Can You Slice a Bullet with a Sword? The REAL

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One of the most anticipated weapons conflicts in history is between a sword and a bullet.

No one can deny the power of the gun star (or fire).

While these are not as advantageous in close fights, it has been proven throughout history that the side that carried this weapon had more chances of winning than the one that carried knives.

However, one question still remains: Can a snail be cut with ground steel?

The easy answer is yes! A bullet can be sliced ​​using a sword. In fact, any sharp enough object can cut a ball in half because the latter, which is made of lead, is softer than the former, which is made of steel.

Believe it or not, an experiment was conducted to see if a bread knife can split a pill in two, and it did!

The beauty and elegance of an ancient weapon

Can You Slice a Bullet with a Sword

One of the first tools that man has ever invented is a sharpened element that can be used to create, harvest, build and eat.

Dating back over two million years, this has evolved into one of the most important instruments of survival – the sword.

Longer, heavier and scarier than a knife, it is said to have evolved from a dagger in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

It was not until the Middle Ages that long words became more popular.

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Designs vary from continent to continent.

• Europeans had a long, narrow blade tapered to a sharp tip and a wide transverse screen that divided the blade and handle.

Indian Khandas are like a long, narrow rectangle and are double-edged.

• Scimitars in the African and Persian regions are curved almost like the letter C.

The forerunner of the Japanese Katana is also curved, but only very light. This has a small cross protection – just enough to protect your fingers from slipping against the extremely sharp and hard steel.

These are just a few. Other regions of the world had their own unique designs.

What this section of the article tries to point out is that the sword has been the must-have weapon for millions of years.

It was only fully replaced by firearms during World War I.

The deadly power of the pistol

Gunpowder was invented in China in the 9th century.

Thanks to the Silk Road, this technology began to spread around the world.

The rest of Asia knew about it in the 12th century. Europe got the news in the 13th century.

Soon, different countries began to develop a weapon that uses this explosive black powder.

And with that, found many ways on how to improve the first handguns made. Three main features were similar among most of these:

• The barrel must be made of metal,

Gunpowder must have a high nitrate content and

• A projectile must be stuck inside the muzzle so that it can be propelled with more force.

All of these upgrades led them to an important weapon: the cannon.

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But soon they made several improvements, leading to a smaller weapon that can be held by one person: the musket.

The subsequent development of this invention was just as amazing: people can shoot multiple rounds in one cartridge!

By World War I, soldiers stopped carrying the sword. And it wasn’t just because it no longer worked so well against rifles.

Officers stopped tying this around their belts because it was a safe way to get shot.

The need for both armor

However, they still rely on a sharpened tool just in case things go wrong.

The bayonet became part of a soldier’s equipment.

This is attached to the end of a rifle if one’s ammunition is depleted and hand-to-hand combat is the last option.

Once the blade is attached, firearms are practically a sword.

To this day, many armies around the world still give this to their soldiers.

Even modern assault rifles still have the hatch to secure the blade.

The story of the 20th century samurai

We know that a bullet can be cut in half with a boring grease spreader mounted several meters away from a sniper.

But can this be done by an actual person holding a sword and cutting a bullet to prevent it from hitting him?

Many will be surprised to know that the answer here is very possibly.

In 2011, Isao Machii tried it with a pill that measures a few millimeters wide.

If he was able to nod something so small, something very difficult to see flying in the air, he would probably have better chances with something bigger.

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But what will win in battle?

A sword can cut a bullet.

There are, of course, other factors to consider.

What is the cape made of? How big is it? What steel was used for the blade? How thick is it? How sharp?

But in general it can.

Then again, when it comes to actual combat, the gun will still win.

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