Blendtec vs vitamix blender which is best for your home and kitchen

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 Blendtec vs Vitamix: what is the best blender? – guide  for buying

There are many blenders on the market, but among them all, the rivalry bigger between the Blendtec up vs the Vitamix

These two blenders are very famous because both can be used to prepare smoothies are perfect, but each is characterized by different aspects:

  • Blentec: Blender very popular for preparing smoothies and with a great reputation due to their quality from the factory.
  • Vitamix: Blender very popular for preparing smoothies and also a great reputation due to their quality from the factory.

But here the question is not which one has the best marketing but, what is the best for you so you could prepare smoothies?

Blendtec vs Vitamix


Both the blender Blendtec as the Vitamix are kitchen items with a high price, but its cost is equivalent to its utility. More than a luxury item, these blenders are an investment because they have been shown to have an excellent quality and durability.

But definitely these two blenders are not equal:

view Vitamix blender priceview Blendtec blender price


Offers certified of the classic models start with a price of $279.99 us dollars.

Offers certified beginning with a price of $259.00 us dollars.

The best option

Its certified range offers a 7 year warranty even when you purchase a blender of the classic models for $279.00 us dollars.

Shipping costs

When you compare the costs of shipping the blender Vitamix and the Blendtec the difference in the cost of shipping is minimal and sometimes non-existent.

Now, if you live in the united States, there are promotions that allow you to receive them in the direction that you choose for free when you purchase them.

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie.

Power and Speed

There are many people who prefer the blender Blendtec over the Vitamix because of its power, but in a nutshell both are equally good:


  • Blenders C-series, which includes the model 5200, has an engine with an output of 2 horsepower.
  • The blenders of G-Series has an engine slightly better with a power of 2.2 horsepower.


  • The blenders of the classic series has a motor with a power output of 3 horsepower.
  • The blenders series of designer has a motor with a power of 3.8 horsepower.

It is impossible to tell the difference between 2 horsepower and a 3.8 horsepower at the time of blending foods, especially if you’re only preparing a smoothie.

The amount of horsepower only makes a difference in marketing campaigns, unless you’re looking for is to convert your cell into a powder.

The performance and operation of a blender depends on much more than the horsepower in the engine, you also need to consider:

  • Type of blade
  • Design of the jar of the blender
    • Mechanical parts of the engine.

It is for this reason that at the time you use your blender, your performance is not defined by the amount of watts that it uses, or by the horsepower in your engine. 1500 watts of power are not always better than 1000 watts and 3 horsepower are not always better than 2 horsepower.

Although on paper and in marketing campaigns Blendtect seems to be much better, this is not so, in daily life there is not one better than the other. Its design, the jug blender and the blades make it a tie between Blendtect and Vitamix.


The warranty can make a big difference when deciding what product should be purchased:

Warranty of 7 years.You can purchase an extended warranty for $75.00 us dollars.The items on sale have a warranty of 5 years and also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty for $75.00 us dollars.Warranty of 8 years.The items on offer have a 3-year warranty.

The best option in how Much to Guarantee

  • If you’re buying a new product it is better to acquire Blendtec.
  • If you are buying a product on offer it is best to purchase Vitamix.


Both blenders are items designed for long life in the varied tasks of the kitchen. In a departmental store you can buy them for higher prices to the $100.of us dollars. Both are resistant to breakage, are jugs of blenders-free co-polyester BPA, have stainless steel blades with a foundation designed for a long life.

The two blenders pulverize materials, such as:

  • Ice
  • Frozen fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Cereal grains
  • Coffee beans

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie.


Both are of a standard size of a blender but still each one presents slight differences:

Blenders Blendtec are virtually the same size as any other blender standard, so you need not make extra space in your kitchen. The practical size of the blenders Blendtec is useful in small spaces such as:

Dimensions of the Vitamix

G-Series: This series is the smaller version and wide.

Its compact size allows it to get under most of the cupboards, traditional kitchen.

​Series C: This series is much more high and more size does not allow him to enter under most of the cupboards, traditional kitchen.

Dimensions of the Blendtec

Noticeably lighter than standard blenders Vitamix.

Classic series: This series is the more compact version.

Its size allows you to get under most of the cupboards, traditional kitchen.

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Series of designer

Is slightly higher than the classic series but still this series is compact enough to go under most of the cupboards, traditional kitchen.

