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With a brand new house comes brand new furniture! Furnished and all smart! But when it comes to choosing the kind of furniture you need, there are different options to choose from. Each type of wood has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Teak furniture is one of the most durable, strong sets of wood and is just absolutely beautiful. This hardwood appeals to most of the buyers who are looking for home decor options. Its ability to survive and withstand all weather conditions is one of its many specialties. Before we rush into furniture design, let’s get acquainted with what exactly is teak wood.

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What is teak wood?

First, there is a reason why this wood is expensive. Because it’s the BEST! More than the durability aspect, what counts is the sheer elegance it depicts. Old teak is what is used to make furniture because the older they are, the stronger they stand. The rubber and oils in this wood can preserve themselves when the wood is treated for furniture. These fabrics provide ‘all weather survival properties’ for teak furniture design. Therefore, if you are looking for the right closet for your first home, leave it all in teak.

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Benefits of teak

  • It is naturally waterproof. You can use it for all types of furniture. You can even use it for bathroom cabinets because its durability and waterproof nature will leave it forever.
  • It is also used to construct dance floors and sports fields. These areas need strong material to withstand the activities that take place. The rigidity of teak makes it the best choice for such constructions.
  • You know the excellent quality that you just read about. Well, they also come in different qualities. Top-rated teak is ‘core wood’ that has the most oils and rubber. These components give you the best wood for outdoor furniture.
  • It is versatile and can be mixed with any other material. This can be your aesthetic choice because of its natural color and style that speaks luxury and comfort.
  • The oils form a protective layer on this wood and are therefore naturally termite resistant. Because of this layer, this wood does not rot soon either.
  • The dense structure simplifies the cutting process. Teak wood furniture design consists of very delicate carvings due to this extraordinary property.

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Disadvantages of teak

While teak wood is excellent, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your home decor.

  • Apart from being extremely expensive, it needs to be polished very often. To maintain this tree it needs a lot of care.
  • Teak wood is very difficult to find, especially the highest grade grades. Not all teak wood on the market is genuine. It takes experience in this field to choose an authentic quality.

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Maintenance of teak furniture design

There is not much to do when it comes to teak wood furniture maintenance.

  • Let the color stay! There are special teak sealers that you keep applying to the wood. This protects it from moisture or harmful light. To stop the natural discoloration of the wood, there is also oiling that enhances the natural color. You can do this at your comfort and it will not impair the quality of the wood.
  • Maintenance also involves occasionally light scrubbing with soap to clean it of dirt, dust or stains. Mild cleaning also helps you preserve the original color of the wood.

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Trending furniture in teak wood

Some of the very popular designs in teak furniture are study tables. Since the wood is extra strong, your child will have the right support. Also because it is carving-friendly, you can build small cabinets in the study table to support your children’s books and toys.

For couples who have a baby and plan their home decor according to it, check out the amazing teak wood beds and other furniture designs. You do not need to change it very often because of its durability. Also baby wipes that can be converted in the bed have the strongest and highest quality of teak wood. It provides tensile strength to the structure.

With all this, teak shelves are also popular. You can order them with as many compartments as you want and they are a great place to store your stuff. If it is not exposed to moisture and light often, this special wooden shelf will continue to live forever.

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At Homelane with furniture, there are more than enough options for wonderful decor of teak wood. You can store a simple wooden wall decor in your place, and all that is needed is occasional oiling and cleaning. However, your place will look richer than it ever was. Again, because teak can be easily carved, these wall hangings can be designed very meticulously with intricate details.

If you want something for the outdoors, there are exclusive teak wood designs of coffee tables, lounge sets and a wide range of collections at Homelane. From family sets to simple wood accents, they all have under one roof. They have the best to offer when it comes to home decor and especially teak furniture design. So make sure to browse everything Homelane has on teak today!

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