Can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors?

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Human nature tends to love versatility. It prefers things that can do more things compared to things that only have one expertise. Especially in cases where they have to spend a large amount on a product. Take a cleaning machine as an example. No matter what type of flooring we install, there are generally two or more types. If it is hardwood, it will have carpets everywhere and the bathrooms and kitchen will have tile, vinyl or mosaic and carpets. Let’s keep wood floors and carpets aside and bring an affordable floor type to the forefront, tile floors say. Even then, there will be carpets everywhere as floor protectors.

So the point is often that cleaning two or more types of floors gets tough as it requires two completely different kinds of tools and cleaning products. The carpet and tile floors are like chalk and cheese. One is the hard surface, the other delicate, soft. So it is no rocket science that both will require a completely different type of cleaning machine.

Who needs a cleaning machine

When it comes to choosing the type of flooring to decide which ones to use a cleaning machine, it is always carpets that win. No one needs cleaning machines to clean the tile floor when it is the most comfortable floor that only needs plain hot water for mopping and maintenance. On the other hand, you have blankets. They are too expensive and cushy to not handle them fine. But they stain easily. In addition, they can not handle harsh chemicals and they get dirt down into the innermost part of the fabric. Dirt seeps into the carpet where you can never reach manually.

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So a cleaning machine is needed unless you are ready to hire a carpet cleaning service, which by the way is unnecessary when you can invest in a carpet cleaner in a smaller way and the machine does not even provide one-time service. So you are happy to clean your beautiful tile floor with warm water and at best add vinegar and dish soap when it requires thorough cleaning and you have purchased a cleaning machine to clean the carpets and provide optimal maintenance of the expensive units.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors?

Now, one fine day, you start operating the carpet cleaner. And the more you push the detergent and remove foam and dirt, the more you realize that it cleans so thoroughly and quickly. Cleaning the tile floor with a stickmop is a difficult job for you when comparing. So you ask yourself, why not use it on the tile floor? The next thing is you are wondering you can use a carpet cleaner on tile floors and pretty much decide here and there that let’s turn this expensive carpet cleaning machine into a two-in-one carpet cum tile floor cleaning machine and satisfy the frugal mind.

That’s a no

The fact is, though, that you should never use a carpet cleaner to clean hard floors. Yes, there are cleaner machines that clean both. But these are real two-in-one versatile machines designed to clean both tiles and carpets. A machine designed for carpet cleaning can never be a machine for cleaning tiles. And there is only one reason for that. To make you understand that reason, let’s talk a little about a carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaner

A carpet cleaner is a regular cleaning machine that looks like a stick mop that releases cleaning solution, sprays hot water on the carpet and scrubs it thoroughly. Then the mechanism works against extracting and sucking the foam and sending it to the dirty water tank. Since the rug is airy and soft and needs to be cleaned deeper into the fabrics, the mop head has sharp brushes and sometimes it is metal. The sharp brushes clean the carpet thoroughly and reach and move every fabric on the carpet, but the same brushes leave scratches and some that can be undone on your tile floor due to its sharpness. Therefore, if you do not want to make your glossy tile floor into a surface full of scratches, avoid using a carpet cleaner on tile floors. It is made for cleaning carpets, so keep it that way.

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Carpet cleaners that are safe on tile floors

Now let’s get to the carpet cleaners that can be used on the tile floor safely. Carpet cleaners that have no metal components under and around the mop head area and scrub the carpets only with soft brushes can be safe on tile floors. Hoover, Bissell and a few more popular brands manufacture carpet cleaners that you can use to clean both carpets and tile floors. But no matter how well-made these cleaning machines are, do not make them a common tool for cleaning your tile floors.

Heads Up

Tile floors require frequent cleaning and these machines, even with the soft brushes, will damage your floor. When your tile floor requires thorough cleaning or while leaning the carpets rather than changing products, continue to wash the carpets and dry the floor with the same detergent. Otherwise, use a conventional stickmop on regular days.

The second best option for tile floors

Therefore, if not a carpet cleaner, what is the best way to clean a tile floor without losing its glossy feel? We say with a Swiffer Sweeper stick mop. The dry microfiber pads and wet pads work effectively to clean the most sticky mess and absorb and lock dirt in them until you throw them away. The absorbed dirt does not even spread on the surface.

The essential cleaning products for tiles

If not, you already have your regular beach mop and bucket. Take a liter of warm water, add a cup of vinegar and regularly clean your tile floor. Do not forget to do thorough dusting before drying, and even on the days you do not mop. To remove dirt and sticky clutter, use a sponge or soft scrubbing pad and dish soap and rub the attached oily dirt and grime until it is removed. In any case, the smooth tile surface does not allow dirt to adhere so badly to it. So it is super easy to clean.

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It is always excellent and practical to ensure the full potential of a product, but things made for a particular task should always be avoided to apply to other things or at least need to ensure minimal use. So let’s end the topic this way. Cleaning a tile floor with your expensive tile floor has nothing to do with using the machine to its full potential. If it cleans your carpet thoroughly, it is already a good machine. Avoid using it on tile floors, reduce machine life and damage tiles.

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