Cozy Nook in Your Balcony

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With living space shrinking during the day in our urban jungle, a small balcony is what we are blessed with within the name of the outdoor space. Regardless of size, balconies are a great place to kickstart your day or relax after a long day. And now that it is common to work from home, we have learned to appreciate this piece of the outdoors that makes social distance a little bearable. With a little creativity, you can turn these little places into a private dining area, tea corner or even a pseudo-workstation under the sky. Here are some design hacks that will make your balconies a cozy nook.

Green corner on the balcony

Every balcony needs a green corner to add that splash of natural colors to your house. With limited horizontal space, vertical gardening is the way forward. Use vertical plants, or if you have the budget for it, invest in a beautiful vertical garden. Once installed, vertical gardens are super easy to maintain.

on a sunny wall to keep the floor space rootless. These mini gardens take up less space and are easier to maintain.

shutterstock 1268923759A cheaper alternative is plants in railings and hanging pots from the ceiling. An added bonus is that you can replace the plants in these when you get bored.

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To keep your little oasis clean and simple, install a wall-mounted table with storage that can be used as your dining table for a romantic dinner or converted as a temporary workstation on pleasant windy days. The multifunctional wall-mounted table storage can be used for stationery, crockery, gardening or even your tea party set. Or you can go to an easily folding table like the one in the picture below paired with colorful folding chairs to make your mornings bright. These can be folded and kept away to create more floor space when you have more guests over. Find a narrow shelf to place plants, books or your travel souvenirs that add personality to your nook.

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If you have a slightly larger balcony and you want to create a place to relax in and perhaps catch up on your reading, choose slightly larger and more comfortable seating than folding chairs. You can walk to a large upholstered bench that can accommodate many people, a super comfortable hammock chair or even a hammock.

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Rugs and rugs for the balcony

Patterns play a central role in giving the illusion of expanding small spaces. Choose striped rugs and fabrics to create the illusion of more space. Try placing the furniture in the corner and leave the center area empty to make your balcony look bigger than it is. Add cushions and upholstery in bright colors to make the space come alive.

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Floor ideas for balcony

While it may not be the focal point of the area, the floors add to the overall feel of the space for the floors on the balcony. If you want it to look like a garden, choose an imitation of grass. This is the second best thing to a garden you can hope for. For a more rustic look, install laminate flooring or tile designed for the outdoors – meaning it can withstand harsh outdoor elements.

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Lighting plays an important role on the balcony, as it does in any room. To get an instant warm and festive mood, hang flashing lights up in the color and shape you want. Twinkle candles can also make your room look romantic if you set the area for a dinner date with your partner. When holding a house party, these candles definitely add a certain charm that your guests will enjoy. shutterstock 1224487417

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If flashing lights are not your cup of tea, a beautiful alternative is these lamps, which are available in many different shapes and sizes. You can hang them down from the ceiling using ropes for a rustic look. Or you can place one or two on the floor or on small stools as in the picture below.

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Remember to keep your hook comfortable, minimalist and rootless to get the most out of your little piece outdoors. HomeLane is just a phone call away, if you want more trendy ideas for balcony design, contact us today.

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