Blenders Blendtec are virtually the same size as any other blender standard, so you need not make extra space in your kitchen. The practical size of the blenders Blendtec is useful in small spaces such as:

  • Departments
  • Lofts
  • Motorhomes, among others.

Here, the best option are the blenders Blendtec because of its size and practicality. If you still prefer to gain the blender Vitamix G-Series is an excellent choice because it is the smaller version of the brand.

Jar of the Blender

Both pitchers, blenders, have a capacity of 500 ml, made with a plastic material that is very resistant to physical damage.


The blender Vitamix have the option of purchasing pitchers of blender which are sold separately and are of different sizes and functions:

  • Of 1 to 1.5 liters.
  • Designed especially for grinding grains.

The new blender from the G-series is slightly shorter than other versions besides being wider. The jar standard Vitamix 2 liter capacity, which makes it perfect for preparing almost any food liquefied.

Besides the tamper or pusher, give it a greater speed and versatility at the time to liquefy the food. In the alternative models of blenders series G the use of the tamper is unnecessary, but even so what you can continue using them.


These blenders have many choices of sizes as the jug of 2 liters and 2 liters and a half. In addition they also have a jug specially designed to grind grain and prepare butters from nuts and seeds quickly.

However, the blenders Blendtec that use jars blenders square are not so easy to use and its use can become frustrating. Because of their square shape and that does not include a tamper, or pusher, on some occasions it is necessary to stop the blending cycle to shake the jar manually and continue blending.

It may be necessary to perform this on more than one occasion in using many plants-based foods.

Blendtec has different models of jars with different specifications:

  • Series Blender Classic
    • In the old version of the jar blended with Wildside, it was not possible to liquefy ingredients as common as the frozen strawberries.
    • At the end were large chunks of the ingredients used in the smoothies.
  • Series of Designer
    • In the new version of the jug blender, Wildside is no longer necessary to use a tamper due to its wide base.
    • The blenders have a new cycle to liquefy smoothies that improved, that performs a job more uniform blend.

Here, the best option are the blenders Vitamix because of its superiority in versatility and speed of the blender and jars in comparison with the blenders Blendtec.

Base of the Blender – With-Buttons vs. With Disk vs. Touch

Most of the blenders Vitamix come with a switch and an interface by rotating the speed control which allows you to more:

  • Precision.
  • Manual Control.

One aspect to consider is that the switches and the turntable interface, in comparison with the buttons, can make it difficult to clean the base of the blender.

The new blender Vitamix 780 has a base with a touch interface that gives you advantage over the others because:

  • It is very easy to clean.
  • You can pre-program the cycle liquefied before you liquefy.
  • The controls are highly sensitive to the touch.
    • You can slide your finger up or down to control the speed of the blender manually.

Blenders the series of designer Blendtec also features a touchscreen interface, which makes it in a blender free of buttons. To make it work, guide you on the board with icons illuminated in the base:

  • Buttons
    • Cycles smoothie.
    • On and off.
  • Sidebar
    • Increase or decrease the speed of the beating heart by swiping your finger.

The control panel of this blender not only is it functional and easy to clean but also it is accurate and responds very well to the touch.

However, the classic series by Blendtec even includes buttons on the base.

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie because both the blenders Vitamix as the Blendtec come with versions:

  • Touch–accurate.
  • Buttons–easy to clean.
  • Turntable interface (disk)–more manual control.

Cycles Pre-programmed Mixing

Regardless of the brand, not all blenders are equipped with cycles pre-programmed and not all the cycles are pre-programmed are the same:

Some models feature cycles pre-programmed.The line of blenders from the C series, the series 6300 and professional series 500-count with 3 cycles pre-programmed, including:Shakes or smoothies.The next generation of blenders in the G-series, the professional series model 750 and model 780, they will be provided with 5 cycles pre-programmed including:Shakes or smoothies.Self-cleaningThe blender from the classic series model 575 already has 4 cycles pre-programmed:Shakes or smoothiesSelf-cleaningBlend for 60 seconds.Blend for 90 seconds.The model 560 from the classic series has no cycle, pre-programmed.The blender Blender Total with 6 cycles pre-programmed.The series of designer model 625 with 4 cycles pre-programmed and the models 675 and 725 have 6 cycles pre-programmed.

The Tamper or Pusher

Absolutely all blenders Vitamix come with a tamper or pusher, that you can use to push the ingredients that you’re going to liquify towards the blade.

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This is an excellent tool very useful when preparing shakes or smoothies because many times the ingredients are not mixed properly, ending up with large chunks floating everywhere.

