Can I Sell Kitchen Knives on eBay? (A 2021 guide)

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Deciding if you can sell your kitchen knives on eBay depends on several factors.

Selling knives on this platform can be incredibly profitable, especially if you are able to find the right buyers for your products.

So you can sell kitchen magazines on eBay?

Yes, you can, but there are a few restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to selling your products on the platform.

eBay is crowded with different kinds of wings from different manufacturers, brands, models and sizes.

As such, you are sure to get a clear market for your products on this platform. The United States and Europe are the leading markets for blades and knife assemblies sold through the site.

What magazines are you allowed to sell on eBay?


While the site allows you to sell your knives through the platform, there are a few provisions about the ones you can sell and the ones you can’t.

Before you place an ad on the make and model of your product that you want to sell through the site, make sure it is not one of the prohibited types. Otherwise, the site will mark and remove your listing.

Here are the types you can sell on eBay:

  1. Tactical daggers
  2. Kitchen knives
  3. Throw knives
  4. Butterfly knives that cannot be sharpened
  5. Spring-assisted knives
  6. Training / throwing of knives that are not sharp enough to pierce the body
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Types that are prohibited from selling on the platform include:

  1. Automatic knives
  2. Butterfly knives that can be sharpened
  3. Dual-action knives
  4. Gravity knives
  5. Hidden / disguised knives
  6. Push knives
  7. Sword sticks
  8. Shift blades

eBay’s knife sales policy

Knives are considered to be weapons in most parts of the globe, and there are therefore strict state, federal and international laws and regulations that prohibit / restrict the sale of these products. For the permitted knives and related accessories, sellers require to follow these regulations fully.

eBay has that sellers of knives, whether kitchen magazines or otherwise need to follow these policies. Any violation of the policies may result in the removal of the list as well as restrictions on the user’s sale and purchase rights. It can also result in the suspension of your account.

How do you sell?

Once you have reviewed the site’s kitchen knife sales policy on the platform and are sure you are not violating any of the regulations, the next thing you need to do is list them for sale.

Since you are probably selling used kitchen leaves, it is recommended to prepare your products for sale. If they need a few repairs to reinforce or straighten the handles, perform these repairs before taking pictures of them.

If you are not sure of the exact amount you need to enter them for, you can search the site for the average cost of similar wings. This makes it easy for you to set a reasonable and competitive price for your products.

When noting your kitchen sheets, it is recommended that you upload as many photos as you want. This will make it easy for the listing to look attractive and compelling to potential buyers.

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Once you have found a buyer for your blade, the next thing you need to do is pack the knife for shipping. Pack them securely in a container that provides ultimate protection and safety from cuts and other types of damage.

Use two protective layers when packing the knife and use filler such as Peanuts or other suitable material. The gasket filler prevents the blade from moving during handling or transit.

Your kitchen leaf should only be sent in the safest position and possible packing. This goes a long way in ensuring that you increase the security of both the handling and your customer’s security.

Tips for getting the best value for your listings

Ideally, selling your knives this way will not give you a fortune. Still, you should strive to get the best value from your products.

The first thing you need to do when you want to pick the best amount for your kitchen sheets is to cut the knives before you sell. Most people will probably pay a good amount of money for well-maintained knives that still come to life in them.

Second, do not overprice. The easiest way to scare potential buyers is to overprice your products. Instead, list them within the market price range.

If possible, you can add accessories such as a knife block or a steel grinder to make your products stand out from the other knives on the platform.


eBay and other online platforms allow you to market your products to millions of people across the globe. When planning to relieve your kitchen sheets, it is a good idea to list them on this platform to earn a good amount of cash.

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