came in and using it as storage when you need to put them away.

Just make sure you maintain the device properly before storing it away. In addition to cleaning the nozzle, it is important to empty and clean both tanks.

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Reviewers do not complain about the leak, but it does not hurt to stay on the safe side. After rinsing the tanks, make sure that they are properly air-dried to prevent casting.

Price- Middle class

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is a mid-range carpet cleaner. What increases the price is specialized design designed to help pet owners.

Most of the reviewers are more than happy with what they get for their money.

On the other hand, for 190USD, you would expect some more quality material than plastic.

However, all the parts are durable and they do not break off easily.

Bissell also added their cleaning formula and some useful cleaning tools to expand the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning range so it’s worth the money.

Competition- Hoover Smartwash Automatic FH52000

Many reviewers compared the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro to a Hoover Smartwash Automatic FH52000 carpet cleaner.

It is also intended to clean the carpets in depth and remove dirt, harder dirt and animal hair.

It can also detect when to wash and when to dry completely by itself, so there is no steam release.

The reviewers stated that they can use it as easily as the ordinary vacuum and that the automatic solution mixture significantly reduces the cleaning time.

However, the Hoover is over 50USD more expensive than the Bissell model.

Also reviewers complained about the dirt bin. It is significantly smaller than the solution / water, which causes them to pause and empty is much more frequent.

In addition, Hoover users often report bug fixes.

For example, this vacuum tends to completely lose power if the water tank is not completely snapped into place. It’s normal.

However, it often seems that everything is ready and good to go, even if it is not, so it can be frustrating to learn what is wrong with a cleaning assistant.


product name Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner
Product brand Bissell
Price 199.99
Weight 24.4 lbs
Product dimensions 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches
Guarantee 5 years

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