The tamper is especially useful when used within the ingredients nuts, seeds, and ice cream or prepare a smoothie great.

Uses of Tamper

This tool also helps you to use less water (sometimes even no water) and this allows the end product is more dense, a very desirable feature in:

  • Shakes or smoothies.
  • Sauces.
  • Soups.
  • Creams.

Sizes of the Tamper

There are different sizes and designs of pushers which depend very much on the type of pitcher that you use in your blender, the most common are:

  • Long (classic)–useful in blenders high.
  • Short–useful in blenders small.
  • Widths–useful in blenders with a wide base.

Although the use of the tamper is unnecessary to prepare your shakes definitely facilitates your preparation and improve its quality.

None of the blenders Blendtec come with a tamper, but the blenders that are used are designed to not need a temper as:

  • The jar is square.
  • The blade is straight.

This is especially true when you use the jar Wildside that allows you to add as many ingredients you like without having to worry about if all are or not mixed properly, your result will be a homogeneous mixture with a consistency thick and creamy.

However, not all the jar’s Blendtec will give you the same results, as for example the jar first.

When you use the jar first, you must pay a lot of attention not to add many ingredients as they can get stuck so you must manually, with a spoon, remove a bit of what is inside.

Here, the best option are the blenders Vitamix that because of the use of the tamper will avoid you to feel the frustration of being shaking and stirring the ingredients put in the blender because this simply can no longer be liquefied.

The Noise

The blenders Vitamix are noticeably less noisy than the Blendtec the use of its speeds, even in the most high. This difference is even more obvious with the alternative models Vitamix Model (780), compared to the new models Blendtect (Range of Designer).

However, although the blenders Blendtec are more noisy in comparison with the Vitamix, this does not mean that they are exaggerated and unbearably noisy.

The sound of the blenders Blendtec emit is something more subtle than other blenders traditional as the Cuisinart, and will offer much better results than a blender traditional.

To prepare a smoothie with the blender Vitamix, you’ll not only have less noise but also it will take less time thanks to the tamper. It is for this reason that blenders Vitamix are considered to be much less noisy.

Here, the best option are the blenders Vitamix, because the noise is much lower, and thanks to the use of the tamper, the time necessary to perform the shakes is also much lower.


Both blenders Vitamix as the Blendtec are easy to clean, you just need to:

  • First option: Add to the jug a little bit of hot water and liquid soap, then blend for 30 seconds.
  • Second option: Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

But besides this, there are minor differences between the two when cleaning them it is.


The models 750 and 780 have a cycle pre-programmed self-cleaning. Although your cleaning is relatively easy, the pitchers classic high can be a little tricky to clean, especially in the part of the blades.

The new models of blenders Vitamix come with jars are smaller, so that cleaning the jug is not a problem anymore. However, the buttons and the discs that are found in most blenders Vitamix hinder the cleaning of the base.

Although this is not a problem in the model 5200. In this case, the best option are the blenders Blendtec, by which, generally speaking, their cleaning is much easier than in most of the model’s Vitamix.


The series of designer features with a duty cycle pre-programmed self-cleaning.

The straight design of the blade facilitates the cleaning of the jar and the blade, this is especially important because it is not possible to remove the blade. In addition, the square design of the jar makes it easier to remove remains of food after its use. As a further detail, the cleaning of the base of the blender is very simple because of their touch controls.


There is a big difference when you compare the blades of the blenders Vitamix and the Blendtec:

  • The knife of blenders Vitamix are the traditional 4 blades very sharp.
    • Its sharp cutting blades can be dangerous at a time to clean the blender inside.
  • The blade of the Blendtec blade is a simple, straight, and dull.
    • Your blade is dull, allows you to touch it without risk, which facilitates its cleaning.

Do you Blenders High Speed you Need Sharp cutting Blades?

No blender, high speed, neither the Vitamix nor the Blendtec, require sharp cutting blades since in their high-speed in reality do not need them. The blades with the time they lose their edge, which affects  in the final results obtained by the dependence on that, is not a good idea.

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In fact, if you want your blender you of excellent results over the years,  you should not depend on how sharp is the blade.A blade that rotate with great force at high speeds is all you need for the ingredients are fully mixed.

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie, though strictly , the cleaning of a dull blade can be much more secure for you.

Color and Design

When we talk of style is definitely the blenders Vitamix, especially the classic model 5200, you have everything and your image shows a lot of elegance. And the new generations of blenders Vitamix (series G) despite being much smaller and wide-set, continue to represent elegance, with a design much more futuristic, in particular the Vitamix 780.

