Cleaning and maintenance activities you need once a year

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Every machine needs regular maintenance as its design is not as efficient as the living thing. Your house is something similar and this maintenance and cleaning list will reward it.

Someone out there said that ‘cleanliness makes it easier to see the details’. So with expensive paper crafts to adorn your home interior, it is important to let other people see it clearly without blocking cobwebs and dust.

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Second comes maintenance or minor seasonal repairs. Luminaires and mechanisms inside and outside the house, such as gutters and plumbing fixtures inside the house also need a bit of touch up. Wood, metal, plastic and all other interior design, including, are affected by weather and conditions of use. The average loner only repairs the joints of the pane when they start to shake off. However, most of us who have owned our homes have people to host and live in a comfortable place with our loved ones. Therefore, both the cleaning and maintenance activities and their benefits for the house that you need every six months and every year are listed below.

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Things to take care of every six months

Check the drains and clean the taps

Look around the drains on your kitchen sink, sink, bathtub drain and bathroom drain. If they appear to be clogged with soap waste, or if the general hair falls out, clean it up. You can immediately put drain-blocking substances available from the shelf, or you can drop a cube of frozen vinegar down there to clean the dirt accumulation.

Faucets, shower fittings and faucets for faucet screws must be checked every three to four months. Doing so gives you an idea of ​​the mineral deposit on faucets and faucets that need to be cleaned regularly to allow free flowing water. It not only makes faucets and faucets look clean, but also makes sure that there is no accumulation of rust on the plumbing fixtures. Bacteria that germinate on faucets and faucets are also cleaned with proper detergent. If you have guest bathrooms that are rarely used, it is better to run water through them and rinse them a few times each month to ensure that no dirt accumulates.

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Give your house a good wash

After cleaning all bathrooms and sinks, there is still a lot of dirt and grime. So give your home a thorough bath every few months. It is important that all surfaces and spaces that can accumulate dirt and the microscopic bugs that accompany it should be cleaned with appropriate measures. You can choose to wash the non-carpeted areas and clean carpets and rugs later. You also need to sweep every corner of your home to get cobwebs and dirt accumulation.

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Clean the garden

If you have a patio garden with large pots and medium-sized trees, be sure to check them for insects and pests. Check for seasonal fluctuations and dispose of the dried or dead leaves. You can turn the leaves straight into the ground, which also acts as compost for your plants. In gardens, you need to have a small dumping hole where you can naturally dispose of the leaves and the organic waste. The soil from the areas can later be used as natural fertilizer.

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The annual cleaning and maintenance routine

Check the roof

The roof is the most important part of the house. Keeping it in perfect shape is important for a comfortable and safe home. Metal roofs must be checked for rust or paint chips and proper repairs must be carried out before the damage invades the interior. Roofs made of wood must be thoroughly inspected for weather damage, and if wood appears to rot, replace the parts immediately and, if possible, switch to metal structures to support the roof.

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Examine the fire extinguisher

Every house must have fire extinguishers, even after safety standard testing. It is an important safety concern and the fire extinguisher must be inspected every year for wear, working nozzle and handle and most importantly its durability. If it’s old, get it replaced.

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Renew the paint

Both exterior and interior paint jobs are recommended every year. The type of paint and the frequency of renewal of the paint is what protects the wall strength and regulates the internal temperature. Always renew exterior paints and be sure to use paints that have heat-regulating properties. Do not renew the paint just before or in the middle of the monsoon, it will be a waste of money and it will literally go down the drain.

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The chimneys and inspection of gas pipes

Chimneys are an important fixture to keep the air inside your home safe. Any leakage or blockage in the chimney must be rectified immediately as carbon monoxide, and dioxide gases cost nothing. Gas pipelines must be inspected annually for time damage and cracks. Replace the gas pipes if there is a leak or crack during the inspection.

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Cleaning is simply a measure to ensure that unwanted and harmful debris does not remain inside the house. The importance of cleaning lies directly in a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of unwanted allergies or diseases. With easy-to-clean home decor materials from HomeLane, godliness is a sensation. Since ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ is what people learn and it includes a higher spectrum of peace and health to include maintenance in it.

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