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2021-02-17 19:01:00

Ring just added another tool to the way people control the security of their homes with its doorbells, cameras and alarms. A new feature called Geofence will move some actions, such as Connecting a security system or pausing motion messages in automatic mode – so people do not have to activate these options every time they leave the house or come home.

Geofence is free for all users – and does not require a subscription to Ring’s plans. Ring users must register their mobile device with Geofence, but from there they will be able to activate the feature right from the Ring app.

The feature basically involves setting up a virtual perimeter around a home or space. When a ring user crosses this perimeter – whether they come home or leave home – these actions will automatically come into play.

Ring VGeofence automatically asks you if you want to activate or deactivate your security system when it detects that you have left or arrived at homeRing

Ring V

There are two main functions. The first is a reminder of arm or disarmament. This is a push notification that asks a Ring Video Doorbell, Camera or Alarm user if they want to enable or disable their system.

The second feature is one that automatically interrupts any movement notification from a Ring Video Doorbell, including the new $ 59.99 Ring Video Doorbell Wired, which starts shipping today. And it also works with a ring security camera if the user is detected at home.

Ring recently added additional features last week called Smart Responses, which include being able to get Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to answer and ask questions from visitors at the front door. However, this feature requires a subscription to the Rings Protect Plan, unlike Geofence, which is available to all Ring users.

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