Can You Slice Ham in a Food Processor? The REAL

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No one can deny that preparing meals is extremely labor intensive.

Even the simplest grilled cheese sandwich paired with lumpy tomato soup, when all is done from scratch, can take an entire hour.

Fortunately, some inventions make all of our kitchen tasks faster and easier.

One of these, the food processor, is without a doubt one of man’s greatest creations.

It can do so many things – mix deep, grind meat, slice and dice fruits and vegetables, shredded cheese, make a dough and knead it a little just to name a few.

There is a question that always arises: can ham be sliced ​​in it?

Technically, you can slice ham in a food processor. One of the disc brackets has a regular blade that can be used for cutting.

Most machines come with a blade that has a distance of 2 mm, which creates 2 mm thick discs. All you have to do is feed a few frozen pieces of the cooked meat into the gutter and gently poke it down with the pusher while the machine is on.

But the better question to ask is: should you cut any cold cuts in it?

What you get when you slice ham in the food processor

Can You Slice Ham in a Food Processor

1. You have chilled pieces

When slicing meat in this machine – whether it is raw, hardened and smoked or cooked – it is best to freeze it first.

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This places your meat in the freezer for a maximum of 20 minutes so that it is firmer, ergo, easier to cut.

This trick is also advisable even for those with mini delicacies.

If you do not like cold cuts, you can always reheat them in a pan or oven before slamming them on a sandwich.

2. It is really thin and relatively small

You can not mount a whole ham in a food processor.

Therefore, it is necessary to divide it into a piece that can be easily pushed into the feeding tube.

As mentioned, the blade in the disc attachment measures at least 2 inches long (depending on the size of the machine) and has a distance of 2 mm.

With this, your discs measure at least 2 inches in diameter and 2 mm thick.

3. You have other optionshowever … (and that’s good news!)

The great thing about this appliance is that you can make so many other recipes with it.

For example, instead of cutting the meat, you can shred it instead.

Do the same with a little onion and carrot, add mayo and mustard to the mixture you have in the container and you have spread the ham sandwich!

If you are imaginative enough, your possibilities are almost endless.

Mandolin can do a better job

Some people frown on this practice, but when you think about it, it is possible to cut cooked meat on a mandolin.

It is better than the food processor in this particular task because the blade is longer so you can run larger plates of ham.

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However, you should still freeze the meat so that the mandolin does not shred it into split pieces.

The knife is still the best option

To be honest, a deli slicer works best. But not everyone has this at home, so the next best thing is the versatile and very effective knife.

While not everyone can make these incredibly thin and even cuts like professional chefs or deli servers, you can follow these great tips to get that close:

1. Use the right knife.

A coke knife does well, but if you have it, go for a cutter.

The longer, narrower leaf and thin spine go through an entire ham at once instead of the lashing motion.

2. Sharpen your knife. Cut it before use.

A blunt blade will ruin your meat – even the few frozen ones. If you are not proficient with a whetstone and a strap, take your knives to the experts.

Sharpening your knife with a metal rod straightens the edge so you get the uniform cuts.

Do this just before cutting anything, especially meat.

3. Take a cutting fork.

Aside from stabilizing your food on the cutting board, this can be used as your guide to cutting the meat plate thin.

Let the knife do its job.

Cutting should not require force. It is a bad idea to force your knife into the meat.

If your blade has been sanded properly and polished, it will cut through the ham without you putting on too much.

The food processor is still a must-have

If you do not have a food processor yet, treat yourself and get a good one.

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Slicing ham in it may not be the best thing to do – many professionals will tell you that it is still better to perform this task with the good old chef or carving knife.

However, you can do so many other things with this amazing device.

You will not regret this decision.

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