Blenders Blendtec series of designer are much more streamlined with an ultra-modern design. Although the classic series from Blendtec has a sleek design very similar to that of blenders Vitamix besides this, one of the key features of blenders Blendtec is the base illuminated with touch control.

The colors available in the blenders Vitamix as in the Blendtec are:

However, when the variety of colors it comes, the Blendtec are the best option because besides the colors mentioned above also feature:

  • White polar
  • Granada
  • Sea foam
  • Orchid
  • Grey
  • Champagne
  • Dark opaque
  • Green Chartreuse

These colors depend on the model of the blender Blendtec in question, but it’s definitely something that you can not argue is that the contrast between the variety of colors between a mark and another is overwhelming.

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie because both have a sleek appearance, although strictly  Blendtec has a range much bigger of colors to select.

Information Available on-Line


Blenders Blendtec became very popular on the Internet due to the marketing campaign on YouTube called “Will It Blend”. In this marketing campaign you can appreciate as liquefy such amazing things ranging from golf balls to watches, a tablet and an iPhone.

In addition, recently, you can also find a great number of recipes available on their website and on their YouTube channel:



There is a sizeable amount of information available on the web that you can find in different places:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Pages, kitchen

There is a large amount of information available on the web that you can find in different places:

The colors available in the blenders Vitamix as in the Blendtec are:

  • Recipes with
    • Nutritional information
    • Content with specific ingredients
    • Recipes of the type
      • Vegetarian
      • Vegan
      • Food for babies
      • Shakes or smoothies
      • With raw ingredients.

In addition in the official website of Vitamix, you will also find a section with a large amount of healthy recipes:


Here, the best option is definitely the Vitamix. Although this is not a major criterion for selecting a blender, the only thing that reflects is that the community on the internet preferred and/or used Vitamix better than Blendtec.


Although both blenders Vitamix as the Blendtec do a wonderful job in preparing shakes and smoothies, traditional, performance is not necessarily the same.

The smoothies traditional contain ingredients that are relatively easy to liquefy as:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Snow cone (crushed ice)
  • Cereals
  • Ice cubes
  • Food powder (protein, milk, oats, etc.)
  • Liquids (water, tea, coffee, milk, juices, etc.)

However when it comes to add ingredients outside of what is common to smoothies, the Vitamix has a performance much better.

Some unusual ingredients that you can add to your smoothies are:

  • Ice cream
  • Nutmeats
  • Creams seeds
  • Frozen fruits
  • Frozen vegetables

Here, the best option is Vitamix as it has a performance slightly better when mixing the ingredients.

Buying guides for Blenders

  • Ninja Professional Blender: Review and Buying Guide
  • The Best Blenders Professional: Buying Guide And Comparison
  • Nutribullet VS Ninja: Comparison And Buying Guide
  • Best Blenders Glass, 2017 – The Definitive Guide To Buying

Made in the united States

Both the blenders of Vitamix as the Blendtec are designed and developed in the united States and that really means that:

  • Most of the blenders made in the united States.
  • Some parts of the blenders from other parts outside of the United States.

Vitamix clearly specifies that its blenders are made with a minimum content of 70% in the united States.

While Blendtec does not specify the percentage of pieces from each place.

Here, there is not a better option, it’s a tie since both have been shown to work properly in addition they come with a factory warranty in case of damage.

What is the Best Blender?

There is not a single answer to this question, because it depends on what you consider most suitable for your needs. In reality this topic has been discussed many times in forums and different pages of the internet, but the answer is not so simple.

It is like choosing between a Mac or a PC, Android or iPhone, between Nikon or Canon, each one has its advantages. And basically the people who choose Blendtec will love your blender as much as the people who choose Vitamix.

What really matters is that you prepare a delicious smoothie of outstanding quality and creamy consistency with the ingredients that you want. If you are still not clear to you what is best for you, maybe you should pay more attention to the points we made during the entire article so that you can make a better decision:

  • Design
  • Color
  • Noise
  • Dimensions
  • Type of base
  • Cycles pre-programmed
  • Whether with tamper (pusher)
  • Factory warranty
  • Type of Blade
  • Cost
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Shipping costs
  • Durability
  • Type of jug

Regardless of which blender you buy, Vitamix or Blendtec, you probably won’t be disappointed with their results as both are the best of its kind.

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