Can You Slice Ham On A Mandolin? The REAL Answer

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Do you own a mandolin?

If you do, good job! Your cutting board tasks must have been greatly reduced.

If not, get one ASAP.

This amazing slice is a must-have because it can give you thin, smooth pieces of fruits, vegetables and even cheese without worrying about accidentally nodding your fingers and a half.

To be honest, very few can match the efficiency that this tool can provide.

But there is one thing that would be difficult to cut here: meat.

Still weird: Can ham be sliced ​​on a mandolin?

It is possible to cut ham on a mandolin, mainly because this smart gadget has a sharp blade that can cut most foods. However, taking the usual 5 pounds of hardened, smoked and baked ham on this tool would be a challenge, mainly due to its size.

Cutting this piece of meat with an ordinary coke knife would still be the best way to go.

A very important lesson that new home cooks need to learn is that very few kitchen utensils are versatile.

One of these is the millennial knife.

The rest of the ones we use in the kitchen – whether mechanical or electrical – are made for very specific jobs.

The more we welcome this perception, the less stress we will feel.

Mandolin is one of these.

The real job of the mandolin

can you slice ham on a mandolin

The prototype of this device was brought to life by the same person who invented the guillotine.

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Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin assembled two steel surfaces, set it parallel to each other, and encapsulated it in wood. He then named it after his ex-girlfriend, Mandy.

The first steel surface is sanded on one edge.

The second steel surface – the one below the first – can be adjusted using a button on the side to get close to the first.

This is what sets the thickness of the cuts.

To cut, simply push the fruit or vegetable onto the second steel surface until it reaches the first.

The sliced ​​piece is deposited under the unit.

21st century models still use the same concept, but improvements have been made.
The most obvious is the security feature:

• A holder is included. This holds the food, preventing damage that can be caused by food slipping.

• Most brands come with a stand or a stabilizing container so you do not hold the mandolin with one hand and the vegetable in the other.

Modern variants also come with several attachments that can do more than just cut fruits and vegetables into slices.

• Juliennes

• Curly

• Waffles

• Matches

• Strips

But read all the printed manuals that are inserted in the box and you will not find tips on how to slice meat.

This is very obvious because this device is not made for that particular food.

That wonder that is the knife

A high-quality sharpened knife and a well-cut knife are still the best tool for all your cutting and slicing needs.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to acquire the skills of pro chefs when slicing ham.

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But with the right tips and a whole lot of patient practice, you will be able to cut the beautiful ham in front of your guests over Thanksgiving.

An ordinary chef’s knife does the job, but a cut or cut of a knife is your best chance.

These knives are long and narrow with sharp straight edges that are good for a solid downward movement instead of sawing through the flesh.

Make sure these are sharp. Blunt knives will ruin your meat and your entire dinner party.

• A cutting fork is a must-have
This helps you with three things: stabilize and stabilize the meat so you can make thin, straight pieces and serve the food.

Cut two or three slices on the widest side of ham to create a base.
Turn it so that it is at the bottom that acts as a stabilizer, then start cutting from one side.

• Cut only what is needed. You do not want this delicious plate of meat to become dry and inedible in a few hours – that’s exactly what will happen if you cut it all at once.

The possibility of using a mandolin for slicing ham

As mentioned, it is possible to slice ham with a mandolin. To do this as an experiment, pay attention to the following tips.

• First cut a piece of ham.

• The best piece you can get here are extremely thin slices that you can use for stirring or short bacon strips.
Going for something thicker than that will ruin your meat or your mandolin.

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Pair freezing is still a must.

• Cut your meat into smaller pieces – something the holder can handle.

• Do not push the holder with the meat plate down too hard. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Wash your mandolin thoroughly after using meat on it.

Unless you have one specifically for meat, you will not want Salmonella and E-Coli to spread to your fruits and vegetables.

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